How to Pose Your Face Like a Model: With Video Illustration

Today I want to share some posing and tips on how to pose your face like a model. So let’s get started.

Did you know that if you want to be a model you have to be able to pose your photos well? In this article I’m going to show you how to pose your face like a model and make yourself photogenic.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

What we can also do is learn how to pose our face in order to show off our features and beauty similarly to the models on the runway. This is a guide about posing your face like a model by learning how to pose your face against a backdrop and with facial expression.

  1. Make your eyes look lifted

    I look at a lot of photos of my favorite models and I’d noticed something: they all have one thing in common.

    Their eyes look lifted. Now, before you move on, this is not necessarily their natural eye shape but rather a very subtle change in the eyelid position.

    If you have a round face, it is important to create the illusion that your eyes are lifted.

    A model’s face will often be positioned in a way that shows off the best features, but these supposedly flattering angles may not look so great on you. To achieve this effect, simply lift your eyes upwards. This position will give your face an instant lift.

  2. Make your lips look bigger

    First, you want to give your lips a little bit of color. Apply some lipstick, a colored balm or gloss, whatever you like best.

    I personally love what nude lipstick does for my face shape. Next, take your finger and make two dots where your lips naturally come together when you aren’t smiling. See photos below for details.

    This is the secret to how models manage to look gorgeous on magazine covers and photos. The trick here is to draw attention up to your lips, increasing their size and making them look sexier.

  3. Make your nose appear slimmer

    Now that we’ve taken care of our eyes, cheeks and mouth… it’s time to focus on the other feature (the most important one!) – the nose.

    The right positioning, angle and size of your nose can probably be the key to bettering your face shape. Imagining a map of the nose, we want to copy what a model would do with the location – making it appear shorter, thinner and less prominent.

    I bet there are people who believe that professional models were born with their chiseled facial features. Perish the thought! If you knew the secrets behind those perfect poses and flattering angles, you’d be a model in no time, too. And one of the most important things to do when posing for a photo is to make your nose appear slimmer.

  4. Make your neck look slimmer

    Some of you may already know the trick of posing so you look skinnier. It’s accomplished by making your face look thinner by elongating your neck. With a few simple moves and adjustments, you can really improve your image and make yourself look slimmer and more stylish.

    Models have a certain look about them, they have slender necks and pretty faces. I’ll show you two ways heighten up this effect on your photos.

    The secret to making your neck look thinner is to tilt your head slightly forwards. This will make you look as though you have a longer neck and will diminish any double chin effect.

  5. Make your jawline defined

    Pouting and posing dramatically are great techniques, but they won’t help you too much if you don’t follow through with strong facial features.

    Therefore, our final tip is to make your jawline more defined. You don’t want to look like a cartoon character, but accentuating your jawline will frame your face well.

    One of the best ways to look like a model is by having a defined jawline. Face shape plays an important role in this, because it’s pretty much impossible for someone with a round face to pull off this pose successfully.

    Having a strong jawline not only gives you a more feminine look, but it also makes your neck appear thinner.

    You could have the best eyes, lips and hair – but without a well-defined face, it’s hard to showcase them. In fact, the difference between looking attractive and looking unattractive is as simple as having your most important facial features pointing towards the camera.

Video illustration


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