Black Eye Makeup for the Perfect Eye Look!

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Black eye makeup has a rich history. Our ancestors used this special type of face makeup to protect themselves from evil. They put it on to scare off demons and evils spirits that try to harm them. It is really true that nothing scares more than black eye makeup because it changes your appearance so dramatically. It scares well when you look at someone with black eyes.

Black eye makeup! Is it for Halloween only? No. Black colored eye makeup can be worn during the daytime or at night. Just like any other eye color, black looks good on different skin tones and eye colors. It’s commonly thought that you should not wear dark eye makeup in the day time but this is a myth. There are different shades of black colored makeups and you can decide what kind you want to wear. It all comes down to your choice, but remember, that you shouldn’t give up wearing these shades just because they are darker than your regular makeups.

Black eye makeup is one of the most dramatic looks you can do on yourself. It’s mainly perfect for Halloween parties, but it can be applicable to many daytime occasions as well. However, it takes a lot of skill to do it right. As such, I wanted to write down these simple steps to help you with the application process.

Achieving that perfect black eye makeup can be difficult if you don’t know a few tips and tricks. If your goal is to have a smoky eye, you can follow these 8 simple steps to make your look complete.


    The first step is to apply a light eyeshadow shade into the crease of your eye, and shape it as you see fit. You can use either a powder eyeshadow or a cream neutral eyeshadow for this. The eyeshadow you choose should blend well with your skin tone — some people prefer to use white (neutrals) on the crease, while others chose a darker color for more intensity. Either way is fine; just make sure to blend it well and soften it so it doesn’t look harsh or artificial under the daylight.

    Light colors look best on top of blue eyes. However, blue eyeshadow may be too intense for everyday wear. Instead, choose a light coffee or mocha colored shadow that is close to your eye color; anything similar will work as well.

    Apply a medium brown eyeshadow just above the crease on your eyelid, from the outer corner to the end of your eyebrow. This is your base shadow and will serve as an excellent primer for applying the black eye makeup.

    Credits @rashnakutwaroo


    In the second step, we’ll want to deepen the crease and bring out the contour of our eyes. The best way to do this is with a dark brown or black eyeshadow. I’ve used both here. Apply this in short strokes along the lash line working from the outer corner and moving in towards the nose.

    You’re done with your base, now it’s time to build the structure of your eyeshadow. Take the darker brown in your palette and apply it on the outer side of your upper lash line.  You can use the same brush you used for blending – I personally would recommend that you do so to be consistent.  Remember, we’re focusing on darkening our eyes here to achieve a more dramatic look so go for depth and intensity.

    The crease is one of the most important places for black eye makeup. The way you apply your darker eyeshadow will give your eyes a nice shape. Don’t make the common mistake of blending your crease colors too much. That only destroys the nice shape you worked on.

    Credits @rashnakutwaroo


    To apply black eyeshadow on your eyelid, first draw a diagonal line from the inside of your eyebrow to the outer corner of your eye. This will help you to see where you’re applying the shadow. If you have a steady hand, you can also line right under your eye or skip this step entirely – it is more of a personal preference.

    Make sure that you’re very careful when you’re applying your black eyeshadow. When you apply it, start from the innermost corner of your lash line and work your way outwards. This will give an illusion of bigger eyes with a black border on your eyelid. Now you can be even more creative by creating different designs for your eyelid.

    Now, close your eyes and apply black eyeshadow on your eyelid. Make sure your skin has been moisturized and primed before this step. Use a fluffy shadow brush to get the powder from the surface of the palette and apply it on the inner corner of your eyelids before blending it with a sponge applicator.

    Credits @rashnakutwaroo

  4. BLEND

    Blending would be the next thing you should do next. Blend your eyeshadows, for that natural looking face. Blending is not just about the eyeshadow. You may also use a soft brush to go over your facial contour to make it look natural and flawless. In going out on the town, many girls forget to blend their face with a brush; however, this is an important feature in creating a perfect makeup look for a night out.

    Your eyeshadow is now nicely applied, but if you blend with a brush after that, it will make your eyes look even better. After the powder has been applied, make sure that you brush over the makeup to blend everything so that there are no harsh lines at all.

    The key to good blending is to not overdo it. I’ve seen people blend until there’s no contrast left – while they look pleasing on camera, viewers would have no idea what the makeup looked like in real life and it doesn’t look great when photos are resized. So once you’re done blending, apply a light layer of face powder with a brush to blend even more (or you can use the same concealer brush).

    Credits @rashnakutwaroo


    Now, apply eye shadow all over the lower lash line. To do this, first of all, take eye shadow of good quality (creamy kind). We want to make a thick layer below our eyes. Always take eye shadow brush that is slightly harder, it will help us to spread the eye shadow evenly.

    Take a mid-tone black eyeshadow and apply it on the lower lashes. The trick is to make sure the color blends seamlessly with the eyeliner and not too obvious.

    If you skip this step, you may risk looking like a raccoon as your lower lash line might appear too white. So when applying black eye makeup, make sure to blend well the eyeshadow color on the lower lashes.

    Credits @rashnakutwaroo


    To put on fake lashes, set one of the strips about half an inch away from your lash line in the outer corner of the eye. Gently pull down from the outer corner, being careful not to pull it too far or else it might fall off. You do not want to glue it at the root of your lashes since it can get sticky and gross there. A good tip is to gently grab hold of your eyelashes at the base and pull them towards your eyebrows. Then place the false lashes on top, rather than trying to put on directly from the edge of your lash line. This way you will know where you are putting them and have less chance of smudging them by accident.

    Adding fake lashes to your look is my final tip – you probably know by now that it’s really helped me emphasize my eyes, and helped to open them up. I’ll start by applying the glue to one of the lash clusters – this allows me to hold it for a few seconds while the glue dries, so that I can apply it to my own eyelid with the other hand. Then, holding the fake lash between my middle and index fingers, I simply line up the middle of the false lash with my natural brow line.

    Before you put them on, tape down the lash band with medical tape so that it keeps its shape while you apply the glue. Here’s a tip if you’re having trouble applying false lashes: line them up on your lash line with the real ones first. That way you can see where they should be positioned.

    Credits @rashnakutwaroo


    Today we are going to learn the seventh step in making a Black eye makeup. This is an important step. If you do not do this well, then your eyes will look like the eyes of Sōseki. Because of that, pay careful attention to the next steps so that you can apply mascara on the lower lashes as you should!

    The goal is to achieve the same thickness as your upper lashes throughout your eye makeup and not to make your lower lashes look too dramatic, so apply mascara with a smaller brush or just a bit of mascara.

    Mascara is arguably one of the most important products to apply on your lower lashes. It helps give it volume and length that helps make our eyes stand out. If you have small, droopy eyes, mascara can help perk them up. Applying mascara just on the lower lashes however can be challenging because your hands can get in the way of your eyesight and cause problems with applying the product correctly.

    Credits @rashnakutwaroo


    The final step in completing this waterfall eye makeup look is to highlight your browbone. When you apply makeup, I highly recommend that you focus on features and not on colors. Shadows, blushes, and highlights all bring out different features on our faces. For example, applying a very bright shadow will bring out your eyes and a darker blush will bring out your cheeks. When it comes to highlighting, it brings out the entire face.

    This step is super important if you want your eyes to look really open and fabulous! Remember how we applied a touch of the dark brown eyeshadow on the inner corner of our eye? Well now we are going to go further up, over the arch of our eyebrow and onto our browbone.

    Highlighting your browbone gives depth and makes your eyes look bigger. If you don’t know what that is, find a friend or glance in the mirror and look up at your brow bone (near your eyebrows). Then pat on a few more swipes of highlighter.

    Credits @rashnakutwaroo

Here is a video tutorial for you!

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