How To Apply Fake Lashes: Step by Step Beginner Video Tutorial

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Ladies, it’s time to have some fun! In today’s tutorial I am going to teach you how to apply fake lashes. If you think fake lashes are difficult and require lots of skill to apply then you are wrong and in this video I’ll show you how they’re done. Ladies, I sense that you need a bit of help in applying false eyelashes. And I’m here to deliver just that. Because I know how challenging it can be to apply your lashes and get it right at the first attempt. Well, worry no more because this how to apply fake lashes step by step video tutorial is what you’ve been looking for all along.

Fake eyelashes are a fun way to enhance your overall look. They can make your eyes pop and stand out. In this tutorial we show how to apply fake lashes step by step with one easy and fast application method.

Fake lashes are one of the hottest things to right now, whether it’s for a special occasion or your everyday makeup look. And why not? Lashes give you those extra va-va-voom effects we all love. But there is a way how to apply fake lashes that will enhance the look without going overboard. The key to achieving this effect is the placement of your extensions. And it’s all about the glue too, so you don’t want to use cheap generic stuff that comes with these fake lashes.

  1. Measure

    Measure the lashes and cut from the outside part. The cut should be made in such a way that it has good air circulation inside. However, think about it: If fake lashes are too long, you will not get as bright and dramatic eyelashes on close-up photos. The key tip here is to get the lashes just the right diameter; otherwise, you may end up with an obvious “hump” at the tip. I like to start by measuring circles from where I want my lash base to be. This will help you determine whether the lashes should be more or less voluminous than what my actual eye shape is.

    The key is to measure your eye correctly, and cut the lashes from the outer part of your eye where your iris ends and not the inner corner of your eye. Getting your lash measurements is the most important part of choosing the right lash for you. If your measurements are average and you have a pretty long eyelid the most likely thing that will happen is that you will not get a good fit. So if your lash measurements are out of the norm, know your measurements and know your lashes to avoid this.

    For the most comfortable fit, your lash measurements should be collected and compared against the largest selection of lashes offered at a professional makeup counter. Knowing your lash measurements is the most important step in choosing the perfect pair of lashes for you. If you know how to get your lash measurements correctly the fitting process is going to be much more straight forward and easier. If you’re unsure, ask your lash tech. If you have long eyelashes and average measurements, chances are that you’re going to be happy with the lashes that fit you.

    If you try to trim the fake lashes both from the inside and outside towards your eye, you end up not trimming enough in the middle where it counts. Or if you trim from the outside first and then the inside it will start to curve too much at the outer corner so you go back and trim more off, but that makes the inner corner curve inwards as well. My trick is to actually measure to cut first, then fit on to your natural lash line, then trim some more off.

    On the Internet, you can find hundreds of tutorials on how to apply fake lashes. But nearly all of them cut the lash strip from the inner side. This is wrong and here’s why: once cut, the lash sheet rapidly loses shape and it will be impossible to fit it to your eyelid unless you have a very specific eye shape. Here’s how to avoid that and apply fake lashes like a pro.

  2. Glue

    The second thing to do when making your first fake lashes purchase is to make sure that you invest in proper good quality glue. You will need some serious gluing skills under your belt before attempting a lash set if you want to be successful. It will also save you the annoyance of not having a good enough adhesive. And if you apply it on perfectly (no glue going over the eyes) then it can last up to three weeks long depending on how often and how well you take care of it.

    Good quality glue for eyelash extension is the main key to safe and pretty lash. If you use any ordinary glue for eyelash extension, the lashes will not be reliable. As a matter of fact, you will face various problems during application of the false lashes. For instance: if your false lashes become wet because of oily skin or humidity, the extra adhesive might draw out from the eyelash pad and cause a problem when you wear it.

    Fake eyelashes can come with different kinds of glue so make sure you have the right one. Mixing different types of glue can damage your eyelashes. The glue is the most important part of applying fake lashes because if you don’t use it correctly your falsies will fall off within an hour and it will be a lot harder to use them again. When it comes to fake lashes, a very crucial yet overlooked detail is the glue you put on your lids. Yes, let me repeat that. It’s not everything about the lashes BUT it’s also a key point in making them look real and staying on.

    The glue that is used for most lashes are the same general types, but there are some that have tiny micro-beads of glue in them that kind of melt as you apply the lash. These help the lashes stay on longer than glue alone. These are very nice to have and can help hold the lash in place while you’re getting ready (soaking lashes etc).

    There’s nothing worse than spending time and effort gluing a pair of lashes only to have them fall off half an hour later. Thankfully though, this doesn’t have to be the case. When you invest in a good pair of fake lashes with proper quality glue, not only is your fear of falling lashes reduced, it’s also easier to apply and less hassle!

    Before you go and purchase your first pair of fake lashes, make sure that you have the proper tools. This ensures a much easier and much more successful application!

  3. Place

    Placing the fake lash on the center as close to your lash line as you can will create a more seamless overall lash look. On the strip of lashes locate the lash that is a little longer and more larger than the others, it will be perfect for the center. If there is one most important thing to remember when applying fake lashes, it is placement. This simple technique will not only finish your look perfectly but also avoid the risk of your eye lids getting damaged.

    Hooking the fake lashes on your center lashes will make it easier for you to apply them. To get that seamless, natural looking lash line you’ve always wanted, try applying the false lash starting from the center of your eyelid. On the strip, you’ll find one lash that stands out. This is the perfect one for the center of your eye. After locating the center of your eye, gently peel off the lash strip and use tweezers to grab the longer lash on the outer end.

    Locating the perfect lash for the center isn’t hard when you use our simple tutorial.

  4. Secure

    A lot of people find it challenging to apply fake lashes because they all want long and thick lashes instantly. But if you try applying fake lashes, you have to make sure that you don’t forget the basics. When putting on fake lashes, you should follow these tips so you can properly secure the end part and inner part of the lashes.

    Now that you know how to apply false eyelashes, let’s see some more tips to make sure that the lashes are going to stay in place all day. The great thing about fake eyelashes is that they are not as hard to apply as it might seem. First, you want to curl them and place them above your natural lashes. Then, use a lash glue or some kind of adhesive tape to hold the lashes in place. Make sure that you hold the fake lashes for a few seconds before releasing the pressure so that they stick better.

    If you’re wearing fake lashes, you have to secure the ends as well as the inner part of the false eyelashes before cutting it to size. This will help in giving a fuller look to your eyes. Usually, these lashes come in a strip already, with an adhesive on one side. So what we want to do at this point is to remove the lash from the strip (with its sticky side down) and apply the glue on top of the false eyelashes where they meet at both ends and a little bit on the inner sides.

  5. Apply Liner

    The final step towards beautiful looking eyes is to use an eyeliner to hide the band of your false lashes. Without a natural lash line, it will be easy to spot the difference between your natural lashes and the artificial ones. Eyelashes have a huge impact on the appearance of your eyes. When done right, they make your eyes look more open and bigger than ever. When done wrong (by anyone, not just you) they look extremely tacky. You need to be very careful when applying false eyelashes as it can really mess up your face if done wrong. The secret to getting them on smoothly is not what you think, however – it’s in the eyeliner.

    A good way to create a stunning finish is to use an eyeliner to draw a line just above your natural lash line. It’ll hide any band which may be showing at the roots of the falsies. Slip a couple of lines of eyeliner under your false lashes’ lash line. That will make the artificial lashes look believable. To start, you’ll want to use some eyeliner along the outer edge of your natural lash line. The goal is to make it look like you have full lashes and are wearing mascara.

    I personally prefer to apply my strips with liner first and then add mascara. This step is to help hide the band of the lashes – this way you won’t be able to see the line where your regular lashes end and your false ones begin. This makes it much easier to blend once you’re done applying your strip lashes.

  6. Final Look

    Beauty is an art and women always goes for the extra glamour. It is important women express their beauty, flaunt their beauty, feel special and look nothing less than stunning. With these fake lashes, you will look stunning.

Here is the Step by Step Video Tutorial

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