All You Need for Your Butt Routine: With A Detailed Tutorial!

butt routine

For women who are looking for a way to improve their appearance, there is nothing more attractive than smooth and healthy skin. Skincare is the necessary ingredient for this beautiful result. Most women and men take skincare seriously and it is not just because they want to look young for a long time. It is because they do not want the skin problems that occur as we age.

The butt is one of the most neglected part of our body. This is a shame really since this part of your body requires as much attention as any other parts that you take care off. You wash it on a daily basis and dress it every morning, but you probably don’t think about what comes next when it comes to seriously taking care of it.

That is why I really don’t understand why the butt is not the first thing that people talk about when it comes to skincare. But, it should be! This is because it helps to make movement easier and more effective. It also helps keep your body upright when you are sitting or standing.

There are many issues that can lead to problematic butts such as cellulite, ingrown hairs, acne, razor burn and infection. But there are ways you can minimize these issues so you have smooth and healthy-looking glutes. If you want to start an effective butt routine, you should therefore consider reading this article!

1. Butt Primer

What is a butt primer you ask? It’s a specific pre-shave product that is used to exfoliate and soften your skin prior to starting the shaving process. Yes, I realize that applying something to your rear end may sound ridiculous but I swear it works.

Think about applying primer to your butt before makeup and it’ll make sense. You want that base perfected before putting on butt makeup. Plus, primer evens out the skin before you add a little blush, contour, and highlight.

After getting out of the shower, you can start off with a good primer. Take a dollop on your fingers and gently apply on your butt.

2. Butt Powder

Butt powders are your second line of defense against unwanted moisture and odor. A quick dusting right before you put on your clothing will help keep you dry and smelling fresh all day. Put a little powder in the palm of your hand or if you want to be extra fancy, use a puff like this one.

They are specifically designed to prevent chafing and itching. They also tend to have a soothing and moisturizing effect.

Butt powders are applied after showering and exfoliating so the dead skin cells don’t come into contact with the center of this sensitive part of your body. Step-by-step, you proceed to a low powder application that mixes up right in your hand.

3. Soft Butt Liquid Lipstick

In this step, it’s vital to apply a liquid lipstick after applying your primer. To do that with this kit, you’ll first need to flex the wand and twist the bottom so that the product comes out. Pull the wand out of the tube and apply your sot butt liquid lipstick just as if you were applying any other type of lipstick.

A liquid lipstick is not only rich in nutrients, but also protects areas from getting dry. You can then apply it on your skin in order to bring back its lost hydration and strength.

You can use a silicone applicator or you can also use your fingers. Just remember to be gentle enough.

4. Butt Highlight

Now that you have the perfect base, its time to make that booty pop! I like to start by applying a very small amount of highlight just where the sun would naturally hit.

To apply a butt highlight, get out your trusty hair brush and do exactly what you would for your hair. Make it nice and fluffy, then put a little bit of color on the brush to get some highlights going. You obviously don’t want to cake it on like makeup (or I wouldn’t be trying to keep it subtle), but just enough so that when you blend, you will still notice some color there.

Choose a color that is just one shade lighter than your skin tone in order to create a subtle sun-kissed glow.

5. Butt Lip Oil

Applying an oil to your skin allows your skin to become very soft and supple. You can even rub it into your knees without feeling a thing! Beneficial oils penetrate deep into the skin and condition surface cells, leaving it moisturized and protected.

If you’ll prefer going the DIY route, then you’ll need to choose a good oil. Look for an oil that includes naturally conditioning ingredients like olive oil, rosehip seed oil and shea butter; natural anti-inflammatories like argan oil and calendula oil; or keeps skin hydrated with jojoba and sweet almond oils.

When applying an oil to prevent chapping, always leave time for the oil to absorb into your lips. For best results, apply in a circular motion to increase blood circulation and also helps stimulate lymph nodes.

6. Butt Spray

You would want to finish off the routine by using a butt spray to set all the makeup just to ensure that it lasts longer.

You just need to hold the spray bottle just a little further from your butt to avoid concentrating the product on one area. You want a glowing looking butt, then spray it all on your butt!

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