27+ Cutest Candy Cane Nails Ever

Most of us are familiar with candy canes, the cane-shaped candies traditionally known to be particularly white with red stripes. Who would not want to paint their nails with the breathtaking red and white colors that are commonly known to be the theme of these iconic candy cane nails? The same way it gets more fun and exciting with candy canes during Christmas, is the same way you will feel when you wear those fluffy Christmas sweaters with your nails looking all glamourous with the candy cane nail designs.

Do not worry because these nail designs are super easy to execute as they do not require any special skills. All you need is red and white nail polishes to get started. It is up to you to decide whether you want the base color of the nails to be red and then top it up with the stripes with white color or you can do it vice versa. If your drawing techniques are pretty great, you can try painting some patterns but do not forget to include the candy canes.

Let us keep going and you will see the 27+ Cutest Candy Cane Nails Ever that we have for you!

#1) Sparkles candy cane nails

@instagram liquidglammnails

#2) Jingly candy cane nails

@instagram indiglownails

#3) Happy candy cane nails

@instagram sierrasnails

#4) Shimmery candy cane nails

@instagram modernsalon

#5) Gingerbread candy cane nails

@instagram barbrafeszyn

#6) Red Unboxing candy cane nails

@instagram polishedbylearnahstarbuck

#7) Over-the-top candy cane nails

@instagram nailthoughts

#8) Peach Perfect candy cane nails

@instagram simplybeauty_bridgend

#9) Dazzling candy cane nails

@instagram uptownwiththellybrown

#10) Squiggling Shine candy cane nails

@instagram thenailladylincoln

#11) Red Winter candy cane nails

@instagram ricekittynails

#12) Snow White candy cane nails

@instagram allurasaesthetics

#13) Perfect Tartan candy cane nails

@instagram nailpromagazine

#14) Ruby Red candy cane nails

@instagram haha_nails

#15) Grinch candy cane nails

@instagram candy_nails_uk

#16) Inspirational candy cane nails

@instagram _nailsbynatalie_

#17) Shiny Snowflake candy cane nails

@instagram kyleawherry_nailartisteducator

#18) Cute Golden candy cane nails

@instagram nailsby_eleanor

#19) Sweet Candy candy cane nails

@instagram sensationails4u

#20) Cute Sweater candy cane nails

@instagram serenanails

#21) Irresistibly Sweet candy cane nails

@instagram ytz.nailz

#22) Melted candy cane nails

@instagram paintbyjaz

#23) Distinctively Colorful candy cane nails

@instagram katiealice_nail_design

#24) Festive Fun candy cane nails

@instagram modernsalon

#25) Sparkling White candy cane nails

@instagram _nailsbynatalie_

#26) Candy Lanes candy cane nails

@instagram polished_yogi

#27) Hot And Sweet candy cane nails

@instagram nailpromagazine

You would not want the season to end without you trying out these awesome candy cane nails. Which one would be your pick? Please comment.

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