Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women: With Video Tutorials

Short natural hairstyles for black women are some of the most popular choices you can make. Today there are many reasons why some people choose to get short natural hairstyles for black women. Natural hair is a popular choice for many people who want to have a trendy look. Add a little color. Short natural hairstyles for black women can look beautiful in all colors, making the right color choice important.

Are you looking to make a new hairstyle but unsure where to start? Well you have come to the right place. Here you will find all the latest short natural hairstyles for black women. Black hair is usually thick and prone to dryness, so be sure to use deep conditioners and rich hair oils on a regular basis for healthy-looking hair.

Short natural hairstyles are very popular among black women. If you haven’t tried a short cut and would like to experiment with something new, this list is exactly what you want. We have come up with over 20 different ideas for you to think about.

1. High puff

High puff is one of the most popular natural hairstyles for black women. It is very easy to maintain and only needs few swipes with the comb after washing and conditioning. This beautiful hairstyle can be worn by a very busy woman who doesn’t have time to spend too long on styling her hair.

It may look good on women with long hair, but the high puff can be an ideal short hairstyle for black women with short natural hair. This is so because it can be done in a shorter time. Note that this high puff hairstyle provides a lot of volume .


One year since I cut my hair 😊 High puff tutorial #fyp #4chair #naturalhair

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2. Double Space Buns

Double space buns are great for Black Women with short natural hairstyles. The double space buns are very elegant. They look as if you have a lot of hair but not too messy anymore.

Double space buns is an elegant and easy hairstyle for black women. It is a flattened bun, with at least two ponytails. Two tails make the style looser and airy, while the bun itself holds the hair in place.

3. Finger wave

Finger wave is a popular hairstyle with black women. When done right, this hairstyle can last an entire day and be very comfortable to wear. The good thing about finger wave is that it lengthens the face, therefore making the face slimmer.

Crafted in the shape of your own perfection, finger wave hairstyles are not very complex. In order to create this historical hairstyle, you will need to have a bit of practice before attempting to do it on someone else. In most cases, when you try a new hairstyle for the first time and it turns out great, it happens by chance or you were just very lucky that day. This is why finger wave styles are considered complex and challenging compared to other types of short natural hairstyles for black women.

4. Low puff

Low puff is a style that is considered to be one of the short natural hairstyles for in today’s modern world. Modern women are trying to define their own unique look with such styles and the low puff style is one of these.

Low puff for black women is a natural hairstyle that can be easy to maintain. The simplicity of this style makes it popular for almost every black woman.

Low puff is one sexy hairstyle. It is typically worn by the ladies when their hair has been relaxed; naturally kinky haired women also wear this style because of the versatility of the puff. The low puff is a sexier, laid back version of the high puff or the medium puff.

5. Heatless hairstyle

The natural hairstyles for black women don’t have to be complicated or take all day to prepare. You can have a heatless hairstyle that is cute and also looks great with your personality.

Short natural black hairstyles are the easiest way to prepare your hair for summer. More and more woman is choosing short curly natural hairstyle for less upkeep time. You don’t need to add this hairstyle in your list of summer hairstyle because it will be one of the bests you can choose.

6. Boho mini braids

Braids, braids, braids… I love me some good natural hairstyles. One style that never goes out of style (or is an easy adjustment when your hair get longer or shorter) are braids. There are so many different kinds of braids you can do there’s no excuse not to try it. Whether you want something temporary or this is something that could be a permanent style for you, natural pretty braid styles are a great choice.

Small braids are a nice compromise between having small hair and full hair. Since you can create pretty much as many as you want, they’re great for people who do not like to have a lot of hair on their heads.

7. Braided bob

Braided bob hardly needs an introduction. After all, it’s been around for ages, and has taken many forms over the years. This style was very popular in the 50’s and 60’s when most women sported this kind of look with rough big hair. Apparently, as the times went by, the hairstyle adapted to modern styles and became more refined over time. Let us take a closer look at this classic hairstyle which makes heads turn today!

Braided bob hairstyle is very popular with black women. It looks nice and neat, it can be worn by women of all ages. While having natural hair it gives a rich look and different face make up will add loveliness to your appearance.

Braided bob hairstyles are designed to frame the face in a tantalizing fashion. This arrangement of braids will deliver a trendy look, to women with short natural hair. The most important aspect of the entire design is that the styling should be simple yet classy.


Braided bob on my real hair 💅🏽 *the beat face is coming* 🥰 #naturalhair #braidedhairstylesforblackwomen #fypシ

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8. Natural Girl Twist Styles

Natural girl twist styles are a popular hair style for African women. They can be worn by women of all ages and look good on any hair type or texture including straight, curly, kinky or wavy hair. This is because they work with your natural hair and not against it.

Natural girl twist styles are a hot trend in hair care these days, and it’s not hard to see why. They look great! Here’s a look at some of the most popular natural twists hairstyles.

9. Mini twist

Here is the mini twist hairstyle for black women. Mini twists are a great new way to do as little or as much as you like to your natural hair, and it is a cost-effective way to look absolutely fabulous. Mini twists are so named because they are much smaller than other twists. Instead of twisting all of your hair, you would twist a small section of hair at a time, and add it into the first twist. This is an awesome protective style for many reasons, including ease and styling options.

The mini Twists are the cute sort of twist hairstyles for black women. Triangular twists can make you attractive and charming. These twists help you to make a stylish hair before going any occasions.

10. Two strand and flat twists hairstyle

Two strand twists and flat twists are some of the most popular African American hair styles. These hairstyles are used to make black girls hair look healthy and manageable. Both two strand twisting and flat twisting hair styles can be done on a medium length hair or long length hair. These 2 hairstyles are versatile which makes them a great option for women of all ages and all hair types. Flat twist hairstyles are also referred to as Marley twists.

Black women always look beautiful, charming and gorgeous no matter what they wear or what hairstyles they choose, however short natural hairstyles for black women have always been in trend because of their uniqueness and variation. If you want to maintain your hairstyle and still keep your hair short opt for two strand twists or flat twists.


Two strand and flat twists hairstyle on 4c hair. I love you my sisters and queens. #naturalhairstylesforblackwomen #blackgirlsecrets #4chairstyles

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11. Slick bun

The slick bun is a great hairstyle because it can look professional and funky all at the same time. It’s also perfect for short natural hair because you don’t have to spend a lot of time fussing with it in the morning.

The slick bun is a classic style among natural hair enthusiasts for its versatility and ease of styling. You can easily transition between single braids, traditional cornrows or box braids to slick buns.

12. Fulani braids

Fulani braids is the newest version of box braids! Fulani is an African religion name and it’s the religion that make the founder of this hairstyle. This hairstyles looks amazing because you can have so many different styles and weaves. You can also wear this hairstyle if you’re a woman of color like Latina, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc.

Fulani braids are great for ladies with natural hair. You can do them in different styles for a more professional look such as half up, half down and a twist! They really are the perfect short hairstyles for black women.

Fulani braids – A fulani braid is one of the most popular styles of black braiding hair and is also a favorite amongst natural hairstyles for Black women with kinky curly textures. Fulani braids are mentioned as a less common style amongst the various methods used to create natural hairstyles for black women. As such, it isn’t of major interest to those who have more mainstream hairstyles.

13. Ginger hair

Short natural hairstyles for black women are a fun way to express your individuality. Ginger hair is one of the better colors that black women can have. Black and ginger blends together in harmony to create a stunning color that will set you apart from other women.

Ginger hair is the perfect color as it has a neutral effect on your overall appearance. It neither enhances nor ruins your facial features, it just complements them by providing depth. The essence of a head of ginger curly or wavy hair is the ability to make an otherwise common haircut look immensely beautiful. Having a hair that is rich in red highlights gives you a unique personality and even makes you look taller. Ginger curls also look great on black women because they provide warmth to her complexion.

14. Flat twist out

Flat twist out is a beautiful short natural hairstyle, suitable for special occasions and very easy to do. The flat twist out is a great way to have a good-looking hair for an important date or some nice event.

Flat twist outs are one of my favorite hair styles. They are perfect for lazy girls like me. You can actually sleep with a flat twist out. I love my flat twist outs because I don’t have to use heat on my hair at all if I don’t want to.

Many women want to have straight look, but prefer not to go for chemical treatments or flat iron. This is the ideal option for black women who don’t want the damage of chemical relaxers or heat on their hair. The flat twist out is amazing look for women of every age.

15. Faux locs

Faux locs are a hairstyle designed to mimic the look of dreadlocks without requiring any form of maintenance. Faux locs can be seen on some celebrities and their hair always looks so good. If you’re a black woman looking for a new hairstyle which is easy on the maintain, faux locs could just be your best bet.

Faux locs might have started out as a way to give short natural hairstyles more volume, but the style has become popular enough for women to wear the style alone, leaving their own hair unbraided.

16. Short braids

Braiding is a great hairstyle for short natural hair. It offers many options including different materials, styles, colors and designs of braiding that you can try. Braiding can be done on natural hair or pre-braided hair extensions. There are long braids, cornrow braid and many more braids for short natural hairstyles.

The days of simple and secure hairstyles are here again. Short natural hairstyles for black women has become very popular. Short hair is the easiest and most useful way to maintain natural beauty and style.

17. Short passion twists

Many women especially black Africans love to keep their hair short in order to suit their fashion sense. They can do this using different hair styles and the best one for them is the Passion Twist hairstyles. This is one of the hairstyles that will make you look fashionable even without putting much effort in styling your hair. All you need to do is tie up your hair into short hair tufts depending on the way you want it to turn out. Then twist each of your strands and tie a rubber band at the end.

Passion twists are small, loose strands of hair. To create passion twists, start with clean dry hair and use a leave-in conditioner or styling cream to soften the hair. Section off a small section of hair, twist the hair into two sections and secure with bobby pins in place.

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