Chic Blonde Highlights to Spice Your Look and Make it Fresh & Modern

Blonde highlights ideas are ones that people can use to make their hair look good. These ideas have been developed by people who work with hair every day and can give you tips and tricks to help give you that perfect look. One of the best ways to pick out a color for your hair is to choose colors that have worked well on other people. You can easily pay someone else to do your hair, but it will be more affordable if you learn how to do it yourself.

Blonde highlights are always in trend but when the blonde hair is quite long, the highlights have a particular chicness. Blonde highlights on long hair is a way to spice up your look and make it more fresh and modern.

1. Volumizing mist + blowdry concentrate dry texture spray + luminous hairspray after waving for that bouncy, beachy finish

2. Pre toned with ‘blonde perfecting purple shampoo’ which is also the perfect solution to maintain your color between salon visits ⁣
‘all in one leave-in spray’ with ‘smoothing lotion

3. Natural depth or adding depth back into the hair with intentional placement is the best way to make that blonde really pop

4. Warmth reflects light! all that shine

5. Golden beige

6. Creamy dimension

7. Vanilla silk

8. Root boost (spray at the root before blowdrying)

9. Smoothing lotion + blowdry concentrate finished with mending infusion, dry texture spray, + luminous hairspray

10. A mix of light + depth lowlight dimension

11. Splash 9aa to create this tone and added depth with 5n 5nw 6gi

12. Ribbons of dimension

13. Glossed with redken SEQ 5na 4n 3nw (zone 1)

14. Sand + pearl

15. Melting a natural level 4 into a level 8/9/10

16. Treated + styled with moroccanoilpro weightless hydrating mask (my new favorite) + blowdry concentrate/all in one leave in spray

17. Cover Grey, Add Brightness & Dimension, Keep Depth: to keep low Maintenance

18. Lighten, Cover Grey At the same time I Shadow Root, tone, and Mask

19. Mask with fortify & hydrate boosters

20. Lowlights in Igora Vibrance 7-1 6vol (took Slices through out her head using productclub mesh)

If you are a glance to get blonde highlights, please check it out. I am sure you will love it if you try at least one of these ideas.

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