How to Properly Shave Your Butt: Use this Advice for a Smooth Shave

Yeah, girls get hair down there too. What you want to do with your butt hair is up to you, but if you’re going to shave it, I have some helpful tips!

Butt shaving can be a difficult task for some, especially if you have never done it before or don’t know what you are doing. The thought of having to shave your butt can be daunting and scary. With proper preparation and knowledge on how to correctly shave your own butt, you will not only save time but a lot of money by not having to visit your local barbershop. It is important that you take the time to prepare yourself for the task at hand and give yourself ample time so you can do it right.

Key Takeaways

Get everything you’ll need

You do not need some expensive equipment. You can safely and effectively shave your butt at home. Shaving the butt just takes a little time and preparation, but can save you hundreds of dollars on your grooming routine. If you’re wondering how to shave properly, keep reading to learn more.

Familiarize yourself with each product’s use and importance

There are so many great shaving-related products available today. From razors to creams, pre-shave oils to aftershaves, you have many options of how to get that baby smooth skin. But how do you use them all? And what is the difference between each? Here’s a quick guide to what purpose each shaving accessory serves and which ones you need!

More often than not, when straight razors are mentioned in the world of wet shaving, they are met with a bit of apprehension and uncertainty. In actuality, straight razors can be one of the friendliest tools utilized in this pastime. By familiarizing yourself with some of the basics and features that come packaged with your specific razor, you will be well on your way to having the best shaving experience possible!

Understand what makes a good razor for your butt

Razor burn sucks—no one likes it. Don’t worry; you can still look your best even with an anti-shaving attitude. However, if you have a leg, or butt that is to be shaved, chances are you’ve endured the pain of razor burn at some point in your life and would never want to experience it again.

But how do you pick the right razor for shaving certain parts of your body? With a vast selection of razors available to choose from like electric shavers, straight razor, dry shave, and more, finding the right type of razor can be overwhelming.

Understand your skin

Prepping your skin before you shave is just as important as the actual shaving process. The reason for this is because it will reduce in-grown hairs and therefore save you time and effort.

I’m writing this guide to help you prevent skin problems such as shaving rash while also making sure you get a close and comfortable shave.

Take note of your hair growth pattern

If you haven’t shaved your butt before, it can be very confusing trying to figure out what angle to take your razor. Since it is difficult to see what you are doing, it’s often hard to know if you are shaving properly. Take note of the hair growth and pull accordingly. You may want to practice pulling different ways on your arm or leg too!

Having a good shave is as much of an art as it is about having the right tools. You don’t want to cut yourself by mistake, or end up with painful razor bumps, ingrown hairs or any other skin disorder that comes about from poor shaving habits.

Step by Step Guide

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Shaving makes your bum look smooth and silky, unlike the alternative. But sometimes shaving can be tricky. Having the right equipment, using techniques that work best for you, and the right shaving products can really help make your experience as smooth as a baby’s bum. In this article, I’ll go through all the steps needed to achieve a smooth shave with zero razor bumps and low risk of ingrown hairs – so you can feel good in your tightest pants.


    Shaving increases circulation—good for your face, bad for your butt. Acne-prone skin gets the worst of it: red bumps, and the scars acne leaves last forever. So what’s the solution? A good way to minimize irritation is to start with a mild cleanser.

    Be patient when searching for one that suits you. I went through a few different products until I found a brand that addressed my sensitive skin needs. Also, it’s always smart to do some research before buying something new since all products aren’t made the same. Some may be too harsh or not effective enough. That’s why I recommend seeing what previous customers have had to say about them.


    Start by making sure the area is properly hydrated, exfoliate or soak in a warm bath with a loofah will do the trick nicely. Next, apply your shaving cream in slow, downward strokes. Shave against the direction of your hair growth.

    Apply a quality shave cream/gel and saturate the area to be shaved with it. Let the gel/cream sit on your hair for 2-5 minutes depending on thickness of hair growth. I recommend using the Philishave’s open flow system for a super close shave if you don’t have an electric shaver to do the work for you. Just open those holes up!



    Ok so now we have a prepared area. We’ve softened the hair, properly hydrated the skin, and chosen our shaving cream. If you’re a hipster you can skip the shaving cream as we’re going to be using a protectant butter that will lubricate and nourish the freshly shaved area.

    Shaving without the right preparation can get extremely dangerous to your nether regions. Using a quality shave butter is essential in making sure that you don’t have any cuts or shaving issues during the shave.

    When you have finished shaving your butt with the butter it is now time to clean and care for your skin. A great way to do this is by using olive oil. Olive oil is a moisturizer that helps your skin recover from any damage brought by the razor or you can also use it as an after shave lotion.

    A proper shave means you’ll be able to wear your favorite pair of shorts the next day without having to worry about exposing your hairy cooch to the world. (Unless that’s what you want, then by all means go ahead and keep that bush.)



    Everything is all clear now, but now it’s time to shave off all that hair. Grab a new razor and make sure its sharp. Again, make sure the bottom of the tub/shower is clean because whenever you shave your butt you’re going to get hairs on the drain. This causes clogs. So make sure you clean this out every once in a while.

    You have to start with a new razor. I can’t stress this enough. Use one that you’ve never used before. It’s safer and will give you a closer shave. In the event you’re stuck because you don’t have a new razor, a fresh disposable razor is the way to go, or even a brand new electric razor.



    One of the most important and overlooked steps in the hair removal process is treating blemishes or ingrown hairs . For a smooth, silky result you need to treat your skin after removal. Take care of your skin and it will reward you by looking great!

    You’re done nicely shaving you butt, and now it’s time to treat the little nicks and cuts you’ve gotten from shaving. This is as easy as it gets. Take a bit of your Poison Ivy soap (the one with tea tree) or whatever kind of anti-fungal soap you prefer, pump a few squirts into your hand, then rub them together to create a nice lather.

    Now take that soap on your hand and run it over all the places your razor may have missed. Your razor won’t get everything. The best way to make sure you’ve gotten everything is to take a damp wash cloth and go over those spots again.



    It is recommended you apply a body oil to the area before and after shaving. An ideal option would be CBD body oil.

    Now that we’ve established the importance of exfoliation, it’s time to talk about hydrating. I can think of no better way than utilizing Cannabidiol body oil. My strong recommendation is to use Hemp Bombs full spectrum CBD body oil . They even offer a 10% discount to Redditors (you can get a coupon by signing up for their newsletter).

    The final step of the butt shave process is applying CBD body oil. This is perhaps the most overlooked part of the process but it can make or break your shave. After you have shaved off all the unwanted hair, now it’s time to moisturize and soothe your skin.

    To complete this step, apply some CBD body oil to your whole body. This will soothe your skin and make it feel great. The great thing about CBD oil is that it helps to heal your skin and makes you feel relaxed after applying it on your whole body.

    Skin tends to be a lot more sensitive after shaving and your skin is also much drier. The extra-rich and hydrating lotion doesn’t cut it to minimize the razor-burn.

    You will want to put the CBD body oil on the affected area of skin that you are trying to shave. You may want to pour a bit of the oil into your hand first and then rub it directly onto your skin. This will help ensure that your skin has a sufficient amount of oil on it so that it can provide enough topical relief.



    In the final step of this butt shaving series, we’re going to show you how to use a vegan collagen body cream to nourish your newly shaved skin. Using a body moisturizer is essential after shaving. It will help your skin heal and it’ll also keep you year-round from getting razor burn or ingrown hairs.

    No matter the type of hair removal technique you choose, you will want to thoroughly moisturize afterwards. This is the best time to use vegan collagen body cream, or an aloe-based moisturizer.


Step by Step Video Tutorial

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