34+ Popular 90s Fashion Trends that are Back With a Bang!

So you want to get in on the nostalgia that has been building for the last couple of years. You have heard of rompers and jorts around, but what is all this 90s fashion stuff about? Is it just a trend or did we just live through an under-appreciated era of fashion?

Back in 1990, the fashion scene was far from today’s trends. In fact, it even seems to be coming back. Check out these 90’s fashion ideas and pick your favorites.

Fashion in the 90s. If you were a part of the younger generation born in this period, then it is very likely you have memories of how things were in the 90s when it comes to fashion. Trends that were popular back then are still popular now, and although some things might seem outdated at first glance, there’s a reason we still consider them cool.

The 90s were graced with some of the most memorable fashion trends. I was only a toddler when grunge was all the rage, but I did catch it firsthand as it started to wane. It seems that while the rest of the world is embracing its inner flannel, we’re experiencing a resurgence in another 90s trend: bright colors and bold prints!

1. Aligne Jeans

Credits @nastassjathompson

2. Gunne Sax Polka Dot Prairie

Credits @femme.vintage.shop

3. Aligne Jeans

Credits @lajanabormann

4. City girl forever 

Credits @niki_inthecity

5. Sweet 90s

Credits @sofia_cuag

6.  Two-Tones

Credits @nastassjathompson

7. Soft Classe

Credits @martina_pizzarelli

8. Monday Babes

Credits @its.alix


Credits @worldwide.lovely

10. More Burberry

Credits @vintroomclothing

11. Monday Casuals

Credits @beth_bartram

12. Blue Blazer

Credits @gracecarolinelarcade

13. Grunge Piece

Credits @retropiece

14. Snipes Fashion

Credits @nastassjathompson

15. Lean Green Ice

Credits @itsshawnaduh

16. Bright Trousers

Credits @nastassjathompson

17. All Black

Credits @jelllyelly

18. All Black

Credits @nastassjathompson

19. Overpowering Sleeves and Mustard Shades

Credits @chez.amelie

20. Vintage Tees and Cut Offs

Credits @nastassjathompson

21. Thrifted Threads

Credits @nastassjathompson

22. Daphne Outfit

Credits @nastassjathompson

23. Aligne Jeans

Credits @aoife_maria_

24. Winter Whites

Credits @retroowave

25. BFF Outfits

Credits @retroowave

One of the most iconic fashion trends of all time is definitely 90s fashion. The reason why it was so famous was because it brought out new styles that were not seen before and made them famous.

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