Oddly Satisfying Blackhead Removal Videos 2022: Tiktok Compilation

Blackhead removal videos are the hottest type of videos on TikTok. There are hundreds of different blackhead and pimple removal videos shared every day and the demand is very high. While many different doctors offer procedures, they could cost you a lot of money. Luckily, there are hundreds of tutorials online which can show you how to remove blackheads on your own. We don’t promote any products related to blackhead removal but we do like to share interesting videos from time to time.

Blackhead removal is a huge market online. YouTubers make countless blackhead videos and post them for everyone. We want to do something different from those websites. We would like to show you the most effective Blackhead Removal Methods To Use At Home!

Blackheads. The most common skin condition in the world. I mean, who doesn’t suffer from blackheads every now and then? These small black dots on your skin can not only be disgusting to look at but can also make you feel very uncomfortable. That being said, here are some blackhead removal videos that will prove you can get rid of blackheads easily, without spending a fortune!

1. Massive lip and nose blackheads

Blackheads are formed when your pores become clogged with dead skin cells, excess oil, and dirt. They turn black because they get oxidized (think of the brown crust that forms on the inside of a banana peel). And unlike those little bumps you see on white people, blackheads are generally large black “dots” on the surface of the face- large enough for you to see from afar.

2. Underarm blackhead

Here is how to get rid of blackheads under your armpits fast. Treatments for curing acne in general can be effective. However, when someone’s problem specifically the blackheads and whiteheads under the arms, due to sweating of these areas, which are exposed all year round that creates a perfect environment for bacteria multiplication.

3. No touch blackhead extraction

Many people are confused on how to correctly extract a blackhead or pimple without damaging the skin or the surrounding areas. When it comes to big blackheads, they’re usually deep within the pores, so most extraction methods end up ripping off large chunks of your nose, forehead, or chin in addition to accidentally removing healthy tissue along with the blackheads.

4. Extreme blackhead extraction

So what are you going to do when your face is covered in blackheads? You can try to remove them individually, or watch a video that demonstrates how to extract blackheads like the pros.

5. Deep blackhead removal

You may have never tried blackhead removal before. Deep blackhead removers are quite different than a normal blackhead remover. Since getting blackheads on the nose is such a common problem, I thought it would be useful to create an instruction video showing you how to remove deep Blackheads  with a special tool.

6. Behind ear blackhead removal

Removing ear blackheads or sebaceous hyperplasia is one of the most neglected beauty conditions. Ear blackheads are present in many of us, and they are the result of excess oil production by skin pores in and around the ears. As you may already know, these distinctive black spots can easily be observed close-to your ear canal, and they usually show up in clusters.

7. Nose blackheads removal

The nose blackhead removal video shows how to use nose picker, and how to treat black heads on the nose. The best way of the treatment of blackheads is nose blackhead removal . Removal of blackheads will not make your face look good if you don’t keep it clean afterwards.

8. Blackhead vacuum extraction

The Blackhead Vacuum (Pore extraction) is a safe home method that can be used to safely extract blackheads and whiteheads from your face and neck. No one likes the look of blackheads on their face, we feel it makes our face look dirty. But what most people hate even more than that is the embarrassment of having someone else have to do this for you at a doctor’s office. This is why at home methods are so popular.

9. Double slow mo extraction

I’m a huge fan of blackhead removal videos, it is a super satisfying process in which you can literally see the dirt being pulled out of your skin. You may ask yourself why would you want to watch extraction tutorials? Well first off, its a good way to unwind after a hard day of work (watching people extract blackheads doesn’t seem difficult).


Double slow mo 😲 comment which one you see first ⬇️ #fyp #blackhead #extractions

♬ No Guidance (Remix) – Quise UE

10. Huge whitehead removal

Huge whitehead removal and blackhead extraction. I know that kind of video is kinda gross, but if you have bad skin, you probably would like to see them gone. Why go to the dermatologist at $150 per pop if you can find zit popping videos online? And best of all, they’re free.

11. Juicy blackhead removal

Blackheads are an unpleasant condition that can be difficult to remove, mainly because getting to the root of the issue requires obtaining certain skills.  Having said that, not all blackheads are created equal, and there are some very basic approaches that you can take in order to deal with them.

12. Triple blackhead extraction

This is a video showing a triple blackhead extraction. The blackhead extractor used in this video is a squeeze and suck type blackhead extractor with a brush, not the loop type blackhead extractor with a hook. When using this method of extracting blackheads, I’ve found it best to use a head facial scrub to make them easier to pop out since they tend to get better grip when the skin on your face scruffs up around them as you squeeze.

13. Ear blackhead extractions

Well, you may have tried yourself to remove blackheads from your ears (I know I did), only to find out that it is not as simple as it looks. I mean, to get rid of them you need first to be able to see them.

14. Armpit extraction

Today I’ll be showing you how to perform an armpit extraction. This does not need surgery.

15. Lip blackhead extraction

Lip blackhead removal is a common procedure that many people want done in order to clear up their skin. If you have ever wondered how lip blackheads are removed then you will love this video.

16. “Bye bye” blackheads

For many people, the blackheads on their nose, chin, or cheeks are something they have to live with. But if you’ve found this page, there is hope!

17. 30 year old blackhead extraction

You’ll have to watch this 30-year-old blackhead extraction video a few times to make sure your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. You’ll see the blackhead get popped quite early in the video but it immediately closes up and becomes impossible to extract.

18. Deep blackhead removal video

Pimples, blackheads and oily skin can be a problem. But just opening a few pimples can also be effective in reducing your blackheads. This video shows you how to get rid of blackhead using a squeezing method.

19. Popping massive blackhead

Popping blackheads is something that just about anybody can do. Sure, you have to use some common sense. If you do not feel comfortable removing a specific blackhead then don’t do it. Not everybody has the same tolerance for risk taking. Everybody deals with acne differently.

20. Satisfying ingrown

If you suffer from blackheads, then you know how annoying and frustrating they can be. Leave it to us to show you an easy way to treat and remove them! Here is a satisfying way to squeeze out ingrown hairs that will leave you feeling much better.

21. Giant blackhead removal

Infuse and extract blackheads fast! This blackhead removal videos will help you get rid of blackheads on your nose, chin and forehead. Even if you have had your pores plugged for a long time it is still possible to get rid of them or at least soften them . The most important thing is to start doing something about them.

22. Grab and pull extraction

Grab and pull extraction is the most common blackhead removal technique you’ll see. This technique can be done at home and it’s relatively simple technique. The blackheads will come out with your fingers when you do which makes it easy to remove. However, you’ll need more tools if you do any other extraction technique. So this technique may not work well if you have many blackheads.

23. Inner thigh blackhead removal

Dark spots on your inner thighs are probably a result of a build-up of keratin in the body. When excess keratin builds up in one place, it forms a dark spot that is more noticeable on the skin.

24. Dog’s elbow blackhead removal

Dog’s elbow blackhead removal. This video will show you how to remove a blackhead from your dog’s elbow. It is a simple process that anyone can do!

25. Removing blackhead from your dog

Are you interested in finding a way to remove blackhead from your dog? A lot of us take pride in our dogs, so why not make sure their fur is clean and healthy-looking just in case they decide to walk across the lawn or run into you with their head.

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