Get That Sweet Look With Natural Eye Makeup!

Time needed: 10 minutes.

There are so many accusations that natural products have not the same quality to commercial ones. Sometimes it can’s be just enough convincing because a product can’t be as good as it claims to be. But this is not always the case. Natural eye makeup can be just as good and usable as any other commercial one available on the market.

The right eye makeup can make all the difference in making your natural eyes really pop. You can make your eye color stand out, or just give them a little more life. Natural eye makeup enhances the beauty of those eyes. It can really make a person look much more feminine and will help the wearer to send a very positive message about herself. When people think of natural, there is an assumption that it means no eye makeup at all.

One of the most popular makeup looks is natural eye makeup. This entails neutral eye shadow colors, along with a darker eyeliner and mascara. Natural eye makeup makes your eyes pop and can add color to your face. Women love how natural eye makeup brightens their eyes and makes them look younger.

Our eyes are the mirror of our personality and natural eye makeup will enhance this precious part of our body. In this article, you will get to learn how to choose a natural eye makeup that will accentuate your natural beauty.


    Now that your eyes are properly primed, it is time to move on to step 1. Do you know how to apply natural makeup? If not, the first thing you want to do is apply a warm tone on the crease of your eyes. A lot of people recommend using a yellow or bronze colored eyeliner for this purpose; I find they look great but tend to make my eyes appear smaller. Personally, I like this effect for daytime wear but not in the evenings.

    Apply a warm tone on the crease. This will be the color of the eye shadow that you will be using in your eye makeup routine. It is known to create a nice, sexy pop in the eyes and also can complement the rest of your make up. Picking shades that are darker would work best for brown eyes. For blue, green and hazel eyes, it is recommended to pick a shade that is lighter than the color tone of your iris or choose a muted and less intense shade.

    You must choose your favorite eye shadow color that is closest to your own base skin tone color and that is also in the warm family of brown colors; it will serve as the first major part of this natural eye makeup.

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    The second step in applying natural eye makeup would be to apply a nude shade on the eyelid. This is going to serve as your base. The eyeshadow will go on top of this. You have to make sure that you don’t put too much on your lid because there is going to be so many other things added to it. But, you do want to use a light hand with the nude color still because you never know what kind of colors you are going to choose when you pick your eyeshadow.

    First of all, apply base on your eyelids, right below the lower corner of your eyes (the tear duct). This is where you will also apply concealer to make the skin blend in better when you apply eye shadow. Using an eye shadow brush or finger, dab some of the nude color on this section using small strokes.

    Many women prefer to use a neutral color on their eyelid. This allows the eyeshadow colors to stand out and makes the eye makeup last longer. But if you play with a lot of dark colors, you may find that it’s better to only go for a tinted primer. Dark colors tend to make the eyeshadow look less natural, so using neutral colors will appear more authentic and flattering, while opening up options for very vivid combinations.

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    Apply a dark brow shade on the upper lash line. To outline your eyes, place a dark shadow or liner along your entire upper lash line. This step all depends on what look you are going for and most importantly how you want to define your eyes. If creating a dramatic shape is part of your beauty look, then intensify the liner or shadow by applying several coats until the desired intensity is achieved. On the other hand, if enhancing softness and adding warmth is what you desire, only dab a tiny bit at first until you achieve the right intensity of color that you are looking for.

    If you’re looking for a less heavy look that doesn’t involve smudging, then try applying a shimmery brown shadow to your upper lash line. You’ll need a flat eyeshadow brush and a tiny amount of brown shadow. Sweep the brown shadow on your upper lash line, but make sure not to get any on the outer corners of your eyes or under your eye because the color can migrate into these areas.

    The trick to applying eye shadow on the upper lash line is to use the darker shade as a liner for your upper lash line. This will help you get clean and natural looking winged eyeliner, especially if you have hooded lids.

    lash line
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    After you smudged or blended the eyeshadow across your lid, it’s time to curl your lashes! Curling your lashes makes them look bigger and open up your eyes. If you don’t curl your lashes, they’ll just look like little slugs on your face, but curls will always make eyes pop and will always help in making makeup appear more natural.

    The eyelash curler is a device that is supposed to curl the lashes to make them look longer and thicker. It is essentially just two metal pads, some small springs, and a handle with a hinge. The two metal pads have small edges that are placed at the base of the upper and lower lashes. Squeezing the handle closes these edges around your lashes, which in turn gives them a nice curl.

    To create a natural curled look, hold the tip of the metal lash curler underneath your eyelashes. Gently squeeze the curve inwards and hold for five seconds to give your lashes a gradual curl. Make sure you don’t pull your eyelid, and curl away from it.

    curl lashes
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    In order for mascara to work effectively, it has to be applied after the eyelash curler and before the false lashes are applied. The mascara should be applied to the roots of your natural lashes. However, you should also work from bottom to top so that the mascara coats every single lash. This will make your eyes appear bigger and more eye-catching.

    Mascara is the finishing touch on your natural eye makeup. It can instantly open and darken your eyes, as well as adding definition to your lash line. Make sure to close your eyes after applying mascara and move the wand back and forth along from root to tip of lashes until you have achieved the desired effect.

    Applying mascara is a lot like applying eyeliner in that, you want to first coat the root of your lashes with the mascara and then apply two or three layers on top the of roots. You don’t want to put too much mascara on at once because it will give you clumpy lashes.

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    Although there are no real rules with applying eyeshadow, there are ways to make it easier. Applying the crease shade on the lower lash line is one of the tricks professional makeup artists use. The color will blend naturally into your outer eye and into your application of the highlight shade.

    The beauty of this technique is that you have the option of using either your finger or a brush to apply this step. I’ve seen a few people use their finger to apply the crease shade on their lower lash line and achieve gorgeous results. Personally I prefer to use a brush for this step, but regardless of what tool you’re using make sure to apply the crease shade very softly to avoid getting any along your waterline.

    Now the best advice I can give you for applying the crease color on the lower lash line is to wet your brush. If you like a softer defined crease it’s usually best to leave it a little bit lighter, so make sure you use wet application to soften up the product.

    crease shade
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    Even if you have applied an extensive amount of mascara for the upper lashes, it will be futile without applying an equal amount to the lower ones as well which is why I think this step deserves a lot of importance. So make sure that you take enough time to apply the mascara on your lower lashes, particularly in case you wear your makeup (including your eye makeup) in a hurry most of the times. This way, your eyes with look more beautiful and attractive while even looking appealing in a subtle manner.

    Now, you have applied your lower lashes. Don’t forget to use a small mascara brush; otherwise apply it in an upward motion (say, from the underside of your eye to the outer edge). When you apply mascara on your upper eyelashes, wait for three to four minutes before you blink. This allows the mascara to dry and give you added length. When applying mascara on your lower lashes, don’t worry about waiting for three to four minutes before blinks since the mascara is not as exposed to light.

    Use your mascara wand on your lower lashes. You want to apply a liberal coat of mascara to the roots of each one of them. It will appear as if you have thin, black stems coming from the outer corner of each eye! This is a great step for separating the top eyelashes from the bottom ones.

    lower lashes
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Here is a video tutorial for you!

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