Instagram Girl Poses: With A Video Guide for Details!

There are so many Instagram picture techniques you can try and keep up to date with. We all love trying new things, after all Instagram is a huge social platform with hundreds of millions of users! I´ve compiled some Instagram pictures below that you can always try out.

Instagram girl poses are some of my favorites because they suit a variety of situations and they look cute. They’re one of my go-to poses when I want to put a picture up while looking cute. Instagram girl poses can be used for individual pictures as well as group pictures and take up very little space on your feed which is nice.

Everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive in their photos. But sometimes things just don’t turn out how you want to. It seems like Instagram models have superpowers when it comes to their pictures. But, they don’t. These girls are ordinary people like you and me, but they are still able to put their best foot forward.

The reason is simple – they have mastered the art of body language. Knowing what poses work for you is important if you want your photos to be as attractive and professional as possible.

With all the popularity of Instagram and bloggers, there is an incredible amount of girls trying to take the perfect picture. I mean, the possibilities are endless. So today I’m going to share some Instagram girl poses, as well as a few tips for taking better pictures with your phone.

1. The Squat

“The squat” is a commonly used and highly anticipated picture pose on Instagram. It involves standing on one leg with the other foot raised behind you on the ball of the foot.

Your first step is to get down into a squatting position. This should form a V-shape with your body, with your arms doing the same. Ideally, you’ll want to keep a tight core so you don’t accidentally make any explicit gestures with your body. Then, tilt your head so that your face is in the center of the frame and look slightly downwards.

The squat is the fundamental building block for posing for a picture. It’s the most important foundation you can build towards becoming a great poser.

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2. The Wide Stance Sit

There is just a couple of things you should keep in mind when you wanna take the perfect selfie for your Instagram. You need to make sure you have a wide stance so when you are taking photo your whole body will be covered. Make sure that you have your head tilted between 45 degrees and 60 degrees as this is supposed to make your cheekbones more prominent.

The wide stance sit is a simple pose that can be used to give your post an extra boost on Instagram. By positioning your legs far apart, you create a focal point and draw the viewer’s eyes.

The most critical part of posing for pictures is to ensure you’re relaxed. The best way to achieve this is to do something that makes you feel silly.

credits @francislola

3. The Check Your Phone

So you’ve set up your shot, now it’s time to start thinking about how to pose for a great picture. Outside of sitting down and looking gorgeous, how else can you make your picture stand out? This is where the phone checking comes in.

Anyone who’s ever tried to take a selfie knows the struggle of getting the right angle. Your face shows up slightly smaller in the picture and not as flattering. This is why the check phone pose is so important. It leads to better pictures and most people have never seen this pose before, so you’re unique.

This trick is a fake-out that hides imperfections, freckles or acne on the face. The checkered grip from the mobile phone draws attention to the photographer and the slightly tilted body makes for more of a “hey over here” type of picture.

credits @francislola

A Video Illustration!


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