How to Pose for Selfies: With Video Guide

One of the hardest things when taking a selfie is to get the right pose, so why not check out these simple guides on specific poses for those who aren’t sure how to get them.

Selfies are all the rage. That little front-facing camera that many smartphones have has led to an explosion of selfies all over social media. But with the different angles, and poses, how do you take the perfect selfie?

Posing your body can dramatically change the way you look on a selfie. If your pictures appear stiff and flat, there are several simple changes you can make to your body and face that will instantly improve your images.

One of the best ways to boost your self confidence is to read body language tips and tricks, Get expert advice on how to pose for selfies

1. Lean your head a bit

Have you ever tried to take a selfie but it was hard to get the right angle? Are your selfies are never good and you’re tired of asking others to take pictures for you? Maybe it’s time you learn how to take great selfies by simply leaning your head a bit.

When taking a selfie, lean your head slightly towards the right. This pose is preferred by girls and it looks natural and charming with side profile photos.

Pose for selfies with your head tilted to the side is one of the best methods to make the viewer feel that they are standing right next to you. Also, if you are posing with a group of people, tilt your head slightly towards them.

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2. Side profile

Taking a good selfie can be hard, but if you use these tips, you can take a perfect side profile selfie which will get all the attention you want.

The side profile is one of the most flattering angles for your face, and it’s much easier than you might think to pull off.

This is the side-profile pose, and it works for almost every face shape and hair type. Side profile takes a lot of skill! This optical illusion shows you how it’s done. Practice by taking photos of yourself and posting them on Instagram.

Let’s talk about the side profile pose. It is definitely my favorite selfie pose. It has a bit of the bedroom eyes, but it also shows a lot more face. I’m not saying it’s one of the best poses for face as a whole, but let’s just focus on the selfie part right now.

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3. Hold your hair

I know you’re probably thinking, “how to hold my hair for a selfie” isn’t an interesting article topic. But stick with me for a second and I promise you’ll find out how this seemingly simple topic can be turned into something much more fun. In fact, you might even want to share it with your friends and everyone else on social media.

If there’s one simple trick that will significantly improve your selfies, it’s holding your hair. In fact, it’s such a fundamental practice that I’m embarrassed to admit I didn’t do it for most of my life. So I’m breaking the cardinal rule of not talking about myself.

Have you ever taken a great selfie but noticed that your hair is looking messy or there is a weird reflection in the background? I have, and it’s super annoying! The next time you snap a quick pic, try this easy hair tip.

Hold your hair with one soft hand and look away from your face to add interest and avoid a double chin. Put the background out of focus by angling yourself on an angle or ask someone for help standing in front of a blurred backdrop

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