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7+ Tips on How to Take Care of Your Skin in Winter

When the temperature drops, we bundle up in thick jacks, boots and scarves, forgetting that we are leaving one thing exposed, our face! It is crucial to give your facial skin some tender, love and care because it is one of the areas in our bodies that gets subjected to the elements. We do not want to have dry and flaky skin due to prolonged exposure to cold. Worry less because these 7 Tips on How to Take Care of Your skin in Winter would be of great help especially if you are struggling to find a skin care routine for winter.


When it gets too cold, sometimes we tend to forget to drink enough water, but this is just when low humidity is likely to strip our poor skin off its moisture. We would not want to get dehydrated just from not drinking enough water. Drinking enough water aids in hydrating the skin even as the impurities and toxins get flushed out at the cellular level. Studies have revealed that drinking just two cups of water increases blood flow to the skin thus resulting to an even skin tone. Indulging in warming winter teas such as natural ginger and lemon is a wonderful way to keep hydrated in winter. Just remember to sip through the day rather than gulp.


It is important to have a skin care routine that enables your skin to feel refreshed and a good skin care starts with a good skin cleanser. Let us not forget that proper cleansing is a good step to take for the skin treatment products to work more effectively. Cleansing your skin twice; in the morning and in the evening, is important to avoid over cleansing. When picking a cleanser, find the one that is gentle and strong enough to clean but not so harsh that it leaves your skin feeling stripped and dry. Also pick a cleanser that is right for your skin type, whether oily or dry. If the cleanser is right for your skin type, check out if there are any harsh components like alcohol that would strip off the protective layer.


This would be the last thing you would even want to think about especially when you have dry, itchy skin. There are benefits that come with exfoliating your skin during winter. Not only will it help in getting rid of dry, flaky skin but it also helps in regenerating new skin cells. Try to be gentle with your skin when using exfoliating scrubs.


It is tempting sometimes to spend hours enjoying hot showers or baths when it is freezing out there. Hot showers and long baths are not recommended because the more time you spend in the shower, the more you become dehydrated. If your skin feels itchy once you come out of the shower, it is a big sign that you have overdone it. You would not want to strip off your skin’s essential oils.


Choose your face moisturizer and body lotion carefully. Oil based products rather than water based are recommended to keep important hydrating oils in your skin. Apply moisturizer or lotion immediately after washing to lock in as much moisture as possible focusing on every part of your body.


Dry winter skin is more easily irritated. So when bundling up, choose materials that are soft and comfortable to wear next to your skin. For example, wear cotton or silk under a wool sweater or pants. And when doing laundry, choose a detergent that’s labeled hypoallergenic.


We automatically reach for sunscreen during warmer months, but sunscreen is just as important during winter to shield from those harmful ultraviolet rays. Make sunscreen part of your daily regimen, even in the winter. Depending on where you live and how much the temperature drops, you may need only apply to your face, chest and hands. Everything else will be covered! Choose sunscreen that provides an SPF of 30 or higher.

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