36+ Elegant & Unique Cottagecore Fashion Ideas

Cottage core fashion is about creating your own unique style. You focus primarily on recycling old clothes and accessories that you already have. This is also referred to as DIY clothes, upcycled items, thrift store fashion, trash to treasure. In this article I will be sharing with you some my Cottage core ideas for developing a unique style along with some ideas for old clothes recycling.

Cottage core fashion needs to have an elegant look with the other style of a rural life, it desires for the comfortable way of living. This is the perfect style for your hiking activities whether you enjoy camping or not, they will be a great addition to your regular sports in the wilderness. Cottage core fashion has various concepts in one single style, just like how you like them: feminine wears on the top with a masculine feel on the bottom. It is all about mixing and matching; if you’re into fashionable clothes that shows your naughty side, then mix it up with a sexy clothe and the end result will be gorgeous. If you’re looking for something not so scandalous then mix it up with sailor themed shorts or pants.

1. Princess things

2. Vintage one off pieces

3. Maxi skirt & doc combo

4. My dear cameo

5. William wordswotrh

6. Tapestry jackets

7. The Hermit

8. Spring fling

9. Roald Dahl

10. Dancing with the forest

11. Floral Mini Dress Set 

12. 1960s pink gingham shirt dress with a white collar

13. Vibrant red calico

14. Gorgeous rose fabric, crochet trim and full skirt

15. Clouds dress

16. Country maiden

17. Wuthering heights

18. 1920s fringed piano shawl

19. Dream girl

20. Puffed sleeves crop top with flared jeans

21. Golden

You’ve seen Cottagecore fashion all over Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram. But what are these people wearing? And where do you get it? Well I’m going to tell you that one thing is for sure: You won’t find Cottagecore fashion in mainstream stores. The designs are very unique and cater mainly to young adults and teenagers. They love wearing this stuff in small towns all around the UK, but with an increase in numbers buying Cottagecore fashion online, the trend is spreading further.

Cottage core fashion is not just your ordinary kind of clothing. Instead of the usual , real world clothing, cottage core fashions are those that would make you feel that you are sitting right in a cottage somewhere in the countryside. It will allow the person wearing it to look as if he or she is really having a relaxing time in a cottage in the countryside while still working in the city.

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