4 Sitting Poses to Do With Your Boo: With Video Illustration

So you have a boyfriend and you want to take some cute pictures of you together. This blog post will help you with 4 photo poses that are good for doing this and is also amazing for helping you develop your posing skills.

A list of various sitting poses that you can do with your loved one – cute, meaningful and to strengthen your connection. Impress your partner, and have fun together with these cute sitting poses.

Everyone knows that you just can’t take a bad picture of your boyfriend right? So what do you do when the lights are down low, and the camera is out? Here are some cute sitting poses to try with your boyfriend.

1. Nose to nose

The nose to nose is one of the photos that make you remember the beauty of love with your sweetheart. To take this photo, you should position yourself close to each other so that your noses touch.

This is a cute pose that will make you look like a couple ready for their first kiss. The background can be any one. It doesn’t matter if it is natural or artificial as long as it is presentable.

The nose to nose pose is a great photo pose for couples who are connected to one another. The nose to nose pose allows you to hold hands and be close without being too close. It’s a great pose for when your boyfriend wants to be close to you but has an aversion to being “too close” in photos.

Did you know that blinking your eyes triggers the release of oxytocin, the love hormone? That’s why it is important to throw a few kisses in between the nose-to-nose poses. It doesn’t feel like much when his lips touch your forehead and nose only; but it will make you tingle. It’s hard to concentrate and think when you have a tingly feeling inside.

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2. Lean and legs up

This pose is very interesting and it looks good. It is also a little hard to do because your legs are supposed to be on the back so it is not easy to balance.

Keep your hands together or play with him while leaning back on your straight arms.

The leaning position is a very classic lie down pose. Both people can lean at different angles. The leg up pose is great because it shows off your leg which is usually not seen often in photos since most of us wear pants or full length skirts.

Pretty easy and comfortable pose to do with your boyfriend as well of course.

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3. Serious Cuddle up

The serious cuddle up pose is a great romantic and cute pose, especially for couples with younger children. This position can be achieved in quite a few ways.

If you’re looking for a pose that makes your boyfriend look like he is really embracing you, try the cuddle up pose. The cuddle up pose can be done without sitting, but it looks even better when you do it with your guy. It works on any kind of picture – at home, at the park, on a bench and even in a car.

This cute cuddling pose is a top 20 requested posing guide in Successful Female Portraiture. The sitting cuddle up pose can be used a number of ways: to create a natural feeling intimate portrait or to pose for a happy couple portrait.

What is better than doing cute couple poses? Doing cute couple poses with your boyfriend!

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4. Shoulder over shoulder pose

This is a fairly new sitting photo pose that has been catching on amongst couples recently. It’s a bit tricky to achieve, but the end result can be very attractive if you get it right.

This type of pose is perfect for couples who want to show strong feelings toward each other, and love each other. The pose look like a big one muscle, because for the purpose to form one muscle in between you and your boyfriend, both of you must be rigid and sit down together looking at the same direction. This will strengthen your relationship more.

This is an intimate pose that many couples love to try out but it can also come across as romantic and loving which is what everyone wants in a partner.

There is a reason why the shoulder over shoulder pose is used so often when photos are taken couples. It’s a really intimate pose and cozy way to hold each other. Also, this pose demonstrates beautiful lines and curves.

Credits @madisunpaige

Video Illustration

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