Pose Ideas for Baddies: With Ultimate Video Guide!

What is a Baddie? A few of us have used that term to describe an overused and unoriginal idea because we were too lazy to think of something else. Today, I’d like to inspire you to think in terms of posing your characters in more creative ways. Use these as a guide for how certain poses may look depending on the character and circumstance.  You can use them as inspiration the next time you’re posing your own character!

Posing is one of the biggest things that photographers try to get their models to do. It’s one of the techniques you can use to make a model look good. If a girl doesn’t know how to pose, it can be very difficult for the photographer to get her looking good. Pose ideas are a great thing to practice with models who are just getting into photography and aren’t used to posing yet. They can help them get comfortable in front of the camera and hopefully prevent any awkwardness that might come up during shoots in the future.

Sometimes, the perfect pose idea doesn’t come naturally. You may have trouble coming up with a few different poses on your own. When this happens to me, I make a list of things to try for different facial expressions or body poses until I find a few that work well.

Being a baddie can be hard work. You’ve got to look the part and strike the right poses, or you just won’t sell it. Luckily, I’ve done all the hard work for you because I know what makes a good baddie. Let me show you what I mean and give you some awesome pose ideas so that you can feel ready to always rock in your pictures.

1. Lean Forward

It is an open secret that most photos are taken at a slight angle. This means that if you are standing straight up and down, then the photo will look slightly tilted to one side (usually left). To counteract this, I suggest you lean forward slightly.

Why lean forward when photographing your head and shoulders? there are a few reasons for this. First, it allows us to remove any distracting background objects from the picture. Second, it is angle that most people assume when having their picture taken or talking on the phone. Leaning forward also forces our mouth to be closed in case we have food stuck in our teeth or a stray piece of hair in our face.

The truth is, the best photos are of subjects that have their weight distributed evenly between the front and back legs. It’s a lesson I learned from observing a thousand horse photos. It’s also something that can be applied to your own side-profiled self-portraits. So when you’re posing for a picture, don’t tilt your head. Keep it level with your shoulders and lean forward.

credits @broownshaawty

2. The Flamingo

The flamingo is a powerful and striking position. It can put off a powerful impression and is an incredible tool for poses that you want to keep soft or intimate. Photographers tend to love the Flamingo-pose because it’s just so unnatural, quirky and bizarre.

The general idea is to kneel on one knee and let one leg stick forward. Yes, we know, it looks strange. It is supposed to. While it can be a bit tricky, it’s not difficult to pull off. It’s not just about standing on one leg, either. You have to make yourself appear relaxed – like you’re not concerned in the slightest with balancing on one foot in your gorgeous outfit.

The flamingo is an important pose for photos. It’s a non-threatening and natural pose. One leg slightly bent on top of the other, with your arms resting behind your back or head. This makes you look more relaxed, casual and friendly.

credits @broownshaawty

3. Show that booty

What is the number one posing tip for looking great in photos? It is showing off that booty. The most flattering angle in a picture is from the side with your shoulder facing forward not down or up in the air. It is the same pose you probably do when you talk on your cell phone. Doing this pose will not only make you look thinner but it will make your waist appear smaller which makes most woman happy! It looks the best with dresses or skirts and jeans.

The key to a great booty pose is your back leg. Bend the knee and point the toes, while keeping the foot flexed. This will prevent your foot from pointing out past your body, which creates an awkward stance with your hips being off-center.

Most of the best pictures are those that make you look great. And most of these pictures need to show off your body in the most flattering way possible.

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