How to Look 6 Feet Tall in Every Photo: With Video Guide

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Learn how to look tall in every photo you take. Fit in any group of friends, impress that Tinder date, or look awesome in your Facebook profile picture.

As a shorter person, I know the importance of being able to look tall in photos. It’s not fair that you can’t be as tall as actors and models. Here are some tricks and tips that can help you appear taller in photos.

This article lists simple guidelines and photography tips for those people that want to look taller and get the best photos possible with height enhancing effects.


    Dressing tall is all about selecting the right details and proportions for your body type. Dressing tall helps you look better in every photo because it draws the attention up to your eyes and face. Once you have built a good basic wardrobe, you’ll need to learn how to put it all together.

    Dressing tall helps your posture and makes you appear taller. The key is not to slouch. No matter how cold it is, make sure you are always standing up straight. This will help improve your posture and improve how you look in photos.

    Everyone wants to look taller in photos, but before you can do that, you have to make sure that your outfit doesn’t accentuate your short stature. This is easier said than done. I’ve worn many an outfit that made me feel like the Incredible Hulk, yet when I saw myself on camera, it looked like I was trying a little too hard.

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    It’s the perfect angle that makes a person look tall. In comparison to low angles, high angles cause a person to appear short even if he or she is of average height. As far as camera angles go, the best way to look tall is by taking photos using low angles.

    You can make yourself look taller in any photo by choosing a low angle, which will create the illusion your head is closer to the top of the frame.

    When it comes to a flattering shot, finding the right angle could make all the difference. One of the best ways to look tall in photos is by taking pictures from lower angles. Here we take a closer look at low-angle shots and show you how they can make you appear bigger than you really are.

    You’ve followed step one to look tall in photos, but now you might be wondering how you should be photographed. Should you be photographed from an angle or straight on? It depends on what type of photo you are taking, and what you are trying to do. Here’s the right way to take a photo if you want to look tall.

    low angles
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    Photo editing is one of the best ways to get taller in photos. Let’s look at some tools for making you look taller in every photo.

    These vertical photo editing tools are a quick and easy way to look tall in every photo. The vertical tool is all about enhancing your height and making you look taller. This one is for the photoshopping obsessed among us.

    If you’re looking to look taller in every photo, you should start with the third step. After you’ve done the first two steps and ensured that your photo is well-lit and has great skin, you should look at your picture horizontally. Is everything level? Are the lines of your body going vertically as well as horizontally? If not, then you need to rotate your image so it does. Rotating an image just a few degrees can help give the illusion that you’re standing up tall.

    low angles
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