Easy Poses for Stairs: With Video Illustrations

If you thought your skills with the camera could only stretch to a straightforward head and shoulders shot, think again. There are plenty of creative ways to take a photo that looks great and is easy on the eye, and staircases can be a great way to help you create them.

Staircases can either be seen as a challenge or a fun element to incorporate into photography. Good news is that they make for great photo opportunities. With my tips and techniques, you’ll be able to create fabulous photos in no time!

Posing is one of the most intimidating aspects of photography for beginners. To help you out we have created a list of simple (and often overlooked) posing tips for staircases.

Staircase photography is a fun way of telling a story or the perfect way of enhancing your photos. Instead of standing on the same spot all day, you can move up and down the various levels in a stairway and get more interesting angles. Stairway photography is especially great for travel photography as it gives you new angles to shoot from. In this post, I will cover easy photo poses for stairs.

1. Rail lean

Stair Setting a mood is one of the things you can easily do when taking photos. The mood you are going for will determine the type of lighting and poses that you use. One of my favorite poses on stairs is the rail lean pose.

Have you ever wanted to try a headshot on the stairs and get a fun image? You want to make sure that you’re posing your subject in a way that immediately draws the viewers attention to them. The railing lean pose does just that!

Whether you’re looking for a solid stair pose or a full stair pic, this is a fail-safe for any photographer and model.

2. Wide leg

If you want to improve your posing for stairs shoot this pose. It is extremely easy and you will achieve great results.

While the above pose works best for a model with long legs and skinny knees, for many women this pose is their default or a comfortable pose. In fact, it’s one of my go-to poses when I feel lost and need something simple. You can also try this pose if you love a big smile and want to show it off.

Wide leg pose is a very simple shot that you can make amazing with the right background. It’s a classic for having naughty fun on the stairs.

3. Take it back

Take it back pose is a very useful tool in photography. That’s because there are many scenarios when you need to take photos of yourself against a sheer wall or backdrop. This photo pose can be used as a solution for that kind of problem.

This simple move makes your photo to look more dramatic. Even great for photographers who are just starting out. Here’s how to get it done!

4. Stair stack

When taking pictures to show the details or an outfit, models and bloggers usually pose in unusual or unexpected ways. However, if you want more classic photos of your clothing, stair stack poses is precisely what you need. This easy pose allows you to show off all the details of your garment. I like this kind of photos as they sometimes remind me of advertisings for fashion magazines.

The stair stack pose (taken from the Stair Stack photo series) is a great action/sports oriented portrait. It captures the essence of an action shot while being playful and fun to look at. It also has a great ”decomposed” feel to it that allows you to take some of the elements and incorporate them into photos with more normal poses and in different scenarios.

Stair stacking is a relatively new form of photography that makes use of a staircase. With plenty of background options the stair stack pose is a great addition to any photographer’s arsenal.

You can bring an old vintage feel into a photo, or even take the staircase and bring it into the living room. The possibilities are endless!

Video illustration: Part A

5. Get on your tiptoes, one arm up

Are you planning to take pictures of beautiful shoes and outfit? Stairs always give an interesting backdrop. The easiest way to capture this is by simply taking a girl on tiptoes, with both arms behind her head.

Once you get past the difficulty level of the stairs, you have to think about how your arms are going to work with your body in order to combine to look effortless and relaxed.

If you want your pictures to stand out and be different, then you will definitely fall in love with this pose for stairs.

Credits @tamaraydn

6. Sit down, lean back and place your elbows on the upper stairs

This is quite a simple photo pose for stairs. It might even be the easiest one. It is a great choice for seniors who can’t or won’t do anything too complicated. The best thing about this pose is that it doesn’t need any props at all; you don’t need to use any flash equipment, or arrange any additional devices.

Just sit down, lean back and place your elbows on the upper stairs like in the picture below.

Staircase photo shoots are becoming really popular, and it’s easy to see why. The lines don’t necessarily have to be straight either, like in this image. You can choose which direction the stairs go by taking the photo from a different angle.

Credits @tamaraydn

Video illustration: Part B

7. Open your legs slightly

If you want to do pretty photo session on your beautiful stairs, you will open your legs slightly. This will allow your body to be slightly sloping down the stairs, but with out looking like you are going to topple over.

Sit on the top step with your knees apart and your feet on the second step. Bend your arms and hug yourself. In this position, most of your body weight will be supported by your legs and butt.

Open your legs slightly is a good tip for stairs. It is important to be comfortable when you pose yourself for the pictures. You can move and twist yourself in various positions so that don’t feel hurt after standing in the same position for some time.

When you are in the middle of a staircase picture, don’t just stand there awkwardly. You want to appear like you’re walking, so open your legs slightly, lean forward and point with your left hand forward as if you’re leading them down the stairway.

Credits @biabeible

8. Turn to the side

Are you shooting for a stairway or a natural looking pose? Turn to one side and hold on to the railing. The side angle will give some sense of forward motion and the hand on the railing offers a good connection to the building.

The pose I’m going to show you is the same as the one shown in the previous photo, but with the subject turned to one side. They’re both great for giving a sense of movement and motion.

Street photographers often shoot pictures with the subject or model facing forwards, looking straight at the camera. You can use this same rule for taking photographs on stairs. Have one foot on the first step and hold a handrail for support while turning your upper body toward the camera. This creates a more interesting photo than if you were to simply capture someone walking up or down the stairs in front of you.

Credits @biabeible

Video illustration: Part C

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