Sitting Poses for Self timer Pics: With the Perfect Video Guide!

Self timer is a mode in the cameras or mobile phones with inbuilt cameras. It helps to take pictures without holding the camera/mobile phone by hand and clicking pictures. You can set the camera on a table or tripod and can automatically take pictures with some delay time between two shots.

If you have ever seen your photos looking ugly and awkward, it is highly possible that you did not set right or were not in the right pose. With Self timer mode you can avoid that problem as you are not going to be present there when your picture snaps.

Self timer photos have got their own charm. They are so much fun to click, because in this kind of photos we can involve anyone we wish to and the expressions look so cute and natural.

Sitting poses are few of the favorite pictures that break the monotonous sequence of standing poses setting off a smile in your mind. Whether you are an expert or a beginner, you can avail many sitting poses for self timer shot to rock on your social media platforms.

If you are looking for a good pose to take for your selfies then this article is just for you. I have compiled 4 sitting poses for self timer pictures that will make you look absolutely gorgeous in your photographs.

1. Hold your hair up

Your first and foremost tip would be to keep your hair up. Wearing your hair loose can always lead to a face full of hair as you pose for a picture. Not only does this look unappealing but is quite annoying when you want to take photos for the family album. Holding your hair up will prevent embarrassment and make you look ‘picture perfect’ as they say!

Your hair is probably your best asset for a beautiful selfie since you’d be taking a selfie of yourself and you would want to show off all your best features. Not only that, it may even take away focus from your face if it’s too distracting.

Holding your hair up is a simple and effective way to accentuate your face and neckline in self-timer pictures. It draws the eye to your upper body and center of gravity, boosting balance and symmetry in the image.

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2. Hug your legs

Before you begin, make sure your legs are tucked close to your torso. Heels should point up toward the ceiling and the soles of your feet should be pressed together. Your knees will also be bent with your knees toward your torso. This pose is meant to produce a fun, sassy image.

Lift your pelvis slightly and hug your right shin with your left arm. Straighten up your trunk. If you have difficulty hugging your leg, grasp the inner edge of your foot with the opposite hand. It is okay if it is a bit painful. Bring your head to your knee using both hands if you are unable to touch it with either hand alone.

By simply sitting up straight and hugging your legs with crossed hands, you will be able to hide any excess weight you might have. Most of us are not in a shape to show off our bodies like models or celebrities do on their self-shots, but this pose will make you look better than having empty space around your tummy and thighs.

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3. Rest on your hand

This step in easy. Just shift your weight onto one hand. Turn your shoulders away from the camera and use a fingertip or two to prop yourself up on your supporting hand.

The goal here is to make your face appear larger in the picture than it really is. It will do this by making your neck look longer and emphasizing your jaw line. Don’t be afraid to post on the internet when you take a self timer picture of you in a weird pose. Sometimes this actually helps to humanize you and people respond better to it rather than the typical smile-in-the-mirror or selfie pictures.

That’s it. No one is going to be looking at how beautiful your fingers are in the shot anyway, so you can keep them well-groomed! Just make sure you don’t have anything slopping around near the camera lens; that would be bad.

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4. Look away

If you want to look attractive in your pictures then consider learning to look away the camera. No, I’m not telling you to turn your nose up or make a silly face. But try looking outside of the frame instead of towards it. It’s kind of like smiling with your eyes and can be very effective!

Look to the left of the camera if you are right handed and vice versa. Keep other body parts still, i.e., hands, fingers, arms and legs in a natural position. When the person being photographed shifts focus from one object to another, eyes have a tendency to follow; that is why eyes tend to be brought towards the direction they are focused on.

This way people will feel that you are really into the moment you are in and not that you are just pretending to be. People can see through your act if you pose for pictures in an awkward manner. It makes it difficult to tell about your personality if you have posed just for the selfie picture and this is why you should avoid doing these kinds of poses.

credits @nothangtw

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