Poses for Unphotogenic People: With Video Illustration

Unphotogenic people, beautiful selfies and unusual poses – what could be “weirder” than these together? That’s one of the reasons why these photos with various postures look so epic.

There are different poses and expressions that every aesthetic girl is looking for on her photos. Some of these are really hard, so let’s see how to make the most difficult ones easier for unphotogenic people.

This article is going to make you look good (and it’s not just the angles). You’re going to learn how to take better photos, body language tips on looking relaxed and interesting and how to choose what to wear that makes you stand out. This article should be useful for anybody who wants to look their best in a photo, whether you are shy or unphotogenic.

If you don’t look like a model in life, it doesn’t mean that you can’t look like one in photos. There are many pics where I bumble into the scene looking ridiculous while others are perfectly composed – and this really makes me feel sorry for myself. Do you too wish that you were more photogenic? That your Instagram profile pic didn’t make you look like a dork or even saved from being tagged in those unflattering pics during parties? Then, this is the right article for you.

1. Cover your face with your hand

If you are someone who feels insecure about their face whether it be: unbalanced, too big, too small, scarred, etc. your hand can work wonders for you.

It’s an awkward truth that some days cameras just don’t like us and our faces seem to take on a life of their own. Pores may get larger, cheeks seem more gaunt, and even eyes look tired, puffy and rheumy (I looked it up). Yet there are some poses – or hand poses as I like to call them – that can help improve all of those problems with a surprising amount of ease.

The trick is to use the hand-covering technique. Just raise the back of your main hand to cover your face while leaving the front part still exposed while you smile for the camera.

Have you ever wondered how to make yourself look not as terrible in photos? The hand over the face pose is a good fix. Here’s why, and how you can use it.

Cover your face with your hand
Credits @broownshaawty

2. Walk and look away

When you’re too self-conscious to look in a mirror, looking straight ahead can work in your favor. These poses create the illusion of confidence and help you focus on your body language. Not only do you stare at the floor, but also the person in front of you, who is sometimes distracting enough to not make you worry about how much they’re noticing your unphotogenic moments.

The walk and look away pose is the most popular posing tip for nonmodels. When asked to strike a casual pose, any model worth their salt would offer this as a go-to pose and you should too. The reason is simple – you’re not only modelling for the photographer but also for the camera.

This pose will help you to appear confident and professional. It can also be very useful if you are not photogenic as the pose is using hands effectively, as well as using bright clothing and accessories to draw viewers’ attention away from the face.

Walk and look away
Credits @broownshaawty

3. “It’s sunny today”

One of the hardest things about taking selfies is getting a good angle. But you also want your face to look nice. It’s hard to find a good angle with a nice smiling face.

I’m sure you’ve seen unphotogenic people trying to take selfies with their hands blocking the sun, well this hand pose will help you do just that!

I always find the “hide your face behind your hands because you’re so unphotogenic” poses hilarious. But I know someone it will work for. Someone who wants to just look at the camera, but doesn’t want to have his head cut off. I know someone who’s not confident in his smile, and wants to seem as if he has something important on his mind (even though she does).

"It's sunny today"
Credits @broownshaawty

4. The cross

Ah, the cross. Almost as iconic as people who pose for cameras, the cross-body pose has been around since posing was invented. The cross is exceptionally popular with model groups and agencies due to its versatility and simplicity.

If you’re a female, using the cross is a natural instinct when posing (unless you’re posing with your dude). If you’re posed somewhere without a crossable area nearby, I suggest using your arms to create one.

If you’re bored with your selfies and macro shots, then try taking them from a different angle. You can try out the cross pose to make your pictures more interesting.

The cross
credits @mmivia

5. Play with your hair

Hair is a powerful tool for posing. If you are not photogenic, there is no excuse for this. Here’s how to use your hair to disguise yourself in photos.

This is probably the most important step, as it will make you look more attractive to your subject. You should never meet a photographer who doesn’t enjoy playing with hair. A good idea is to play with your hair frequently and comb it when you think no one is looking.

Play with your hair
credits @mmivia

6. Hug yourself

Self-love is something we should all understand more. No one knows how to make you feel better than yourself. It’s the same with pictures. No one knows how your body looks like better than yourself. So instead of trying to force yourself into a picture you don’t like, why don’t you start loving yourself?

Yay! It’s the last part of unphotogenic photo secrets!! I hope you’ve enjoyed this series. Today’s photo secret is all about hugs, I think it’s the cutest one out of the lot and I’m not even lying to you. Hugging yourself will make your photos even more awesome and goofy.

Hug yourself
credits @mmivia

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