Flattering Bikini and Beach Poses: With Video Illustration

Beach season is fast upon us. If you want to improve your bikini and beach poses, here are my favorite beach and bikini poses for your inspiration. I have included a variety of images so you can find your perfect pose. Hopefully, this post will help you on your quest to find flattering poses.

To take the best pictures while at the beach or pool I always do the same poses. This is the quickest and easiest way to look good. These are my favorite flattering poses that all women should know for the beach.

It’s not easy to find flattering poses on the beach, but there are a few tips and tricks to get you there. Here is a little round-up of some of my favorite beach poses.

Bikini poses

Bikinis are the ultimate Summertime accessory, but getting a good photo where you look and feel great is easier said than done. We’ve found some killer poses to make sure you leave your bikini pics feeling like a supermodel.

These are all popular poses, but what happens when you pose in a way that doesn’t flatter your body? As a bikini competitor I’ve posed in so many different ways and had hundreds of people critique my pictures. I thought it would be fun to show you guys the top most unflattering bikini poses

1. Hold your bikini bottoms

Hold your bikini bottoms in front of your hips and lean back slightly. Slowly start to lean over backwards until you reach a point where you feel comfortable.

It’s that seductive beach pose which can work wonders for your bikini photos and overall confidence in the beach. To get a whole lot of action from this striking pose, you don’t want to be simply standing there playing it cool and all, and just remember these few tricks to make sure you stand out.

Hold your bikini bottoms
Credits @mxchellew

2. Stand on your tippy toes and pretend to walk

Everyone wants to look good in a bikini. We want that perfect booty shake and flat stomach look. Well, stand on your tippy toes and pretend to walk! That’s what the girls of Instagram do to get the flattest tummy possible when they’re taking selfies.

Stand on your tippy toes and pretend to walk
Credits @mxchellewx

3. Kneel down and hands on your thighs

Kneel down and hands on your thighs is a lovely pose for women. This sexy bikini pose is used in modeling for magazines or bikini photo shoots. This modern pose creates a visually appealing image of healthy, curvaceous forms.

Kneel down and hands on your thighs
Credits @mxchellewx

4. One leg in front of the other-block the sun

Your legs are one of your hottest assets, they will draw attention away from anything that you might not be feeling comfortable with. A beautiful picture of your legs will please the eye and get the male reaction you are looking for. And it’s never to early in your photo shoot to work on a great one leg in front of the other-block the sun pose.

One leg in front of the other-block the sun
Credits @mxchellewx

5. Sit down and bend one leg

If you are one of those girls who would like to flatter the sexy curves on your body and find a seductive way to reveal your bikini then this pose is an ideal option for you. The pose also works great if you have always wondered how to wear a bikini.

Sit down and bend one leg
Credits @mxchellewx

Video illustration

Beach poses

Are you wondering how to look like a professional model in your next bikini shoot? Here are the best and easiest beach poses for flaunting your curves in these amazing pictures!

1. Cross your legs and hold your hat pose

Crossing your legs and holding a hat is an extremely flattering pose for the body. It looks great in photographs, but unfortunately it is easy to mess up.

The crossed legs and hat pose is not a look which is flattering for every body type. However, this pose can work if you have the right body type. And by that I mean, it works with thin bodies, and long necks! You can fudge it a little and have some weight on you if you have incredible bone structure and are super tall.

Cross your legs and hold your hat pose
Credits @letravelstyle

2. Turn away from the camera and look over your shoulder

Turn away from the camera and look over your shoulder is a pose best worn by beach goers. The hard part in creating this pose is dragging your gaze away from your holiday snap buddy and towards the horizon. But if you can master that trick, you’ll be more than halfway to getting yourself on a publicist’s dream list.

The turn away from the camera or around is visually very appealing for everyone to get a peek of skin on the side. Plus, it will give off a girlish and innocent air of sexuality without being too over the top (well anymore than you already are.)

Turn away from the camera and look over your shoulder
Credits @letravelstyle

3. Twirl it out pose

Twirl it out pose, a feminine pose for confident women. This is one of the most popular beach poses that is flattering to any body type.

The twirl it out pose is a variation on the standard front-facing beach body shot. This pose draws everyone’s attention in and shows off great curves!

This is a very easy way to accentuate the curves of your body in a bathing suit and make you look really delicious.

The twirl-it-out pose is my favorite flattering beach poses because it accentuates your waistline and gives you a nice voluptuous look. It also makes you look slim.

Twirl it out pose
Credits @letravelstyle

Video illustration

Too shy to pose in a bikini? Do this instead

When it comes to posing in a bikini, you might be shy. You probably don’t want to show off your body or look at the pictures later and feel dreadfully guilty about it. We’ve all been there, but you shouldn’t let that stop you from having some fun this summer.

Well, I have some good news for you: That’s no longer a problem! Do this instead. This is your cheat sheet to looking better in a swimsuit.

Grab a shirt

My solution is so simple and cost-effective, yet most women don’t take advantage of it because of their shyness. And that solution is trying on a shirt on top of your bikini.

I am a shy person. I often feel self-conscious because of my body and I’m always afraid that people are judging me. This is how I feel every time I go to the beach or a pool party with friends during summer…Surprisingly, wearing this shirt over my bikini (as shown in the picture below) gives me a lot of confidence. It keeps me feeling covered and allows me to be in an environment where I would otherwise feel uncomfortable.

Grab a shirt
Credits @biabeible

Video illustration

Best angles for your beach poses

Always wondered which angles were most flattering for your beach vacation pictures? Wonder no more. Here are the most flattering angles for your selfies.

By now, you probably know that your camera does not love you. But what you may not have learned is that the angle from which you shoot yourself has a profound effect on how good you look in the photo. The key for flattering beach poses is varying the angles of your body as it moves from side to side — and up and down — at least a few times.

1. Lower phone

Who doesn’t want to look like this? The simple trick to looking like you’re in a less-photoshopped world? Put your phone down.

The next time you’re at the beach, flip your phone over and take photos through the screen. It’s a nice effect that mimics vintage cameras.

Lower phone
Credits @biabeible

2. Turn upside down

As mentioned earlier, don’t underestimate the power of an angle – it can completely change your photo from drab to dazzling (and we all know that a beautiful photo is essential; especially when you are in a bikini on the beach).

The upside down angle is good when you want to add a little more flare and energy into your picture.

Turn upside down
Credits @biabeible

End result

End result
Credits @biabeible

Video illustration

How to properly hide your belly

Okay so I’m not going to lie when I say that most of these poses have a lot more to do with flaunting than concealing anything. The fact is that you are unlikely fool anyone by hiding your hard work behind a carefully angled burpee shot. That said, posing is extremely important for building confidence in your practice and we should try to hide our tummy whatever as best we can. Below are some tips for each of the postures. I’ve also included images for the reference.

Hiding your belly seems impossible. It’s okay, though. I’ve got your back. I’ll teach you how to hide your belly this summer with the proper poses and techniques, so you don’t look flabby in a bikini or a two piece.

Most of us want to look good in a bathing suit, but let’s face it, sometimes our belly gets in the way. Fortunately, there are some ways we can conceal this that will make us look better and help us feel more confident in a bikini.

1. Arm to the front

Here’s a very simple way to get rid of that unsightly bulge and to show off your “Y” shape or arms to the front.

Credits @biabeible

2. One leg up

The one leg up pose is a great way to show off your legs, curves, and toned booty all at the same time.

When you put on a bikini or a swimsuit, it is sometimes hard not to feel self-conscious about your belly area. There’s no need for that, because here is a trick you can use with the one leg up pose.

One leg up
Credits @biabeible

3. Kenneling position

The Kenneling pose is a must-have for any good beach photography because it allows you to to hide her belly, this is the last thing you need to be worried about when shooting bikinis and swimwear images.

Credits @biabeible

Video illustration

Bikini poses for curvy babes

It can be quite challenging to find the right bikini poses that flatter you when you’re a curvy girl. You obviously don’t want a full side or back shot, since your problem areas will be exposed. However, there aren’t many babes out there who have mastered the art of posing. Here are some simple steps to find the best bikini poses for curvy girls!

1. Raised bikini

Raised bikini is a pose that emphasizes the legs and butt, slim waist, wide shoulders and bust. This style can fit curvy or full-figured ladies. Raised bikini will emphasize your assets and make you feel confident about how you look.

This style exposes more cleavage compared to other bikinis making them great for those with big breasts or anyone who wants to make their chest look bigger. Raised bikini tops have the ability to create a smaller waistline by lifting up your natural curves, giving you an hourglass figure. That’s because they accentuate the natural curves instead of hiding them underneath a lot of material. Raised bikinis are perfect for those with bigger breasts or someone who has always wanted to hide her belly.

Raised bikini
Credits @biabeible

2. Slight turn

A slight turn of the lower body toward the front foot helps to direct the energy away from the face and onto the hips and through the line extending through the shoulders, hips, and back leg.

The slight turn pose is ideal to copy if you are a full-figured woman who would like to appear taller and slimmer. This is similar to the trick Kim Kardashian used when she posted her famous body photos.

Slight turn
Credits @biabeible

Video illustration

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