3 Easy Poses to Elongate Your Body: With Video Illustration

Women are obsessed with having a long slender body. Unfortunately, according to statistics, sixty percent of American women are overweight or obese. In this article I want to show you what easy photo poses can help you lengthen your body and improve your waist-hip-ratio.

There are lots of ways to pose for a photo to make your body look longer. Here are some ideas we know will work.

I struggled to find poses that elongated my body and the results couldn’t be achieved with a simple twist or turn here or there. With this in mind, I created my own poses so I could snap the perfect photo every time. I want to share these easy photo poses for women with you—so you can finally get the photos you want!

Most of us don’t feel picture perfect. None of us ever look at ourselves and think, ‘wow I look amazing.’ But what if I told you that there are simple photo poses that can make you 10 pounds lighter and 5 inches taller? I know you’re probably thinking to yourself, ‘are you serious right now?’ You bet your behind I am. Get ready for this…

1. 45 degree stand

The idea behind the 45 degree stand is to elongate your body and get your body in an angle. Instead of standing straight, you want to lean a little bit forward. I personally prefer doing this pose facing the wall since it makes me feel more secure. So try out this pose for fun as well as to enhance your photo.

While I love posing in a striking pose, it’s really hard to do. And once you’ve done it, it can be uncomfortable for a while! But now that I have found the 45 degree stand and variations of it, posing is much easier. It elongates your body and provides all the benefits of the stunning yoga-like standing poses.

The 45 degree angle is a really easy pose to try, and something that requires very little movement. It is a simple and easy pose that you can try when you are looking for a quick and easy way to elongate your body shape in your photos.

The 45-degree stand is also called a three-quarter pose. This is a rather simple pose that can be used to generate more visual interest in your images, as well as give the impression that you are more proportioned and elongated than you actually are!

Ah the 45 degree stand. It’s my favorite way to lengthen my body, make me feel super confident being photographed and I use it in almost every portrait session. It also opens a world of possibilities when you have a willing model, such as moving from a headless shot to close-up eye-contact.

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2. 45 degree fake walk

Have you ever wondered how to elongate your body? If yes, then try this easy pose. This 45 degree fake walk pose is very easy to do and will definitely help you look longer & thinner. Yes, I know it’s not that common, but who said being photogenic was easy.

Currently, I’m more into the street photography scene. So I usually go for candid shots. But it won’t hurt us to learn a few things about posing, right?

This is one of the simplest yet most effective poses. The 45 degree fake walk pose will elongate your body instantly. Jessica Biel does this pose perfectly! Many people will tell you that it’s all in the feet, but I believe it’s more about the body being on a diagonal line.

You may have heard the term ‘fake walk’, but chances are you don’t know how to do it. Fear not – all you need to do is move 1-2 steps in one direction and then step directly back to your starting point. That’s it! Do it 3-4 times in a row and you’ll start to see some improvements.

Credits @francislola

3. 45 degree sit

The 45 degree sit is an easy pose, causing you to lean off and away from your camera. What you get is a long, lean image of yourself with a lot of elongation.

The 45 degree sit is a relaxed sitting position, perfect for when you are dressing to elongate a shorter body. The 45 degree sit elongates your body, and takes tension off the neck.

The 45-degree sit up is designed to make use of a prop, here the chair is used for support. The beauty of this pose is that it can be used by most people with no stretching required at all. It’s also really easy to remember, simply sit at a 45-degree angle.

We’ll start with a variation on this pose, which is well-known for elongating the body. This is like the 45 degree angle we talked about before, but instead of standing you’ll be sitting.

One of the main reasons portraits look flattering is because of the way they elongate your body shape. You can, if you’re a bit more confident than me, use a chair for that purpose. Use this pose as an alternative to the kneeling pose if your legs aren’t strong enough or you feel like you might look too stiff in it.

Credits @francislola

Video illustration


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