Pose Ideas for Solo OOTD Pics: Showcase Your Outfit

Pose Ideas for Solo OOTD Pics: Showcase Your Outfit

Have you been searching for photo pose ideas for solo OOTD pics (Outfit Of The Day photos)? If so, you’re in the right place. I work as a fashion blogger and I’m here to share the best photo pose ideas to set you apart from the rest. There’s nothing better than watching a beautiful outfit with a beautiful background and great lighting.

Here are some photo pose ideas to help you take the best solo photos. Solo OOTD pics, also known as self-portraits, are your opportunity to explore your creativity! Keep reading if you want a few photo pose ideas for your next solo OOTD pic.

Photoshoot selfies are the latest trend in photography. I’ve never been good at taking group photos, so I’ve always relied on solo OOTD pictures to document my outfits. However, with selfie-taking now a daily activity (thanks to Instagram), it’s become harder to think of creative poses that will keep things interesting. Therefore, I decided to take a look at other female fashion bloggers and photographers, and compile a list of 10 cool and stylish photo poses for you.

1. Fix your jeans pose

One of my favorite solo pose is when I am holding my jeans. It’s one of the most clear images that can depict a certain style like vintage, grunge, or simply any if you are wearing something else that says so.

A little more on the girly side, a cute pose can help you stand out when your opt for a solo outfit pic this summer. The “fix your jeans” pose is perfect for that casual, laid back feel. This pose will make it seem as though you just jumped off the pages of a fashion magazine without looking too posed.

Generally, you want to turn your body at an angle such that one leg is the main focus of the photo with the other one slightly out of the picture. The foot of the main leg (right to left; in mannequin terms, from left to right) should be facing towards the face of the viewer and the other leg turned so that its ankle touches your butt.

1. Fix your jeans pose
Credits @mmivia

2. Lift your leg and peace pose

Two of the most common poses that are taken to show off a single outfit are lifting your leg and the peace sign. Both of these are easy to do when you’re taking a picture of yourself.

Show your creative side! Although you will have to laugh because it’s so goofy looking, the peace sign/lion can pass as one of the most stylish poses. The pose is simply quite unique and different from any of the other poses.

When you are wearing a dress or skirt, lifting your leg is actually a nice way to show your personality. It can look flirty and stylish at the same time.

Lift your leg and peace pose
Credits @mmivia

3. Hands on chest

I’m sure one of the reasons you are doing it is because you want to show your clothing items. Yet, if you are doing it alone (without friends), your photo appears flat because there’s no excitement and no interaction with another person. This post instead shows how you can utilize hands on chest pose. It will glorify your fashion solo OOTD picture!

The hands on the chest pose, a nonchalant pose that shows much of the body and one that is also quite sassy. Imagine having your hands on your hips while holding a blazer delicately and your wrists perfectly placed to give an overall effect of such a gorgeous image. These are the perfect poses for solo pictures of outfits that are delicate, elegance defined and fanciful.

One of the more unique poses for a solo outfit shot is to show off your ensemble by putting your hands on your chest. The pose works by bringing attention to the outfit and showing off it’s various details. It can also emphasize the curves of your body. If you wear an article of clothing that accentuates your hips, you can include movement in the shot to draw even more attention to that area. Standing with legs apart makes it easier for people viewing your close-up on their cell phones to see every detail of your outfit.

Hands on chest
Credits @mmivia

4. Touch your hair and bag

The touch your hair and bag pose is a simple way to spice up your solo photos. Touching your hair and bag are very much in style, especially when it comes to fashion OOTD. Sometimes, you want to be more glamorous.

Touch your hair to cover any unwanted volume. It is cute and a good way to draw attention to your face. Also, by doing so, it is possible to add more feminine vibe.

Touching your hair and bag is a nice pose to do for your solo outfit of the day post. Have an angle that shows off your hair as well. I choose this angle because it show off my cute short cut, but it also gives you that hint of side face.

Touch your hair and bag
Credits @mmivia

5. Kick it

The kick it pose is where someone bends one leg and has the other leg extended, bent at the knee. This leg is also extended slightly backwards for good measure. There is a lot of room for creativity here, but instead I challenge you to be more confident by highlighting one of your best features.

You have just pulled out your new outfit for the day and you are ready to click on that button, but nothing seems good enough. And then you come across this pose and you see how it brings out your personality. That’s a great pose to click and upload.

Taking a selfie to compliment your outfit? Need some fresh pedicure pictures for your Instagram? Here’s how you should strike a pose if you want to give your followers a good impression of your choice of outfits. Here’s our pick for the best solo pose ideas for women: kick it pose, sleepy pose, sexy pout, and the classic Marilyn Monroe.

Kick it
Credits @mmivia

6. Fake walk

The walk pose, when pulled off correctly catches attention by making viewers think that the model is really going somewhere. If you pull it off well, it makes a great candid shot that tells a story. When used alone, fake walk poses make your photo captivating and unique.

Fake walk pose is basically a solo pose where you pretend to be walking. You can take this photo in a more casual way, by crossing your legs and looking like you’re walking. Or there’s a more sophisticated version: holding your handbag with one hand, while pointing with the other.

To make your walking pose look more natural and real, you might want to try a variation which is similar to the fake walk pose but easier. Instead of looking straight into the camera with both shoulders level with your hips, tilt your head down to create a more dynamic pose.

Fake walk
Credits @mmivia

7. Look at your shoes

The look at your shoes pose, or is it just a shot of your footwear? Either way, it’s one of the best solo OOTD poses that you should have in your arsenal. It’s easy to pull off and shows off your shoes which are a key component to anyone’s outfit.

The “look at your shoes” pose is a fantastic way to make your outfit pop and get you noticed. It’s a great option that’s easy to create too!

A photo of your shoes can be a lot of fun and the best way to create a contrast in your OOTD shoot. Opposed to posing with the bag or makeup for example, it is different and more playful which is perfect for Instagram.

Of the 7 solo OOTD photo poses we selected, I like this one particularly. This pose makes her body look very long, and it also gives her a good chance to show off that beautiful pair of shoes she’s wearing. However, if you’re wearing flats or sneakers, putting both feet on the ground will do the trick as well.

Look at your shoes
Credits @mmivia

8. Hold hands shyly

If you are on a solo outfit-of-the-day post, it is good to incorporate this pose in your photos. You may be wearing an awesome top and very cool skirt, but keep your hand palms together and shyly hold them in front of your body. This is a simple yet effective pose for OOTD pictures as it makes you look stylish.

There are few more flattering poses for the female body, because it shows off curves and emphasizes waist-hip ratios. The arms held in front of the body suggest that you are modest, demure and still somewhat modest (despite your fabulous outfit).

Hold hands shyly
Credits @mmivia

9. The flamingo pose

Not everyone will be able to do this on the first try, but with enough practice anyone can perfect the flamingo pose.

The flamingo pose is one of my favorites because it’s not only striking but it’s also flattering to pretty much every woman in the world.

The flamingo pose frames and accentuates the curves of the hips while also elongating the figure. But placement is important here, too: having your hands on your hips will make you look wider while having them above will give you a slimmer and taller look.

The flamingo pose
Credits @mmivia

10. Look to the side

If you want to leave more space for your outfit on the photo, a good way to do that is by simply looking to the side. This can also make your picture look more interesting. So, look right or left and wait until you get a good shot before snapping away.

If you want to show off your outfit, this is a great pose. Spread your legs out wide and keep one hand in your pockets, look to the sides and take photos from different angles. They should appear natural.

This is very simple, looks great in most of the outfits and you can experiment with the pose to get a variation. I suggest practicing this pose with your camera or a mirror so you’ll be able to see if you have achieved the photo that you wanted.

Look to the side
Credits @mmivia

11. Walk towards camera

The 2nd most popular ootd posing photo is walking towards the camera. The body language this pose evokes is one of motion and action, and is a good option for when you want to make an outfit feel like an activity more than just a set of clothes.

Walk towards camera
Credits @mmivia

12. Hug your arm and stare

You’ve got a ton of solo outfit photos, and about two-thirds of them have the same “pose” (hands on hips). It’s time for a new pose. The “arm hug” will give your photo a sense of body language.

Hug your arm and stare
Credits @mmivia

13. Fall back like an angel

The angel pose is sweet and sexy, and you don’t need to be an expert to pull it off. Here’s how to rock the fall back like an angel pose with a few simple tips.

Fall back like an angel
Credits @mmivia

14. Spread your wings

Spread your wings pose is best for those who want to show off their costume. If you use this pose, make sure that winged accessories are placed in full view.

Some solo fashion photo poses are all about adding drama, and the spread your wings pose is one of those. It’s dramatic as it consists of the model’s arms stretched wide open and the body collapsed or slouched so that you can capture an image where it looks like the model has two feathered wings (see what I did there?)

If you want to be a cooler looking version of yourself, then the ‘spread your wings’ pose is worth trying. It always helps me to come up with photo ideas for outfit-of-the-day pictures on Instagram.

Spread your wings
Credits @mmivia

15. Supermodel leg cross

Now that you’ve got the perfect outfit to do an outdoor shoot, it’s time to think of poses. Hopefully first on your list is the supermodel leg cross pose!

It seems that the “leg cross” photos are hitting it off again! I believe it’s because they look very pro yet staying “natural” at the same time. As you can tell, the leg cross snap is much more relaxed than the previous pose with arms crossed. So if you gaze at those pictures of fashion bloggers and wonder how you can pull it off – here’s the way to do it.

One of my favorite poses in photography is the supermodel pose. Especially when it’s used for solo sports wear outfit of the day (OOTD) pictures, which are popular among fashion bloggers. This is one of my favorite poses to use for Instagram pictures of my sports wear outfits, I try to do it as often as I can.

Supermodel leg cross
Credits @mmivia

16. The side body profile

Side body profile pics can look amazing even for solo pics. Side body profile pose is one of my favorite poses because you can feature your favorite outfit while still looking stylish. Following are some tips on how to make this pose successful:

The side body profile pose is a really interesting one and can be done without the help of a partner. It’s great for when you want to show off your outfit, but don’t have anyone to take photos with you! The main thing you need is a good angle so it’s best to try this against a wall or in front of some structure that’ll give some solid shadows.

This pose is a great pose to use when you are going for more of a side body shot. It looks cute, which is always a plus, and will show off your outfit really well.

Side profile pose is a good pose for taking photo for your outfit of the day on social media platforms. This pose makes you look more slim and the body portion of your torso will be highlighted if compared to the front side body profile pose.

The side body profile
Credits @mmivia

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