30+ New Instagram Pose Ideas: With Video Guide

The best List of Instagram poses will help you boost your Instagram game. You will learn how to strike a pose in any situation and create the perfect mood for each photo.

Do you want to get a lot of likes on your Instagram pictures, but don’t feel like thinking too hard about it? Then this guide is for you. You might have never noticed, but there are a couple of different poses you can do that will instantly double the amount of likes (or more) you receive compared to what you normally get.

Epic Instagram poses can help you to build your personal brand and gain followers. Girls are using them to get likes and wows.

Looking for a trendy pose for your next selfie? This guide was created to inspire your every move on Instagram!

With the constant changing of Instagram, it can be sometimes hard to find new and exciting poses. Here is a list of 100 different poses for your Instagram pictures.

1. Touch your hair

Touch your hair with your fingers or tilt your head for a look that’s soft, casual, and feminine.

Want your photos to stand out? Then touch your hair . No, really. This simple trick will make people more likely to engage with your images.

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2. Pretend you’re walking pose

Use “pretend you’re walking” pose to create genuinely authentic photos, it’s one of the most interesting Instagram poses for travel and friends.

Bring your hands to your hips and rotate your arms to the right. bring your arms back to the front and then rotate to the left.

The new walking pose is an Instagram walk that’s modeled after the walk you take from a parking spot you’re parking in, to the destination of your parking spot.

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3. Leaning on an object around you

Get your adrenaline pumping and pose leaning on an object to create a unique perspective.

Leaning on an object will give your photo a stronger composition and visual appeal.

The leaning on an object pose is a great one for IG to showcase your body. Don’t just stand in front of an object, put your body into it: lean against a pillar, sit on the handle of a pitch fork, or embrace a tree.

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4. Profile pose

Find your next Instagram photo idea with these trendy profile pose suggestions.

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5. Put your hands up

The hands up Instagram pose is an easy way to tell people they can enter your contest. This pose allows people to find the secret or hidden hashtag and enter.

The put your hand up pose is one of the most trending Instagram pose ideas right now. It’s been used by superstar singers like Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus and Rihanna. Why do you think so many celebrities are using it? Because it looks really good in pictures…

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6. Grab your hair in a ponytail

Let’s face it – we’ve seen a ton of Instagram posts with models striking a pose and then grabbing their hair in a ponytail. This is probably an old trick used by many of the top social media influencers, but we still haven’t had enough of it. So grab your expensive hair tie and give that gorgeous blowout yet another look!

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7. Squat down

Instagram is all about keeping up with the latest trends, and having the latest photo editing techniques. One of those things is probably sitting high above your head, which is how you get the squat down. This pose has not caught on yet, but there are many versions of it out there that captures popular trends. Let’s go over the basics. You can start this by standing in a closed position, and bending your knees as you rest your weight on your toes.

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8. One hand on hip

If you have been to Paris like I have recently, then you already know this look is so cool, and has recently become very popular. Playing with poses like this will never get boring.

Let’s show off your body with this exciting new pose that’s all the rage.

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9. Both hands on hip

An easy way to pose like a boss is to position your hands on your hips. This is extremely flattering for most body types, and you can easily find comfortable and stylish options for it. Notice that you can also bend one of your legs, or both of them depending on what feels right. And if you feel like standing a certain way, you can definitely do that too.

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10. Cross legs

Cross legs pose is a very popular pose and can be used in many ways. It’s like a staple pose, once you learn how to do it, you can use it in a variety of different pictures!

Cross legs has been the dominant pose on social media for a few years now. It’s definitely my go-to pose!

Cross legs is another fun pose idea from Instagram. It’s a great way to show off your cute jeans and tie shoes.

Crossing legs is a good pose .It will enhance the beauty of your arms and legs and make you look sexier.

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11. Adjust pants

Check out our new post with the most trendy pants pose ideas on Instagram this summer. We have tried to pick different poses so you can achieve the best looking photos from different angles.

It’s not a new Instagram pose idea, per se, but it is something you can do in between poses that will make your photos more interesting.

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12. Look back

This pose reminds me of a romantic comedy. The look back pose can be the extreme version of the glance over the shoulder pose, which was popular on Instagram in 2021. Many people find this type of pose more intimate, since you are looking at your past.

These are the new look back pose ideas for Instagram Story. You can use these poses on your stories in days when you don’t have new stories to tell your friends or followers.

What’s your favorite pose on Instagram? Mine for sure is the look back. It’s so simple and yet it always looks so good, no matter who does it. Let’s take a look at how to do it.

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13. Look down

Are you looking for inspiration for your next Instagram photo? There’s a new pose you might want to try. It’s called the “Look Down Pose”. This pose is similar to the “Duck Face” or “Hands In Pockets Pose”, but it is executed in a different way.

The look down pose is only one of the many different posing ideas out there. If you didn’t do this pose yet then listen, get started with it asap. Trust me it will help transform your photos and increase your reach to connect with more people on Instagram.

People are crazy about new Instagram poses for their pictures. Some of the strongest and viral images on the internet have been created because of this. That is the reason why it is very important to come up with something unique and interesting if you want to win this fight.

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14. Hug your arm, look to the side

Most of the current Instagram poses are symmetrical. The model is photographed from a specific angle and our view should be similar to that of a viewer. The most common way to look at pictures is by turning your head to the left or right side and that’s how we will call this pose for now,

Very few Instagrammers know about this pose idea. This pose is ideal for the photo on the right side of your profile photo. It will draw your attention to your beautiful face.

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