Pose Ideas for Dope Instagram Pics: With Video Illustration

Have you ever thought up a dope Instagram pic? Of course you have, you’re creative after all! But have you taken your picture and wondered what pose to start with? Then this article is for you. I’ll share you my favorite pose ideas that I use when posting pics to IG. Hopefully they help.

Instagram is a fantastic platform for connecting with others and sharing your life. Now everyone and everyone has an Instagram account. In order to stand out you’ll need to live large as you post. These are some cool poses for cool pics to impress the masses.

Instagram is a powerful social media tool. However, if you are not using it to its full potential, it will always come as a let down. Identifying your audience is quite important on Instagram and that will make your account more likable by the targeted users. In this article, I will list down five poses that can be considered for wide usage and high impact.

Instagram is a playground for creatives. I don’t know about you all but I’m always on Instagram looking at dope photos and videos! Have you noticed that a few images tend to stand out from the rest? There’s a formula for that!

1. Act like you want your phone back

There are many great poses you can use in your Instagram pictures. Some of the best ideas for posing are from celebrities, and many of these are great for incorporating into your own photos. You need to understand that you will not be using props or an entire supporting cast to make a picture look good (like a model or photographer would), so it’s up to you to provide the “WOW!” factor in your photos. Here’s one of my favorite Instagram poses. Learn it, master it, and you will never be rejected on Tinder again.

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2. Flex your new J’s

So you just bought those new Jordans and want to flex them on Instagram. But you only have three followers. Here is some help for all you ballers out there that need likes today!

What are some creative ways to show off your new kicks? I’m all about the creativity. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to use for your shot, but there are plenty of options! You can find inspiration for pretty much anything.

Credits @broownshaawty

3. Pull up your pants

Ideas on how to get one of those cool looking front view pictures while keeping your pants up. There is a trend that goes along with posting pictures of your feet on Instagram and the term coined for it is, “Pull up your pants pose” or PYP. The PYP is a pose where someone has their feet pulled up and showing their bottoms. You may see them standing in the front of their room, sitting down, laying down or even holding stuff. Whatever they are doing in the picture, they have their pants down showing off their bottom and it looks awesome!

The Pull up your pants pose is cool enough to do on your own, or you can get a group of people in on the action to make it even more spectacular.

The Pull Up Your Pants Pose can create the illusion of longer and leaner legs. Here’s how you can create this pose on your own.

Credits @broownshaawty

4. Put your hands in your back pocket

So, I went and put my hands in my back pocket and took myself on a walk around the block. It was then I realized that there are tons of great ideas out there for taking some pretty epic pictures on your Instagram. These ideas are organic, simple, and won’t cost you a dime. Why not try them out? If you have more ideas, comment below.

The “hands in the back pocket” pose is an iconic photo pose, which represents casual, laidback and creative photography. The “hands in the back pocket” pose is a cool pose that can be done with your friends, couple of friends or family members.

The hands in the back pocket pose is as old as the hills, but looking through the archives of Instagram shows it’s pretty popular too with models, influencers and street style stars alike. It’s easy to achieve by tucking your arm either under or behind an item of clothing dropped down over your hand.

Credits @broownshaawty

5. Act like you’re on your phone

The thinking behind this pose is you’re pretending you’re checking your phone while on vacation. It’s a great way to have a casual photo of yourself on the beach or other popular tourist destinations.

Credits @broownshaawty

6. Put your jacket on

Let your jacket be your inspiration for cool Instagram poses. It’s not just a great way to to get a bunch of likes and new followers, but to also showcase your style! Here’s my guide on how to actually do it.

The perfect Instagram picture even looks a bit awkward. You don’t want to look too posed, but at the same time, you want to look like you’re not trying to hard. And what if you want to take a cool selfie of yourself?  We’ve got your back when it comes to outfitting yourself.

The only thing that keeps me scrolling through Instagram feeds is the well curated outfit shots followed by an epic street pose. But it wasn’t until I looked at my own pictures that I realized I could be taking picture savvy self portraits too.

Credits @broownshaawty

7. Cover your face

I believe the cover your face pose is the most creative way to take an Instagram. It’s a mysterious pose that adds some mystery to your post.

I’d like to show you a fantastic pose for Instagram which would look very chic on a black background. You can use this pose with any outfit, mostly all shades of black and white or a patterned dress in white. The next step is to lighten up the picture by using an app filter where one stands out. Make sure that you’ve uploaded this filter while taking the photo and not later, when editing it.

Credits @broownshaawty

8. Show off your gems

Have a gem collection you want to show off on your Instagram? We’ve all seen (and likely done) the classic pose photo; the one that’s all about showing off your new jewelry. This type of shot is never going out of style because let’s face it, who doesn’t love seeing a good wrist-and-hand bling shot?

This is one of my favorite Instagram poses. Having a picture of this pose on your gem pics can be a good way of showing off the actual gems and getting more engagement. This pose is also great for a “day at the beach” picture or even a “bath salts” photo. Just make sure you talk about it, so they know what they are seeing!

Credits @broownshaawty

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