Easy-to-do DIY Half Cornrows Half Box Braids Protective Styles

Half Cornrows Half Box Braids is a protective style that I have learned to love – and do. I am learning how to do these styles for myself. This style has no heat, no fuss and since using protective styles like this -I have seen a decrease in breakage.

When it comes to protective styling, the options are endless. Two of the most popular protective hairstyles are cornrows and box braids. What if you want the same look but don’t want your hair to look like you have two different styles? Half-cornrows half-box braids is the answer! These styles give you a more polished and finished look. In today’s blog post I’ll be sharing a how-to guide on this beautiful protective style in a few photos and steps for perfection!

Whether you are looking for a gorgeous protective style to rock over the holiday season or your new year’s agenda includes making a bold decision, then here is an option that will leave your head turning. Half cornrows half box braids.

1. Gorgeous chef

2. Ombré box braids

3. Queening

4. Catch me in Vegas

5. Half up half down

6. Cornrows ponytail

7. Half up half down braids

8. Beautiful and neat cornrows

9. Pretty Queen

10. Stunning

11. Holiday season glow

12. Tribal braids

13. Fulani Braids

14. Flawless

15. Feedin braids

Half cornrows are not really a new trend but there are some new styles that have been added recently to the half cornrow hairstyles. These include half box braids, half cornrows with braid out and others.

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