How to Use your Beauty Blender in 4 Easy Steps: Video Guide

Time needed: 10 minutes.

If you’re new to the Beauty Blender, you might be asking yourself, “How do I use it?” This sponge can be a little intimidating at first. It’s important to note that the Beauty Blender is different from other sponges and brushes you use as it is not absorbent. Rather, it uses a principle called “absorption by capillary action.”  If you don’t know what that means, it means that when dampened with water (or any liquid for that matter), it takes the liquid to places where your makeup needs to be applied more thinly.

I use my beauty blender in the morning and before I head to bed, but I switch out my method a bit depending on what time of day it is. The Beauty Blender is a beauty essential. It’s the best tool for applying foundation of all textures and also is handy for blending out other makeup products. If you haven’t already, check out my previous post about how to clean your Beauty Blender to extend its life and get it squeaky clean in no time!

For most makeup junkies, being without a Beauty Blender is like being without a source of oxygen. But even for seasoned pros, it can be difficult to keep up with our blenders so we know how to properly use them every time.

Have you tried using your Blender to apply foundation? Maybe you’re wondering if there really are different techniques for applying foundation, because each makeup artist gives a different technique. As a Beauty Artist, I’m going to give you the basics of How To Use Your Beauty Blender in 4 Easy Steps.

  1. Wet it

    The first step to use your beauty blender is to wet it. I’m sure you think this is obvious, but the first time you try to wet your beauty blender, it’s not as easy as it may seem. If you don’t get it just right, you’ll end up with water all over yourself and a soggy beauty blender. In the video tutorial at the end of this post, you will discover the best ways to wet your beauty blender.

    You may think that warm water is better, but trust me, COLD is best. Cold water will solidify the gel that’s on the Beauty Blender so that it does not soak up too much of your foundation.

    Luckily, there are plenty of methods for wetting this baby effectively. But trust me, the first time you try, it’s not as easy as it seems. There are many ways to wet your beauty blender—all of which can leave your hands and counter covered in water.

    If you don’t already regularly wet your beauty blender, then you are doing a disservice to your face. The beauty blender is the most magical tool for applying foundation. It blends effortlessly and seamlessly into the skin leaving no streak marks or stains whatsoever.

    Use a good amount of water and a spray bottle if you have one. The amount of water you use is up to you, but using less will require more repetitions to get it fully dampened.

  2. Squeeze

    Once you’re holding the Beauty Blender and water in one hand, transfer the liquid from your other hand to the squeezed section of the sponge. It is important not to squeeze the sponge if it isn’t in contact with water – doing so will cause the air within to expand, giving you uneven coverage.

    Just like squeezing the water out of a sponge, you can blast all of the moisture out of your beauty blender by squeezing it between your palms. Start at the top and press towards the bottom of the sponge over and over again until you notice more water than makeup coming from it.

    After creating your ‘stomp’ you will need to use your fingers to squeeze the stumps, cloth and excess water from the Beauty Blender. In my opinion, I like to rub it and squeeze it repeatedly until I don’t see any more dark spots on the cloth. Then I repeat the process for the other side.

    This is the best way to get the water out! Make sure you really push all of the water out. Then you want to get as much water out as possible! This will also help when you are blending out foundation.

    If you don’t squeeze the water out, it will be too wet and you won’t be able to get a smooth blend out of it! It is also important to clean your beauty blender with white vinegar every so often. I rinse mine every time after using it but if I know I am going to use it the next day, I squeeze all the water out and let it air dry overnight with a towel underneath it. You can also prevent your beauty blender from getting stinky by using THIS hack.

  3. Blend

    The third step involves taking the white sponge and “filling it” with makeup. You want to take your foundation and blot onto your Beauty Blender, getting all that foundation in the sponge’s pores (there will be obvious product build up on the surface, but that’s ok). Then you just start “filling” the sponge with makeup and blending until it disappears into the consistency of an orange peel.

    Now, depending on the skin type you have and whether your Beauty Blender is old or new, you’ll want to blend for at least 15-20 seconds. Also, I don’t wait until my Beauty Blender fills up with foundation before I apply it to my face, instead I just begin adding foundation to my face as soon as I start blending.

    One thing to remember to avoid a streaky finish is to push the sponge into your foundation, further than you normally would. This will ensure that your whole face is covered with product. Once you have your foundation on and it has had time to settle, begin blending your face in circular motions using short sweeping motions.

    Blending is the most important part of using your beauty blender. Take your time and don’t rush it. Be sure to pay special attention around your nose, mouth, and eyes. This is the step where you’ll want to use small circular motions or a tapping/patting motion. A common mistake people make when blending is applying too much product on the sponge and rubbing it over the area instead of tapping/patting it onto the skin.

  4. Bounce

    The fourth step of this process is to bounce your foundation against the round end of your Beauty Blender. This will help to remove any excess product from the blender and give you an air brushed finish.

    When it comes to makeup application, the biggest mistake some beginners make is overloading their sponge with product. It’s important to use just enough in order to apply makeup evenly, which is why we recommend bouncing between sections of the face rather than wiping in one direction.

    The last step in this technique is to bounce the Beauty Blender, after the application of makeup foundation. This will even out any excess product. Doing the bouncing motion allows for a very light-touch application.

  5. Final Look

    Beauty Blender is a unique type of sponge, which is able to blend foundation and concealers flawlessly. Unlike the sponges that you find in those drugstores, the Beauty Blender will give you a seamless look, leaving no creases or lines and giving you a makeup look that you would otherwise see on a television or film star.

    It can be difficult to use as there are no precise instructions on how to use it. There are many special features and tutorials online explaining the procedure on how to use it but none of them were concise and easily understandable. This is where we come in!

Here is the Video Tutorial

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