Easy Poses to Make Your Instagram Pop: With Video Illustration

This article is about the sweet poses and angles that other Instagrammers are using to make their own pictures stand out.

You’re just getting into Instagram, so it’s not easy to know what kind of poses to make in order to get a good photo. Which poses are most flattering? Which look more natural? Worry no more — we have the ultimate collection of easy poses that will make your pictures pop!

Easy poses to make your Instagram pop and get likes. I have even got as many as 4,000 likes in some of my better moments.

Easy poses to make your Instagram pop in a fun, playful pictorial guide with instructions and illustrations by our editorial team.

1. Looking down

Looking down pose is a side profile shot where you’re looking down at the ground. This pose shows the attractive curve of your neck and shape of your nose as well. Not only it looks nice, but it’s really sexy and cool.

Looking down pose engages the followers and viewers. This pose adds an extra interest to your picture. It gives a comical effect when you are making poses, but at the same time have a serious face.

If you’re familiar with fashion world, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of the looking down pose: It’s one of the top Instagram poses that models do to show off their outfit. This is a creative way to re-share your own stuff and generate more engagement on it. “Looking down pose” will make your followers fall in love with your outfit and boost your engagement. So what kind of outfit should you wear for this pose? Let us take a look!

2. Kneeling

Kneeling down pose is a great example of a sexy pose that involves the body relaxing and, especially, soft neck and arms positions.

If you are trying to add a little life to your Insta, then you should try this kneeling pose. People love doing this pose and they want to take picture in front of the mirror. With the right photography skills, you can get a lot of likes on Instagram. Let’s check it out!

This pose is actually quite fun to do and very easy. It’s a beginner-friendly pose with a little yoga style twist.

A kneeling pose is one of the easiest poses you can try. What makes this type of pose so cool is that it is very flexible and works great for many poses. This is a popular pose because it works with most backdrops. You can try this pose using a flat surface or wall to get a unique perspective.

3. One leg up

If you’re able to create a One Leg Up Pose photo, you can improve your Instagram and get more engagement. This pose sounds pretty simple, but making it happen can be less easy! I’ll give you some tips and examples for making this pose stand out.

One leg up pose is great for showing off the curves of your body. It makes an excellent addition to a fitness-themed account or workout tips and advice blog.

The one leg up pose is a simple, fun pose to try. Not only is it great on its own but it can also be used as a transition to other poses.

“One leg up” is very exciting when you are taking pictures and adds a little variety to your photos. It is also quite exciting for your viewers and makes them want want to know, who this model is and how she looks.

4. Look to the side

They say that pictures say a thousand words, and if you’re looking to win Instagram these days, this number continues to grow. Are you looking to create a photo that gets likes? If so, then look no further than the side angle. This small adjustment is what your photo is missing and will boost your likes instantly!

Look to the side pose is one of an easy full body poses that can make your pictures look more appealing. It also can create a sense of action on your profile picture.

The look to the side pose is an easy, elegant pose that adds a nice touch of classiness to your posts. It’s an awesome way to pose as you can simply reach out and steady the object in front of you. Not to mention, the lighting works well with a side pose too.

5. Hands in hair

Hands in your hair pose This is one of the most popular poses on Instagram. The hands in the hair pose involves reaching up and out with your arms. It adds a sense of freedom, and looks good if you’re standing near an interesting background or object. If you want to be seen as carefree and spontaneous this is the pose for you!

This pose is the best pose to make your Instagram pop. It’s simple and yet really effective. All you have to do is feature your hands in the shot. Test it out and see for yourself how it helps transform your feed.

Video illustartion

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