How to Style Anime Hair: Anime Hair Video Tutorial

Time needed: 15 minutes.

There’s a lot of mixed opinions out there about how to do anime hair. Especially since it’s one of the biggest trends right now. People want the bouncy anime hair, because that’s part of the whole “cool” aesthetic that goes with anime these days.

Many people try to emulate Anime character’s hair style. Anime is pretty popular in Western world now so it’s not suprising. However, it’s not good to follow what they say about Anime hair. Today I will show you how to get perfect anime look without “having an anime face” with the help of Tutorial about anime hair.

Anime hair is eye catching and fun to create. In this anime hair tutorial I show you tricks & techniques for creating varying styles of colorful anime hair.

  1. Section hair

    Get your hair in a ponytail and separate it into sections. Let’s begin this anime hair tutorial by sectioning off the hair. This will help you apply product to only the area that you need. It will also make blending easier using a hair straightener. So instead of going all over your head, the straightener can just be dragged/glided across the section of hair you want to straighten.

    Sectioning the hair is the most important step when it comes to putting your hair up. If you don’t get this right, your hair will end up in a tangerine instead of an elegant high bun.

    If you have wavy/curly hair, things get a little trickier. Keep in mind that this method is designed for straight hair. Your hair will not go perfectly in line with your edges when using this technique.

    Credits @flightlesskite

  2. Take hair from the upper section

    In step 2, we’re going to grab the top section of our hair and tie it into a side ponytail. Leave some hair out on both sides for later! The key to this look is keeping your top section loose and play with the pieces that you leave loose.

    Take hair from the upper section of your head. Leave a little bit of the lower layer so that the back doesn’t get too thin. You can do this by parting from the previously clipped crown section, or you can clip another section from underneath.

    Now, we will bring the section closer to your head. It is recommended to slowly remove the hair from your hand and place it on your head in order to avoid any tangles. Once you have done this, take another thin section of hair from the upper section of your hair on the side of the parting.

    The upper section is kind of small, but looks like it can work. Grab hair from the upper part by sliding your hand down from the top to the bottom until you’re nearly at the end.

    Credits @flightlesskite

  3. Tie into a half ponytail

    It’s time to pull out the hair elastic and tie your hair into a half ponytail. Gather the top half of your hair and tie it into a pony, leaving out the bottom few strands.

    After you have your bangs cut, take the hair from the top of your head and tie it over into a half ponytail. This will make your bangs look like they’re being held back by a hair elastic.

    So, you’ve got a nice poofy bun, but you want something more that really looks like your anime character. That’s where the half ponytail comes in! Some people prefer leaving the remainder of their hair down and not using this step, but I personally find it much cuter with the ponytail than without.

    You’ll need to start off by gathering your hair into a ponytail using either an elastic, or the method of weaving hair through your fingers while pulling upwards towards the top of your head. This second method is usually the faster option as you can put your hair-tying operation on auto-pilot.

    I like this half up ponytail style for lots of reasons. Not only is it simple and chic, but it works all year round because you can wear it with a low bun in the summer when it’s hot, or a high bun in the winter when it’s cold. Plus, you can wear it to work or to a party; dressy or casual, you name it!

    Credits @flightlesskite

  4. Texture

    After following the above steps, the next thing I did was use a flat iron to create some curl. I started off by taking a section of hair from right behind the ear and using the flat iron with it closed. Make sure you will be able to curl your strand of hair completely (I usually do about 8 inches at a time). While curling it, don’t twist it or pull too hard! Just roll it upward.

    In this step we will be creating the bulk of the messy look and framing your face. I find that using a 1-inch flat iron works the best for straightening hair. You don’t want it too narrow otherwise it will give you a thin texture.

    Time to set one more section of hair. This time using the flat iron to create a more natural look. We want the layers to appear as naturally falling as possible, so to do that we’ll be following the direction of the hair growth.

    This will help create texture and volume to your hair. If you are doing this to the rest of your hair, having shorter hair will help.

    Once you have your roller set, you want to use a flat iron to create some curl or texture. Steam rollers apply curls to the hair using steam; and when hot rollers are used, they create body and volume in the hair.

    Credits @flightlesskite

  5. Create side bangs

    This step is a bit tricky, you will need to create side bangs with the left side of your hair and create a cutesy, side ponytail on the right.

    To create side bangs, separate a small portion of your hair from the rest and tuck it behind your ear. Be gentle, or else you could rip out hair by accident.

    For this step, you’re going to want to pull your hair back behind you, then either secure with a clip like I am or just leave it. This is the part of your hair covering your face so it can be a little loose to give off that natural look. Whatever pleases you is fine, though!

    It is time to create the base for your side bangs. With the hair pulled back, take some of your hair and tuck it behind your ear. Before securing it in place, tease the hair to create volume.

    You want to take some bangs that are already out and gently brush them behind your ear in a diagonal direction. Make sure you keep all the loose stuff in the back, otherwise you should have two little ponytails. If that’s not something you want, it’s time to fake some hair!

    Side bangs are a useful way to add volume in the front & side sections of your hair. Tuck the extra hair behind your left ear and pin it in place. The easiest way to do this is by using a bobby pin that has been bent slightly at the tip. This will hold the hair out of your way while styling.

    Credits @flightlesskite

  6. Shape the middle bang

    First, you only want to make small tweaks to this part of bangs, as you still want to retain the overall shape you created in stage 5.

    The hair of your wig will be parted into 2 halves, one on either side of your head. The extra hair in the middle can be shaped for volume and you’ll see a lot of anime characters have very big vertical pieces in the middle of their bangs.

    Once you shape your front bangs, you can begin to form the middle bangs. You want to go a little shorter through this area of hair so that the middle bangs don’t look too long compared to the rest of your hair.

    This step is where we will define the middle bangs and enhance its overall length. In this case, we want to shorten down the middle bang has no hard lines and gives it a softer look. To do this, we will style the middle bang with a curling iron to give it the natural feel.

    There are different ways to shape the middle bang. You can ask your client to pinch her hair, or feel the side of her head to see which direction it naturally wants to fall. Then cut the bangs accordingly.

    Credits @flightlesskite

Here is a Video Tutorial for You


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