3 Easy Steps for Face Shaping: 2021 Video Tutorial

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Face shaping is one of the things that makes it possible for you to create a perfect image with just makeup. Professional beauty makeup kits may also allow you to try out different possibilities.

Face Shaping is an effective, simple system that you can use every day to instantly transform your face and increase the appeal of your features. It involves 3 easy techniques: (1) Bronzer, (2) Blush and (3) Highlight. In this video I’ll be showing you how to shape your face by using a combination of all three techniques, so you support the natural shape of your face and maximize its beauty.

Lots of women have wished to learn the best easy steps for face shaping. Some people are having a hard time figuring out easy steps for face shaping by themselves. If you’re looking for easy steps for face shaping video tutorial so you could try this makeover yourself, our tutorial will help you.

Everyone who is working in the beauty or fashion industry wants to look stunning and face shaping is an excellent technique for creating an impression. There are a lot of tips for achieving the perfect face shape and most of them are easy to apply.

Follow the following easy steps for face shaping to look your best.

  1. Bronzer

    The best way to begin shaping your face is with bronzer, which also doubles as the most important product you can wear. Using bronzer will give your face and natural, healthy glow. Pinch the hollow of your cheek, apply bronzer there and blend up.

    Before you can shape your cheeks, you need to get them a bit sun-kissed. The best way to do so is using bronzer. This light brown/bronze makeup will warm up your complexion and draw out your cheekbones.

    Bronzer is the most popular product used with contouring. It’s a lot less complicated to just hit all your forehead, cheek, and jawline hollows with a sweep of brown bronzer versus messing around with powders and brushes when you’re trying to sculpt an oval face.

    A bronzer can easily change the shape of your face. Not in an obvious way but rather in a subtle way. Sure, some makeup artists would advise against it but I still find it fun to play around with at home. I’m not saying you should use bronzer on your face on a regular basis (or ever). I’m simply advising to start with bronzer to see how the shape of your face changes.

    If you want to improve your face shape and define your features, then bronzer is the perfect solution. Many of the bronzers in the market claim to be tailor-made for each face, but in reality this isn’t really the case. Each bronzer works differently on different people because of skin tone and skin type. This makes it difficult for most individuals to get the best one for their skin type.

    If you’re looking to define your features, bronzer is the way to do it. It adds warmth and definition to the forehead, cheekbones, nose, chin, and jawline. To know where to apply bronzer, use your face shape as a guideline.

  2. Blush

    Apply blush above the contour, along the high points of the cheek (in an inverted triangle shape). On camera, you should have a natural color that’s neither pale nor bright. Now you have a nice base contour and blush. Apply blush in the middle of your cheek–the top and bottom will have bronzer.

    So you know the outline of where your cheeks are and you’ve set a foundation color to build on. The next step is to add definition by shading above with light and mid-toned blushes. This starts in the same place as the contour but goes higher. The goal here is to create additional depth, interest, and dimension within the cheek area. I like to think of this as bringing out a natural highlight on the skin.

    Before contouring and highlighting your face, you have to add some color- this is where blush comes into play. Blush adds a certain depth to the face, and creates a natural glow.

    When it comes to creating makeup looks, applying blush is one of the few things I love doing. I’ve been asked countless times on how to apply blush, which I thought would make a great post for you all.

    Blush is probably the easiest step in face readjustment. It may be one of the most underrated aspects of beauty and makeup application as well. Blush tones down the severity of your face shape. Consequently, it’s a good pick for adding depth and softening your face’s lines.

    You’ll want to avoid obvious pink blushes, since they will intensify your angular features. If you need to choose between powder and cream blush, I’d recommend picking powder anyway – cream blush is typically more difficult to apply evenly around the face.

    It all starts with a foundation choosing the tone that best matches your skin. This is how the artist gets the most natural-looking makeup. You can either use a bronzer for shading or a highlighter for brightening beneath the cheekbone. Then you will blend everything to get a harmonious effect.

  3. Highlight

    Now that we’ve diffused the shine from our face, thanks to our color correctors and oil-controlling primers, we can start highlighting. Highlights are applied to the tops of the cheek bones, the middle of the forehead (in between your brows), in the center of your chin, and as a little bit on the tip of your nose.

    Now we’re on to the third step – highlighting. To highlight, you’ll want to concentrate most of your pigment on the highest points of the face, like the tops of your cheekbones. This will give your face shape a 3-D effect, making it look more natural and less flat.

    There are 2 ways of highlighting your face, both of which will give you a different look. So I’ll start with the basic approach first. Highlighting from the top of the cheek bone outwards towards your temples can create the illusion of a longer face shape.

    If you are looking for a natural blush on your cheeks which flatter your face shape, try highlighting all of the upper part of your cheekbones. Highlighting these areas gives structure to the rest of the features on your face and provides subtle dimension to your complexion. The key is applying highlighting products to the tops of the cheek bones, rather than the rounded higher points of your cheekbones (See Step 2 above).

    Before you get started with the highlights, it’s important to put your canvas (face) into a good position to work with. I like to tilt the face upwards towards my eyes, so I can really see where I want to apply the product.

    To create a distinct cheekbone line, you need to highlight the top of the cheekbones. How? Dip your clean blending brush in a cream foundation with yellow undertones (since you’re using yellow or orange based bronzer). Gently place the tip of the brush along the hairline.

    Then sweep down and in towards your ear, starting at your hairline and working downward until you reach the point where the indented line is created by your eye. Repeat this process with light stippling motions upon your cheek bones.

    Do not apply too much highlighting as you will look as though you have bruising on both sides of your face. After applying highlighting, wait a few minutes for it to dry before continuing. When highlighting your face, it’s important to take into account the shape of your face before applying or else you might end up looking as if you’re wearing more makeup than would be ideal.

Here is the Video Tutorial

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