3 Easy Go-to Poses: With Video Illustration

Taking your photos can be a pain. You have to find the perfect lighting, the right angle and composition, and if you’re taking a group photo there are even more variables to consider. In this post I am going to give you 3 easy go-to photo poses. They are simple yet effective!

It’s not hard to take a good photo, but if you want a great one, well that is another thing. Or maybe you just want a great one now! I have just created three easy go-to poses for those of you who want to start taking better photos. Of course these tips are not only for photographers, but if you ever find yourself in front of the camera, these might be what you need.

These are the three photo poses I use most for photos on social media. It’s important to have a go-to method or a simple method that you can implement when getting into a photo shoot.

This post goes over a few easy go-to photo poses that can help you spruce up your profile pictures and make you look good.

1. Flamingo

The flamingo pose will be the most useful when you are taking photos for a social media post. This is because of its appeal to the viewer and the simplicity of shooting.

Just like smooth jazz and rolled up newspaper, the flamingo pose is a timeless classic. Less often seen these days, the flamingo pose has nevertheless earned its reputation as one of the finest ways to convey grace and sobriety in a photo.

Flamingo pose is definitely a go-to if you are having trouble deciding on poses that fit you well. I like to wear casual clothing with it. Contrasting colors and high heels make for an amazing flamingo!

The flamingo pose is a fun, care-free, and relaxed pose with a bent knee. It’s a great way to showcase your curly topknot or teased updo because your hair is stretched out in the direction of your bent leg. The flamingo pose creates a perfect frame with minimal effort.

Flamingo pose has two variations: one is with arms behind the back, another – with arms in front. You can also put hands behind the head and turn a bit to the side.

Credits @paulinehaydee

2. Cross legs

This is common in fashion magazines and advertisements, and many people use this pose when they take photos of themselves.

If you just blow the pose, you lose one of the best photo effects and will get a new “boring” image. I call this pose “cross legs”, it’s cool and sexy at the same time. It’s really easy to shoot since it doesn’t require any special postproduction skills while having a huge photo effect potential.

Who doesn’t like a nice-looking photo? A funny pose, when done correctly, can make your photo stand out. This cross leg pose is one of my favorite poses to use with my couples. It’s simple and can be used in many different ways.

A commonly used pose in cross-legged photos is to have one knee fully bent upwards delicately, with the opposite leg fully extended outwards. This will create an aesthetically pleasing symmetry and will make the legs appear thinner.

Crossing legs comes across as a confident posture. Legs crossed at the ankles are for people who would rather be comfortable than look good. Cross at the knees and leave a little bit of space between your thighs to maintain your elegance. If you’re sitting side-on to the camera, cross your left leg over your right in order to create a more flattering pose.

Cross legs
Credits @paulinehaydee

3. Dancing pose

I finally managed to find the most easy and comfortable go-to photo pose for a win. I’m not a big dancer, but this pose is super simple and looks great.

This move works well if you are more of the vertical type and not so great if you are horizontal. This is one of my favorite poses ever because it looks great in photos and feels very relaxed. I feel like a dancer when I do this pose.

Dancing pose is the most famous and widely used posing technique for any kind of professional photography. It is always used to show the movement, either it’s music or sport. This can be very effective if done correctly and can make you look sensual, elegant and even feminine!

Dancing pose
Credits @paulinehaydee

Video illustration

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