How to Get Glass Skin Body Naturally: With Video Tutorial

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Have you seen a lot of Korean celebrities on the internet lately with those transparent glass skin, flawless, fresh, and bright-looking? And you have been wishing that you too can achieve such glass skins but can’t seem to make it happen.

A glass skin is basically a transparent smooth skin with almost invisible pores that looks like it is made of glass. Everyone wants to have it but not everyone can achieve it. You are probably wondering if there is a secret to having this type of skin. To answer your question, the answer is yes! I will tell you the secret in this article.

Most women yearn for glass skin; a total luminescent skin from head to foot. To achieve this, there are numerous ways one can employ, and in this article, I will be discussing some of these easily attainable methods that you can use towards the attainment of glass skin.

In this video I want to share some great tips for how to get glass skin naturally! It’s going to be fantastic, because frankly, we all want it. As a part of my “How To Get __ Naturally” series, I can guarantee you this will be the best video on the subject.


    Dry brushing your skin is the first step to having beautiful skin. It’s a simple technique that requires no lotions or creams, and can be done at home or while you’re on vacation. Dry brushing stimulates your body’s natural exfoliation process, thus helping your skin shed dead cells for a smoother, more youthful appearance. The most important fact of all though — it feels so good!

    You’ve probably heard of the benefits of dry brushing your skin, but what if I told you that this seemingly easy task could actually help improve your overall health.

    Dry brushing has many benefits and this first step is the foundation to getting glass skin. Dry brushing is an inexpensive spa treatment that exfoliates away dead skin cells while toning your body . It also improves lymphatic drainage, which helps cleanse impurities from your body.

    If you have dry skin, it can be frustrating to find a good skin care routine. When you have dry skin, it means your skins natural oil production is depleted (which means your face may also appear pale). In order to combat this issue, it’s important to cleanse your face regularly and gently exfoliate to remove the dead skin cells that prevent your moisturizer from trapping the oils on your skin. Dry brushing is an effective way to do this.

    Clear skin can be yours if you commit to dry brushing for only two minutes a day. What’s dry brushing? It’s an all natural way to exfoliate your body’s largest organ, the skin. If you suffer from breakouts, clogged pores or eczema you’ve probably tried everything and given up hope.

    Dry brushing is very simple, and you’ll get amazing results if you do it every day. Literally, dry brushes are typically made of natural boar bristles on a long handle. You can pick one up for as little as $10-$15 at most beauty supply stores or local drug stores.

    Dry Brushing is an amazing technique to help exfoliate your skin leaving you with flawless tropical beaches skin. This is by far my favorite way to exfoliate my skin.

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    Exfoliating your skin can be a sensitive issue, and I don’t recommend experimenting with products that you’re not familiar with. If you have sensitive skin a gentle exfoliating toner is more than enough. This step should be done once or twice a week depending on your skin type and it will take time before you see results.

    Once the prep work is done, exfoliation is all that stands between you and your glass skin. While scrubbing may be counterproductive to our final goal of a matte canvas, gentle daily exfoliation will actually help prevent and minimize the appearance of wrinkles.

    Exfoliation is a VERY important step in the ‘Anti-Aging’ process. It clears away old and dead skin cells, unclogs pores and allows better absorption of any moisturizing products that you apply afterwards. So you want to make sure that you use a good exfoliating product that will remove all of those nasty dead cells and give your skin a fresh feel.

    No one wants flaky skin! Flaky skin is dead skin cells and this may result in the appearance of an uneven complexion, dull and lifeless skin. It can even lead to clogged pores. Exfoliating ensures that there are no dead skin cells sitting on your skins surface and that would bump up the circulation of your blood which can make your skin look healthy and glowing.

    The purpose of exfoliation is to remove dead skin cells that have been piled on top of one another over time. You must exfoliate your body at least twice a week to ensure a soft and radiant appearance. If you don’t scrub away dead skin cells, they tend to form a rough surface that leaves the skin dull and dry.

    By removing them, you allow newer cells to be exposed. By applying a serum after you exfoliate, it will help penetrate into these fresh layers of skin which makes the serum more effective.

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    The third step of the glass skin diet plan is to massage your body with a body serum. Your skin absorbs 20% more nutrients in this way.

    Now this is probably one of the most exciting steps. Step 3 will consist of applying a body serum, which will then be followed by moisturizing. Body serums can help improve the texture of your skin by tightening pores and keeping skin hydrated.

    Now that your skin is clean and exfoliated, it’s time to put on your body serum. I like to grab a thin towel and rub the serum into my skin using small circular motions. This will ensure you cover all parts of your body, including the difficult-to-reach areas. This step is important because it prevents your skin from peeling off when you’re in the water later on. To achieve glass skin, you can never skip out on this step.

    Body serum is a new concept that’s becoming more and more popular in all parts of the world. It has become very famous especially among women because they want to have healthier skin and body as they age. If you’ve ever known someone who has had amazingly glowing skin, then chances are there’s something in their regimen that they’re doing differently from you.

    In most of the previous steps, we talked about exfoliation. However, what you do after exfoliation is as important. You must follow your exfoliation with a body serum, which is your skin’s best friend for delivering antioxidants, vitamin C, and essential oils to your face. Body serum can help improve the appearance of pores and dull skin. It also helps you maintain the new youthful glow that you achieved through exfoliation.

    Forget all the expensive creams and lotions. For a glass-like glow, pile on the body serum! Body serums are lighter than body lotion, yet thicker than your average face serum. And considering you apply it to your entire bod, skin-thirsty forearms and all, you’ll want a helluva formula that packs a powerful punch of hydration.

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    The fourth step in my glass skin care regime is to apply body lotion. I like to use some simple, frothy good looking moisturizer as opposed to a gloopy cream. Cream can look unappealingly greasy on the skin whereas a lighter moisturizer helps lock in moisture and gives a fresher, dewy type of look that I love. It’s important to moisturize your skin after cleansing it for a healthy and soft touch.

    Unlike facial skin care products, body lotion can give you long-lasting hydration for your entire body. At the same time, this intensive care cream also works to fight against the roughness and flaking in your skin. This is caused by dryness around your body.

    When it comes to your body lotion for glass skin recipe, it has to be perfect. The absolute best product on the market right now is the Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Body Oil and I am telling you guys this stuff works like magic! This is the only thing I could find that can penetrate through your skin for a little bit of that “glassy effect” as I call it.

    If your skin is still having some rough spots after exfoliation then apply a thin layer of body lotion. This will hydrate the skin and help with the appearance of the scarring.

    Body lotion softens your skin and provides moisture. It is important to choose a lotion that contains anti-oxidants and/or moisturizing properties. Minimize the adverse effects of sun damage on your skin by using a body lotion that has been developed for the face instead of using a face lotion for your body.

    The skin on your body is just as important as the skin on your face. Shocking I know. But it’s true and now you’re looking at yet another step toward having glass skin. Using a good lotion can keep your entire body looking healthy and youthful.

    Lotion is the secret to having glass skin as it can get rid of roughness on your skin, especially on elbows and knees. It also improves the texture of your skin, making it smooth to touch. One can use lotion every night after bath time or before going to bed. This should be applied in long strokes concentrating more on areas where there are rough patches like elbows and knees.

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Here is a Video Tutorial for You


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