How to Pull Off a Simple Eye Makeup: Easy Step by Step Guide!

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Simple eye makeup can be hard to master, but it doesn’t have to be. For some reason that I can’t quite explain, learning how to apply eye makeup can make your head hurt. That’s because there are so many makeup tutorials available that it becomes confusing what is the best way. When you watch a YouTube tutorial on how to do your makeup for school or even for everyday, you’re not sure if it is right for you or not. The whole point of a makeup lesson should be to learn what works best for your skin tone and the type of look you want to achieve.

Simple eye makeup is what helps your eyes to pop and stand out. It can bring out your personality and it will show off your beautiful eyes. There are many styles of simple eye makeup that you can do no matter what kind of look you want on a day to day basis or for going out on the weekends. Simple eye makeup is always in fashion because it can enhance any style and with time, you can find what works best for you and become completely creative!

Sometimes it’s the little things that count – like wearing simple eye makeup. It seems simple doesn’t it? However, we can end up making a right mess of our eyes by not creating the right illusion for them. I can remember when I first started putting on makeup I would add in more colors, feeling that one was missing from my eye shadow or eyeliner.

There are a lot of tutorials on how to do eye makeup. They range from super simple to quite complex. But even when the makeup is simple, it often looks amazing. Today I am going to show you various ways to wear some very easy makeup without taking much time or skill.


    The first step to creating your beautiful eye makeup look is by preparing your eyes. Applying a concealer on the lid will ensure that your eyeshadow won’t appear blotchy, and it will also help in creating the base for your eye makeup. But not all concealers can do this and you might have to experiment with different brands first before deciding which one best suits your eyes and beauty preference.

    The most common colors for eye concealers are yellow, green, and peach. It is up to you whether you want to use only one color or mix two or more of them. I recommend using the thinnest consistency possible so that it becomes easier for you to blend it out properly on your undereye area.

    Make sure your eyes are fresh and clean! You can use a Q-tip or cotton ball to gently wipe off any dirt or oil. Then apply a liquid or cream concealer to stop them from looking baggy.

    Credits @lacydmorris


    The second step of doing a simple eye makeup is applying a deep brown shade to the corner of your eye and in the crease. If you’re wondering what products to use, here’s a quick breakdown. I recommend using the darkest shade you have at hand; if you’re not sure what shade that is, test them out on the back of your hand.

    First apply a black pencil eyeliner or some dark eyeshadow that has a bit of shimmer to it. Then take an eye shadow brush and blend the pencil eyeliner or eyeshadow into the deep crease of your eye by moving your brush slightly upwards and downwards then repeat the process to blend the brown shadow into the other areas of your eye.

    Apply the deepest color of your palette will be on the outer corner of your eye and on the crease. It’s up to you how far you want to take it. The more intense you make it, the more dramatic your eye makeup is going to look. So, if you are aiming for a softer and natural aesthetic just stop right here after applying the first coat or two.

    deepest eyeshadow
    Credits @lacydmorris


    The third step of this simple makeup tutorial will help you apply the lighter shade over the darker shade. In the previous step you created the smoky look by applying a darker color on your eyelid, but now it’s time to add a lighter shade to blend them together for a natural look.

    Continue to blend the darker shadow into the crease of the eyelid using the lighter eyeshadow. You want to match the color of the darker shadow with the lighter shadow. A flat shade brush is a great applicator that you can use for blending.

    You can also use a damp sponge that is nice and clean. The aim here is to lighten the dark shade with the second color of shadow. Line your eyes exactly as you did before, but apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow to blend the darker shade.

    lighter eyeshadow
    Credits @lacydmorris


    This step will define your eyes and make it appear bigger. To do this, grab a shimmer shade and a brush to pack it on your open eyelid (the part where you have no eye shadow). Simply swirl the brush on the eyeshadow and pat it on the eyelid in soft, upward strokes.

    Open your eyes and looking into a mirror, apply the shimmer shade on the part of the eyelid. When applying, tilt your head sideways. This will give an illusion of bigger eyes.

    For this step, you’ll have to use a brush that has stiff bristles. This will help you in packing the eyeshadow precisely without disrupting the rest of your makeup. Then, begin to gently press and pat the shimmer shade on the open part of the eyelid, but don’t forget to complete the layering of the shade on your lower lash line.

    shimmer eyeshadow
    Credits @lacydmorris

  5. BLEND

    In step 4 we outlined our lid with the deep tone, and here we will blend that into the shimmer shade to make a smooth transition between the two.

    Now that the deep shade is applied, you can get a little more comfortable with your blending. A fluffy blending brush will help make the eyeshadow look softer and less harsh. Gently brush over the deep shade and blend it into the shimmer eyeshadow you placed on your lid to make it smooth and seamless.

    Blend the light, shimmery color into the deeper, darker shade. I use a blending brush for this step. It’s perfect for getting really precise with where you want your colors to go. After getting a satisfied look, you can use a black liquid liner or pencil for your upper lash line, curl your lashes and put on some mascara for some definition. You can also put on fake lashes, this is definitely your choice to make.

    Credits @lacydmorris


    Take the deepest brown eyeshadow you applied earlier and use a fluffy blending brush to run the deep brown shade close to your lash line. This will give the appearance of thicker lashes while also giving it a crisp and clean definition so it doesn’t look messy.

    This should be a shade or two darker than your skin tone. To get the boldest line, use the pointed tip of the brush. For a softer look, use more of the flat side of the brush.

    After applying the deep brown shade close to your lash line, you can blend it into the previous line with your angled brush. You can do this before you apply any other colors, or do it afterwards. It depends on the look you’re after.

    lash line
    Credits @lacydmorris


    The final step is to highlight the corners of your eyes and anywhere you see shadows. Apply a very light coating of product to the inner corners of your eyes, extending upwards towards your brow bones. Also apply a very small amount of highlighter onto the top of your cheekbones, forehead, as well as the tip of your nose.

    By highlighting the inner corner of your eyes, you make them appear larger and brighter. You can do this by using a white eyeliner pencil or a loose highlighter.

    You can go above or below the crease line but make sure not to get too close to it as we want a clean look. While applying this highlight, don’t rush. We just want a light application so that it doesn’t look too obvious.

    Credits @lacydmorris

Here is a video tutorial for you!

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