20+ Interesting and Perfect First Day of School Hairstyles for Girls

Have you prepared for the first day of school hairstyles? If not, you should, more than likely that will mean shelling out some cash. You see the first day of school for kids is a big deal that many parents like to celebrate with an interesting upgrade to their kids hairstyle. But if you’re planning on doing something different with your hair this year it’s probably better to start preparing for that now (especially if your child goes back to school at the end of August). Here are some ideas I came up with – and they’ve all been done before!

With the beginning of a new school year upon us many of us will be facing the chance to style some locks or simply deal with it. If you’re lucky enough to be have a partner in crime, the choice is simple: let them do it for you. Even if you don’t have an amigo, we’ve got 8 hairstyles that are sure to get your little cherubs through first day of school smoothly.

1. Diamond braid

2. Braided ponytail

3. Lace braids

4. Dutch braids combination

5. Elastic braid that looks like ribbon

6. Spiral Braids

7. Bow braid

8. Spiral ponytail

9. Circle

10. Flowers

11. Switched to one bun

12. Criss cross piggies

13. Dutch braid cornrows

14. 5-strand loop braids and accents

15. Crisscross elastic style

16. Rope twist crisscross

17. Easy cute school braids

The first day of school is a big deal for parents and students alike. Getting ready for school means more than just making sure your supplies are packed. It’s also about looking your best and getting the perfect hairstyle for the first day of school.

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