Short Girl Problems? Photo Posing Hacks for Short Girls

I’m sure you’ve heard about how to look taller in photos, or how you shouldn’t wear black, but what about short girls? There are a bunch of photo posing hacks for short babes that can help you look taller and leaner in your photos.

If you are a short girl, like 170 cm or below, sometimes it can be difficult to pose without looking awkward and ending up with very unflattering results. What can you do if you want to look taller in photos?

1. Lower angle

Short girls are photographed from a low angle most of the time. This is one of the secrets to look taller just by posing yourself in certain angles.

I notice that when I take pictures at a lower angle and look down at my feet the pictures usually look fuller. This hack is probably not for everyone, but this is an easy pose to do.

If you’re on the shorter side and you want to look taller in photos use a lower angle. Short girls should aim to take their photo from about 1 head height lower than the other person in the shot. This will make you appear about 1 inch (2.5 centimetres) taller while standing in the same place.

The angling of your camera is a critical element in getting short people (especially women) to look their best. Take your photos from about the same height as your subject, and you’ll end up elongating her neck, making her look taller!

Lower angle
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2. Foot forward

Yep, we’re going to have you put one of your feet forward which will give the illusion of being taller than what you are. This is a classic photography trick that’s used a lot in runway modeling too, so you know it looks good.

If you’re short, you need to make the most out of every inch you have. This means that when taking photos, you need to be sure that they emphasize your strengths! If you’re trying to take a picture with another person or even with a pet, having your feet forward will make you seem bigger and taller than your counterpart.

One thing that helps me find a flattering pose is putting my front foot forward. When you put your foot forward, you put your hips in front of your feet, which elongates your legs. It’s one of the best tricks I know for making my legs look longer and thinner, instantly.

The foot forward pose takes up a bit more space, and makes the legs look longer. This works nicely with shorts (but as you can see, it still works with jeans). You may have to play with the position of the feet to get them to be even without making the bottoms of your feet visible behind the front leg.

A classic pose for short girls. I love this pose because it elongates your legs, and brings the focus of attention up to your face. Put one foot in front of the other. Make sure the position is comfortable, and don’t stick out your bum.

Foot forward
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3. Hands up

Hands up are an easy fix. Gently stretch both hands above the head and slightly backward – it creates an extra bit of length in front without looking awkward.

If you’re short girl, this hands-up-photo-posing-hack is the best. Why? Because we live in a world where being tall is considered attractive. So if you are short, you want to do everything to appear taller than you are. This hands up pose will not only make your arms look longer, but also create a sense of height since your torso is elevated higher than your arms.

Shorter girls should lift their arms a little higher when taking profile photos. It doesn’t look like you’re hiding, but it will make you look like you have longer legs and longer waistline. The ‘open hands’ pose is normally used with the vertical pose because shorter girls will look wider when doing a full length vertical pose (body from head to toe).

This pose gives an illusion that you’re taller than what you really are. Chances are, you are easily a head shorter than your man, so if you can give off the vibe that height is not an issue for you (even though it is) it’s very sexy.

Hands up
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4. Body slanted

Body slanted. This pose makes your legs and torso look longer, so that people won’t see you as “short”. Take a big step forward with one leg and lean your body towards it at a 45 degree angle. Then throw in a hand on your hip for an extra sexy look.

If you haven’t heard the words, “pose with your body more slanted” before, then you haven’t been in the modeling industry for at least a decade. It is one of the most used posing “truisms” ever passed down from one model to another.

If you wear heels, this is the most important posing hack for short girls. Take a step toward the front so that your body slants diagonally towards the camera. This will create an illusion of extra height. The more severe the slant, the more height it creates.

To make your legs look thinner, you can slant your body forward slightly.

To start with, turn to the side so that the camera captures you at an angle. Make sure your weight is on one of your feet and not both – this is a great way of emphasizing one flawlessly-curved feature. Another thing you can do is stand on a slightly higher surface and look down at the camera, which will make your neck (a more slender part of your body) appear longer.

Body slanted
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