How to Get the Perfect Cat Eye Makeup: Tips and A Video Tutorial

Time needed: 20 minutes.

If you want to learn how to do cat eye makeup then you must read this article, If you try to learn on your own you will most likely fail, here’s the thing though, even if you do, keep at it! What I mean by that is that everyone makes mistakes with make up. It is totally normal! It’s all part of learning and experimenting and figuring out what works best for you. Do not be hard on yourself and do not compare yourself to others. It will not only take time but practice to create the perfect cat eye for yourself.

I remember the first time I wore cat eye makeup. I was in a rush to get ready and had little time to play with my makeup. Cat eye looks are extremely striking but definitely takes time and practice to master. The precision needed to do a cat eye does not come naturally. You must train your hand to hold the pencil in the right way and test many times on paper before you can do it on your lash line.

The cat eye makeup trend is at its peak. There are many tutorials on how to do a cat eye look but only a few great ones. Here I will show you 6 easy ways to do this look. Come with me!


    For the perfect cat eye liner every time, start from the inner corner of your eye and draw a thin line outwards. This will help you avoid a line of liquid liner running into your eyes. This should help keep the bottom half of your eye clean. Then extend that line exactly where your eye ends, right above it.

  2. WING

    Start below the eye and draw out a line, just a little bit shorter than the eye. By starting below the eye you make sure that to get that cat look. The line of the eye should come just below the eye to make it look bigger and even more appealing to the opposite sex, as protruding eyes are a sign of youth and fertility.

    In addition, because of the comma shape, this notice will call attention to their eyes and can be considered much more appealing.


    Wing your eyeliner out to the outer corner and gently trace the shape of your eye. The wing is created with the black eyeliner then a cat eye is drawn towards the outer eye. As it nears the outer corner it eventually connects to form a sort of triangle. This triangle should be applied with a light hand as it will be the highlight point indicating where your eyebrow is.


    Draw a thin line from the bottom lash line to connect to the wing and fill in the rest of the cat eye with black liquid liner. Choose a brush that is thin and firm – again, something with a pointed tip will make it easier for you to define and thin out your line as needed.

  5. SHAPE

    Once you’ve created a new line on top, add a slightly curved line from the outer corner following your natural top lid shape. This will help to lift the eye and provide a great starting point for the rest of our makeup.

  6. FILL IN

    When applying eyeliner to your eyes, fill in the lines with a thin cat eye makeup brush. Doing so helps include the eyes in any type of makeup look.

Here is the Video Tutorial

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