How to Not Pose With a Girl: With Illustration Video

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There are some dos and don’ts when taking a photo with a girl. While it’s probably obvious to most people, it’s something that even the coolest guy who knows how to pick up girls can forget about every now and then. If you’re one of those men, this is for you. We explain below all the little details that make a huge difference in how your relationship could go on after this photo is taken.

Hanging out with a girl is all about humor. Be funny and she’ll keep coming back. That obviously means you need to know how to take a joke, but it also means that you should make her laugh as much as possible. She shouldn’t leave disappointed by your lack of clowning. Therefore, before anything else, let’s take a look at how not to pose with a girl, which will clearly demonstrate what is needed to do it right.


    Gender swapping is the process of appearing to be of a different gender in photos. The goal is to stop seeing gender so that we can focus on ideas.

    gender swap
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    I am going to be honest with you, this pose has been my nemesis since I started doing street photography.

    Many times I find myself trying to recreate the shot I saw from a blog or from someone famous on Instagram just so that I can upload a picture of me posing with a girl in the same spot.

    But there is nothing worse than an amateur double back pose, and it seems that there are a couple of mistakes that many beginning photographers make.

    the double back
    Credits @naujoxx


    When you’re posing with women you need to put your right leg forward no matter what the pose is.

    This will offset the hips so she doesn’t look weird and and puts yourself in a good position for photos.

    Just make sure that when you have hands with a girl you put her hand on your shoulder and your hand on her hips, this will also help her weight and you’ll end up looking more natural in the photo.

    the wrong leg
    Credits @naujoxx

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