Sitting Photo Poses in Your Car: With Video Guide

What are the best photo poses to use in your car? This post lists all the sitting photo poses you could use in your vehicle photography.

Is it true that our vehicle speaks about our personality ? A lot of people think so. And they are right! Our cars are a reflection of ourselves. As our personality goes, so does the look of our vehicle. We all want to see how we look in a car and what kind of car goes with it. So here is a list of 20 sitting photo poses in your car for you to choose from.

The sitting photo poses in your car is a very unique idea, and will make any portrait stand out on its own.

1. Legs at 90 degrees

You’ve probably seen the couple photo pose in your car where both individuals are sitting at 90 degrees angle to each other. Yes, you can do it too! Follow these simple steps to rock this couple pose in your car.

When you sit in a car, your knees should be at a ninety degree angle. The best way to do this is to rest your feet on the floor so they are straight out in front of you, place both hands on the top of the steering.

To do a photo pose at the same angle, the sitting person will need to adjust their backseat.

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2. Side profile elbows on your knees

Regardless your preference in sitting photo poses, you can still make use of my side profile elbows on your knees position. This sitting photo pose stance will make you look smart, put together, and relaxed. Bonus: it is quite flattering and elongating.

Seated car photos are a bit more challenging than other posing positions, because you don’t have any vertical props to support you in sitting straight. There may also not be too much room for movement. So keeping the essential side profile pose tips in mind, here are three additional winning seated poses to consider.

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3. One leg up

One leg up is a sitting photo pose in the car that demands attention from others. It shows power and authority.

There are a lot of different poses you can strike while sitting in your car. The one I want to focus on in this post is the one leg up pose, where you have your right leg up and the rest of your body slouched down low in the seat. I think this pose definitely looks best when you have your knee bent.

Having your leg up on the opposite side is a very comfortable pose and seems relaxed. If I was to put my foot up, it’d be on the window, but you have your own style which is great! You look like a very comprehensive person and your car is spotless with amazing detailing. Is that a BMW?

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4. Put you hands on your face

For the photos to have a nice result we need either to hold hands in front of the face or put our face in the hands. This will give your photo a whole new perspective. If you are trying to make a cool picture with your friends use this technique. This way you will touch hearts and the photo will be very close and cute among the best Instagram poses for couples.

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5. I have an headache pose

Driving poses are a must if you want to sit picture perfect every time. Even though the effect of driving in a car is quite complex and difficult to reproduce as it is, driving poses can be made out even with just little movements.

Credits @carolinehxr

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