How to Style Oversized T-shirts: With an Illustrative Guide!

how to style oversized t-shirts

How to style an oversized t-shirt? It’s a question almost everyone asks themselves at some point. That moment when you go into your closet and pull out one of those tees from your untidy pile, thinking: “How do I wear this thing?” Not only are you struggling to decide which pair of sneakers is the best fit for the occasion, but you also have to face the issue of how to style your unflattering t-shirt.

Extra long t-shirts, oversized t-shirts, baggy t-shirts… whatever you want to call them, they’re the perfect way to add a little interest and style to your outfit every day. This popular item is everywhere!

It’s hard not to see oversized t-shirts on girls and guys. It’s been a trend for a while and it shows no signs of stopping. They are perfect for wearing to the beach or on hot days. Some love them because they are comfortable, others because they give you a flattering silhouette whether you wear them as a dress or shirt with jeans or trousers.

Oversized t-shirts are back in fashion and with them come some great styling options. What type of oversized t-shirt should you go for? How can you mix patterns, colors, textures and prints? Is any oversized t-shirt possible to pull off and how do you style it to look even better? Whatever your reason for loving oversized tees so much, this article will guide you through how best to style your own!

1. Casual

You may think that oversized tees are super trendy, but they’ve actually been around for a long time—way before anyone even knew what cool was. If you follow one of the most basic fashion rules, sizing down is the rule of thumb whenever you find yourself carrying any extra pounds around. But if your body shape plays by its own rules, then integrating some oversized t-shirt options into your wardrobe might not be such a bad idea.

While the sweater will add volume across your upper body, it should balance things out by looking less bulky on the lower half of your body. Just make sure to not pair this look with jeans or any other pants that are too tight. The art of layering an oversized tee is all about creating balance while maintaining comfort.

When styling this look, I focus on modernizing the traditional style by layering the oversized t-shirt under a half sweater and accessorizing with a statement necklace. The result is something classic and comfortable that you can wear everyday.

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2. Soft Girl

We love to style oversized t-shirts for our preppy and vintage inspired looks. But everyone is angling to wear a crop top and skin-tight jeans, so sometimes it can be hard to make an oversized tee look cool.

The best way to create a silhouette with an oversized shirt is to add a skirt or shorts that skim the leg and provide the right amount of coverage for your body type. A great way to get this silhouette is by styling a tie front shirt with a skirt or shorts that have a front panel with elastic.

Placing a nice knot in the middle of your shirt will give you that trendy, layered look. A tighter knot that is closer to your body works well, or you can opt for a looser, wider knot to make it more flowy and oversized. The result will be a lovely overlap on each side of the tee which gives you that different look.

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3. E-girl

One of the first things I picked up when learning how to style was that you should wear two t-shirts. The reasoning behind this is pretty simple – wear a long sleeved t-shirt under an oversized t-shirt. This creates depth, you look taller and more streamlined and it’s just easier to style.

The oversized t-shirt trend has been really popular on different high fashion blogs recently and I decided to try it out for myself. To style an oversized t-shirt, you need to wear a long-sleeved t-shirt underneath for support.

However, not just any long sleeved t-shirt will do. It has to be a nice, relaxed long sleeved shirts that isn’t too tight around your neck and upper body. This is because if the t-shirt restricts your movement or is too tight, it will be uncomfortable when you wear an oversized t-shirt over the top.

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4. Baddie

There is something so unique about a leather jacket. The only problem is—how do you wear a long t-shirt under it? We’ve all tried tucking our tee shirt in to wear a leather jacket but it just looks too bulky and we end up leaving it in our closet. So what is the answer?

Oversized t-shirts are one of the biggest fashion trends now, especially when paired with a leather jacket. The juxtaposition of an edgy jacket with the casual look of a t-shirt is what makes this outfit so appealing in my opinion.

I love oversized t-shirts as they are really comfortable and are great layering pieces for an urban outfit. When I am wearing a denim jacket, I usually like to pair it with a long t-shirt layered underneath. One of the easiest ways to style an oversized shirt is to wear it together with a cool leather jacket. A nice leather jacket can be found easily at second hand shops or thrift stores. If you cannot find any used leather jacket, you can of course buy one new.

credits @mmivia

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