20+ Gorgeous Winter Nail Ideas and Nail Art Designs

As soon as the cold breeze hits your skin, the first thing that overwhelms your thoughts is winter. A time when the Christmas spirit is at its peak, when people are ready to gift and to receive gifts as well, when the traditional Red and Green colors fill our home decors and with the sweet Christmas tunes bringing a warmth kind of feeling. The Holiday feeling just won’t fade away so easily as the cold season continues to hit up, with a mirage of boring dull colors trying to blackmail our minds so as to complement the weather. But again, that won’t stop us from looking good even though we try as much as possible to keep warm all day.

During this time you can decide to take care of your nails even though they can tend to be annoying sometimes when they chip off. That is why press-on nails have made things easy these days when you just want to take a break from your nails. You can look for a nail specialist or even do your nails at home depending on your mood. Whether you want to go short with neutral polish or long and bold multicolored glitter, we’ve got you covered with Gorgeous Winter Nails and Nail Art designs.

#1. Blue and Purple nails

@instagram matuszewsk.a

You would not do wrong with blue and purple nails with a touch of white stripes that compliment the nails so perfectly. We loved this combination so we were sure that this look would leave every other person just admiring the bold colors.

#2. Enigma nails

@instagram matuszewsk.a

Enigma in the matte is a true firecracker for us, spots painted with Aquarelle ink set on the ring finger, taped foil on a reliable gel clear and covered with a matte top would be the perfect finish for this look. All glammed up for the day!

#3. Grey shade nails

@instagram matuszewsk.a

Winter would remain to be breathtaking with the grey shade on your nails, with blue sugar pollen sprinkled on your pinky finger. Ornaments having a mix of black and white paint, what more could you ask for?

#4. White and mint nails

@instagram matuszewsk.a

If you have a variety of colors to choose from which can be overwhelming at times, you can try out white polish on your nails with a flattering mint color. To add some details to the look, some glitter elements with golden paint and the pen covered with chrome gold dust is all you need.

#5. Dark green and beige nails

@instagram glinska_katarzyna

If you are a big fun of different color nails then this would be your favorite. For a neutral version, a combination of extinguished, dark green and beige on your nails is just right.

#6. Silver and white nails

@instagram matuszewsk.a

Silver on nails is already irresistible on nails. With not so empowering details, a little bit of white and pink would make it even more interesting.

#7. Marble nails

@instagram adriannawysocka

Marble on nails would be classic. To enrich this theme, add a glittering flame effect in one of the beautiful colors.

#8. Guilty nails

@instagram walaszczyk_paulina

Well, you will have to admit that this is definitely a GUILTY look. But of course less is more. You can look absolutely stunning in these nails.

#9. Natural pink nails

@instagram pronails_polska

These nails would be perfect on any occasion. The natural pink would just make it easier as it is less complicated but still enough to brighten things up.

#10. Watermelon nails

@instagram matuszewsk.a

With subdued coral shades, the watermelon nail color with glitter sprinkled on top crystal would definitely pop out which would absolutely be among your favorite nail polishes.

#11. Autumn green nails

@instagram wojtczak_kasia_eduindigo

How about a combination of autumn green with an irreplaceable matte bore? These colors would go with absolutely any colors of your favorite bags or lipsticks.

#12. Candy nails

@instagram matuszewsk.a

If you look at these nails you would definitely fall in love with them. For a candy finishing touch, a combination of two beautiful shades-pineapple yellow and plastic pink decoration-on a wet base paint white dots and stretch them with a brush.

#13. Mirror varnish nails

@instagram matuszewsk.a

This combination of black with transparent light pink is beautiful. The silvery bars are our favorite for a mirror varnish look.

#14. Ice-neon nails

@instagram gandziuchaa

Feeling a little bit under the weather? Ice-neon nails are just enough to brighten up your mood. You can decide to do nothing else but admire your nails which would be of help especially for nails that look like these.

#15. Green nails

@instagram glinska_katarzyna

Feel the power of winter colors and paint it on your nails. A deep, slightly muffled shade of green is a proposition of girls who like to stand out from the crowd.

#16.Playful nails

@instagram ujvary_aneta

This season you can decide to focus on color! Discover combinations that you would not have chosen to play with styling finish. They would turn out to be even classy. Something out of your expectations right?

#17. Black and white nails

@instagram matuszewsk.a

With this black and white accent you can finish your winter outfits. A simple and elegant finish that is so refreshing.

#18. Palm nails

@instagram matuszewsk.a

If you want a shimmer and shine look, palm details from gold glitters would not be disappointing at all.

#19. Mustard nails

@instagram ujvary_aneta

A combination of intense blue color with sunny shades of mustard is definitely a 10 shot in our opinion. Delicate leaves with a matte finish perfectly complement this outfit in winter.

Which nail art and nail designs would you try out? Please comment in the comments section.

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