40+ Beautiful and Appealing Evil Eye Long Acrylic Nails

Evil eye long acrylic nail designs are becoming very popular among the teenagers and young girls. These are a perfect fit for all occasions. You can wear them while going outside, to work or office or even on a date with your lover or spouse. It is not that difficult to maintain these nails. You just have to follow some simple rules and you can keep your long acrylic design for least a month without any damage!

Evil eye long acrylic nail design for the forth of July. The designs are very beautiful and appealing. They can be used for the forth of July party or for regular use.

More than a fashion trend, “evil eye acrylic nails” have gained immense popularity among bold women. The acrylic false nails are supposed to bring luck and good health to the wearer as they look like the evil eye talismans, or amulets. While wearing them, you will get admiration from your friends and colleagues alike.

1. Greece vibes

2. Mala vibras

3. Custom Nude

4. Blue polish

5. Heart Evil Eye

6. Daisy

7. Natural build Pink

8. Evil eye swirls

9. Ethel & Martha

10. Nazar is an eye-shaped amulet

11. Pick n mix just like in a candy shop

12. Blue Opals and Evil Eyes

13. Rainbow Nazar

14. Evil eye frenchies

15. Refills

16. Hand art

17. Evil eye protection galaxy mash up

18. Elizabeth chrome

19. “Classic nude” and a mix of mission control gel paints

20. Builder gel: gel colours

Long acrylic nails are an attractive accessory but would you be willing to go for long nails that would give you ‘evil’, ‘bewitchy’, or ‘supernatural’ looks? Though today many women worry about the clumsiness while working with long acrylic nails, before you read on, I want you to get some brief information about these extremely long acrylic nails. Evil eye Long nails are not just a trend but a fashion accessory. The history of long acrylic nails dates back in the time of ancient Egyptians. Evil eye was considered to be a reflection of supernatural powers.

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