How to Natural Plump Lips: Easy Step by Step Video Guide

Time needed: 15 minutes.

Beautiful lips can be obtained with a bit of patience. On this blog you will find methods using the finest ingredients both natural and fresh to achieve your desired look.

Watch and learn this easy step by step video guide on how to plump lips naturally & safely in just minutes.

Learn how to make your lips look fuller and more defined with the proper techniques.

How to make your lips naturally plump videos has no side effects, it’s absolutely safe and painless, it can be done at home without medical intervention, if you just follow the simple step by step instructions.


    Start by exfoliating with a dry, stiff toothbrush…This will remove all dry, dead skin and make your lips more receptive to the serum. While using the Exfoliating Lip Scrub, rub gently in a circular motion over your lips.

    The first step in getting plumper lips is to exfoliate them. If upper lips appear thinner than the lower lip, it’s probably because the topmost layer of skin is atrophied. To remedy this, you need to take it off.

    Make sure you’re using a lip scrub at least once a week to keep your lips exfoliated and smooth. This will make it much easier to apply lipstick, prevents chapping.

    You need some prep work to achieve a healthy-looking, plump pout. Use your toothbrush to scrub the surface of your lips to get rid of any dead skin cells to reveal the bright, shiny layer underneath.

    To make your lips full and beautiful it is best to start by exfoliating them to remove any dry, flakey skin. If you don’t already have an exfoliator, you can use a clean toothbrush to gently brush over lips.

    Exfoliating your lips twice a week will help remove dead skin cells that can create a film over the lip surface. This in turn will allow more product to be absorbed and cause lips to appear fuller faster.

    Exfoliation is the key to successful plumping.

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    Apply bronzer to the upper part of your lips to help give them a naturally rosy look. Use a small brush along the top edges of your lip line then blend by pressing together.

    This step goes fast! Feel free to choose a contour shade and dust it on for definition, or use a bronzer if you like that radiant natural-looking glow.

    Wet your lips and use a small concealer brush to dab light bronzer on the center of the bottom lip. Avoid going too far from the natural line of the lips.

    The idea was to have a plumper, more voluptuous looking lip while still looking natural and not over done. This is why it is important to apply bronzer first. Bronzer helps warm up the tone of the nude lipstick.

    Bronzer is used to create shadows. Use bronzer with light, sweeping strokes for natural definition or sculpted contours.

    Using a big fluffy brush, apply it around your lips to make your lips appear fuller and more defined. Be sure to avoid the center of your lip so as not to create an ugly color contrast.

    Make sure to tap your brush with the top of your hand before you apply bronzer. This will remove any excess residue, so that nothing but product and pigment comes in contact with your lips.

    apply bronzer
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    Try a moisturizing lip balm. This will keep the skin hydrated, plumped up, and soft. To keep your lips moist and plump, apply a lip balm with SPF. While you can only apply sunscreen on bare skin, lip balm containing SPF can be applied over lipstick or lip gloss.

    Nurture your lips by applying a thick layer of lip balm to lips. In order to prevent lip dryness, apply the balm every morning after cleansing and before applying makeup.

    To get a natural plump shiny lips, apply lip balm with Vaseline or petroleum jelly. This will make your lips smooth and shiny. The gloss should be used as much as possible.

    Lip balms not only seal in moisture, they enhance your natural lip color and prevent fine lines around the mouth.

    lip balm
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    The easiest way to get your lips looking plump is by tracing the lip shape with a natural colored lip liner.

    For more color, go easy on the lipstick and apply a little bit of colored lip balm or lip gloss over it. Now you have the perfect shade to wear to make thick lips really stand out! Fill in your lip line with a natural colored.

    Natural colored lip liners can help you shape your plump lips more easily because they almost perfectly match your natural lip skin. Color pencils and liquid liners can work just as well since it’s all about the shape.

    Lip liner is great for a more defined look and even makes your lips appear fuller. While the excess lip color is still wet, draw a clean line around the edges of your lips. This draws more attention to the shape of your lips and smooths out any imperfections you may have missed in step 3.

    Use a lip liner in your natural lip color that has the same undertone as the lipstick you chose. If your lipstick is very light, choose a liner that is just slightly lighter in tone.

    Apply lip liner
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    In step five, apply colored natural lipstick. Please note that we are not providing a specific color here, but you can find out which colors work best for your skin and lip tone from professional makeup artists.

    Colored Natural Lipstick can be applied on the natural matte lip color of Step 4 to make your lips look plump and smooth.

    Natural plumping lips from lipstick is something you can do yourself. For a more dramatic look, combine colored natural lipsticks with emollient lip balms or glosses.

    If your lips are dry, apply a light coat of almond oil to them. Natural lipsticks tend to form clumps on dry, cracked lips so you’ll want to make sure they’re well hydrated before you apply.

    To keep your lipstick on all day, it is best to apply colored natural lipstick after you have applied a layer of clear lip balm. The color looks much better and lasts a lot longer than the clear balms.

    Luminous and shiny lips make a woman more attractive than ever. We should also pay attention to our lips, as it is the gateway to our mouth. Natural lip plumping can be achieved with proper care.

    natural lipstick
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    Using a lip plumping gloss will not only give you moist and smooth lips, it also gives you an instant plump. This extra volume will make your lips look beautiful! This weekly regimen will totally improve the condition of your lips.

    By injecting moisture and giving temporary volume to the lips, a lip plumping gloss will give you a natural blow-kiss plump appearance in order to instantly boost your look.

    Lip plumping glosses work by causing the blood vessels within the lips to dilate. This increases blood flow to your lips and stimulates collagen production, which thickens the lips and helps them keep that “full” look.

    Lips look bigger, sexier and fuller by applying a lip plumping gloss or gloss with a low viscosity on top of your favorite lip-gloss.

    The final step is to apply a lip plumping gloss. There are many types on the market, but choose one that contains hyaluronic acid, which will give you the most natural plump.

    lip plumping gloss
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    To contour and plump the lips, you must clean up the edges. To do this, intend a tiny line on both sides along your mouth. Lightly fill in these lines with more kohl eyeshadow, tap off the excess.

    The best way to make your lips appear bigger is to clean up any excess product with a cotton swab. You can also wipe away any excess lipstick from most of your face, leaving the product concentrated on your lip line.

    Now is the part where you get rid of that ugly double lip line. I use a cotton swab and press it up and out against my lip line while gently pulling to contract my lips.

    clear edges
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Step by Step Video Guide

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