Aesthetic Modest or Hijab Friendly Outfits: The Skirt Version With A Detailed Video Illustration!

aesthetic modest or hijab friendly outfits the skirt version

Hijab is an Islamic commandment which translates to mean “covering” and modest are two words used to describe how women should dress when in public. The type of clothing suggested by both of these guidelines can be referred to as modest outfits or hijab friendly outfits and if you’re on the lookout for ways to complete these outfits, a skirt is the perfect option for creating modest clothing that looks the part.

The skirt version of an outfit can be a very stylish way for our Muslima sisters to wear their hijabs. The skirt version is a good alternative when you’re tired of wearing the abaya and jilbab as your daily Islamic dress code, or if you are looking for something a little more modest to wear in public that will still put your best foot forward.

You want to wear something simple but still look cute and stylish. You’re going somewhere and want to look nice, but need something you can move around in? Read along because all details are included right here in this article.

I will show you how to make the best modest outfits with a skirt. But again, you don’t have to be a Muslim to have some kind of modesty code, whether you follow certain rules or just want an outfit that can serve many purposes, from family functions to running errands in a non-showing outfit.

1. Classy

One of the latest trends for modest dressing is wearing long sleeved blouses with cropped tops with your skirts. Most women will see this as part of the Aesthetic Modest fashion trend that has started to gain momentum in the past year and they aren’t wrong. The cropped top with a blouse is very much an effort to stay chic and current.

Wearing long sleeved shirts will help to keep your arms covered in most circumstances but there will be times when you feel that the sleeves aren’t long enough. At this point, it is best to wear a cropped top on top. The cropped top should be about 1 inch shorter than your long sleeved shirt and leave your mid-drift exposed. The crop top can either be a tank top or you can also wear a racerback sports bra as well.

It’s a simple yet effective look where you wear a long sleeved shirt and crop top. The crop top is great for showing off and accessorizing with your accessories. As an added bonus, it also has the benefit of hiding tummy rolls and lessening the “gap” if you have wider shoulders.

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2. Minimalistic

Do you like a minimalistic look? Then this is the outfit for you because it combines very well. A black skirt. It is not only a skirt but it has many more options to wear like tunic, turtleneck, etc. You can add a black (or any other color of your choice) overcoat with it which can be worn in any situation.

If you decide to wear a black skirt for instance, it’s ideal to add bright colored shirts or patterned ones for more personality. The idea is to keep things simple while still standing out. Adding a cute jacket (that you can roll up sleeves of) will make it stylish enough.

Pick a lightweight t-shirt that you like and a cute coat to match with. Keep the t-shirt as plain as possible, avoiding the patterned ones. There are a lot of options out there and while they might look awesome in pictures, they don’t always work that well in your real life. So choose something simple and clean.

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3. Streetwear

The easiest way to wear your skirts, is to grab a t-shirt from the same pattern and make it look like an urban chic outfit with streetwear. Streetwear and sportswear are one of my favorite trends for modest outfits. It gives you the ability to look fashionable, yet without having to try too hard with outfits or putting on a lot of makeup.

You can dress up a long t-shirt by wearing it with heels, but if you don’t want to go short, then you can also wear it with sneakers and a belt. To give this look more personality, add accessories like a backpack or a hat.

I recommend the long t-shirt look because it’s an easy outfit to recreate on a modest budget; plus, if you buy a button-down shirt, you could also wear it as a dress shirt for work. Streetwear is usually more expensive than your typical everyday style, so this looks great as an everyday outfit.

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A Video Illustration!


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