Fox Eye Makeup: How to Achieve The Fox Eye Trend!

Time needed: 20 minutes.

The fox eye makeup trend is one that has been trending on social media last year and was seen on the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. It is a dramatic and multi-purpose eye look which can be used for day or night time looks, but requires a few extra steps to get your desired look. When creating this look there is a key rule – the darker the eyeshadow color of the outer V (the three stripes from the top of your eye down to your bottom lash line), the lighter your inner lid color will need to be. The darker the outer V, the lighter you will make your inner lid color.

This trend has been popular for quite a while now, and it’s still trending. Fox’s eye makeup includes bold eyeliner, mainly black with a little bit of white. The white eye shadow serves to highlight the eyes and make them look bigger. The makeup is different than the cat eye.

The Fox Eye Makeup is one of the best makeup trends for fall or autumn season. This trend makes your eyes look bigger and brighter- can be perfect for those with hooded eyes. Applying dope colors on your eyes makes you feel like a roaring beauty. So let’s enjoy and check out this amazing makeup look!


    Here is an easy step-by-step picture guide to using an angled brush for the fox eyes look in makeup.

    In the application of eye make-up, I found that using an angled brush is a lot more effective in blending the make-up than just using your finger tips. The angled brush gives you more control and precision in applying color to your eyelids. The following process made me realize that I had been using my hands all wrong when applying my eyeshadow.


    Eyeshadow does a lot of work for you if you use it right. You can highlight the brow, add some definition to your crease, and create the illusion of fuller lashes. The best way to do this is by finding the hollow of your eye and bringing your eye shadow up from there. To do this, follow your bottom lash line and extend the eye shadow up towards the temple. You’ll want to bring your eyeshadow along the curve of your eyelid until that point where the lid starts to turn inward.


    Fill in the top and bottom lash lines with the eyeshadow. Begin by lining your top lash line with the eyeshadow. This will serve as a guide to the eye shadow so that you can be sure when you apply it that you are applying enough and going over it well. You’ll need to brush if off at the end but don’t be too careful as you don’t want a sharp line after it’s finished, you want a rounded one. Another reason upper line is a good idea is because it will help give much more depth to your eyes.


    Learning how to apply liquid eyeliner is pretty simple. Since you decide to apply the liner only on the upper lash line, it basically works like an extension of your eye shadow. The brows would be your guide as it lays on top of the lash line. What I usually do is to apply a light colored eye pencil along my existing lash line and wait for it to dry up before I continue applying the liner itself so that its shape will be much more crisp.

    I love to have a smoky eye look or a liquid eyeliner on my waterline. However, once I apply it on my lower eyelid, I feel like I’m not really good at applying the liquid liner and instead of making a thin line, it ends up in one big clump. Does that happen to you too?

    The tip of your eyeliner pencil will always wear out before the rest of the eyeliner, and you will have to throw away the eyeliner because it is not possible to sharpen a liquid eyeliner. But if you follow these steps, you will be able to bring new life to your old liquid eyeliner!

  5. PRESS

    In order to get the best possible results, it’s important to learn how to apply eye shadow. This way you can experiment and see what looks best on you without having to fork over tons of cash to a makeup artist. One of the most important areas for eye shadow application is the waterline. Waterlines are right below your lower lashes where tears collect as they move up towards your nose. This is a great place for eye shadow because it makes your eyes pop without have as much effort as lining your upper or lower eyelids.

    Press the eye shadow into the waterlines. First, use an angled brush to soften up the edges of your eyeliner. Take an eye shadow that you would normally use before applying your mascara or eyeliner. Use your fingers to press the color into your waterlines until it is fully pressed in with no clumps left behind.

    Many use eye shadow to make their eyes pop by applying it to the lid, and placing a layer of mascara on top. But there is another way Eyeshadow can be used to your advantage. Some may not know that using a powder or cream shadow to color the waterline under your lower lash line can change the look of our eyes in a dramatic way. This is a great type of “natural” enhancement that will leave people wondering if you’ve altered your appearance through plastic surgery.


    The newest trend in eye makeup is to line the upper lash line and extend that dark line down onto your lower lash line. The lash line is the area along the top lid including the lashes’ roots and capillaries. The lining involves drawing a shape that enhances your eye expression, so you should select one in accordance with your eye movements such as flick or wink.

    Eyeliner for the lash line is a great alternative to eye shadow application. The advantage of eyeliner for the lash line is that it can be used to highlight, define and enhance the lash line without cluttering and making the face look dull.

  7. BLEND

    There are a few makeup tips that can make you look more gorgeous. Today, I am going to share with you how to blend your eyeshadow and make it more glamorous.

    Eyeshadow blending is one of the most common eye makeup techniques. It helps to make your eyeshadows appear softer and more vibrant. But when you correctly follow the technique, it won’t only look pretty but it will also help you minimize the appearance of your flaws, and add depth to your eyes.

    Eyeshadow blends maybe the highest priority thing in makeup application. Most women think that just by using a blending brush will do the job properly. It is not always enough to achieve a blended look .You also may need to modify the color combination of eyeshadow colors or use a variety of different brushes to mesh each color with ease.


    Eyeshadow really is an art. It can bring out the lighter tones of your eyes and make them look even bigger. If they are already big, you can create a soft, natural look with eyeshadow. You should never have only one eyeshadow, many colors are recommended. They should be put on from the lids to the outside of your eyes.

    Eyeshadow is one of the easiest parts of a makeup artist’s kit. Even if you are just starting out, chances are you have at least basic eyeshadow colors in your makeup bag. But first take a look at what the options are before you buy anything. Depending on your skin tone and personal preference, every woman has a go-to shade that she reaches for time and time again to properly highlight her eyes.


    A mascara has the brush like a comb, that means it divides your lashes into tiny natural-looking clumps and coats them from root to tip. It also gives you a subtle curl and creates significantly more volume.

    If you have an eyelash curler, use it to curl your eyelashes before applying mascara. Curling will open your eyes and lift the lashes making mascara application much easier. Hold the curler close to but not touching your lashes. Brush the mascara wand outwards from the base of your lash to the tip of your lashes.

    Brush mascara outward from the middle of the upper lash line. On the lower lash line, follow this same rule by starting at the outer corner and brushing inward towards the nose. You could also apply the mascara to the bottom lashes first, then build on top of that by coating the top lashes a second time.


    Fox Eye Makeup Design is an easy technique between simple and complex. The result will be a breathtaking look for your special day.

    Foxy eyes makeup can be a tricky thing to learn how to do, but once you have it down it can be your trick to turn in times of need. Just remember that “natural beauty is the most beautiful”. So, if you’re going for the foxy look I would suggest sticking with some neutral eye shadows and then accent them with bright, bold colors across your liner and lips.

Here is the video tutorial!

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