Snow Heart Photo Posing Ideas: With Video Illustration

Here’s a collection of 5 unique snow heart photo posing ideas and group photo posing tips that will help you get those difficult shots during snowy days.

Last winter, I found myself insanely wondering which wonderful heart photo-posing ideas could make snow heart pictures look fascinating. As a demonstration of my love for adorable photography shooting and coy winter photo-posing ideas, I’ve put together an astonishing collection of ideas for your snow heart photos this winter.

1. Heart eye

Heart eye pose can be done best with a long exposure shot using your camera. To execute this pose, you must take photographs of yourself with a longer shutter speed and blinked eyes. This longer exposure gives out a blurring effect on the moving objects with a heart shaped ring around it. People around you won’t have any idea about the real reason behind the ring in your photos.

I recommend this pose for anyone who’s a little shy as it removes the focus from your face (which usually has to do with nervousness)… and puts all the attention on your gaze! To achieve this pose, I usually have my clients stand about 3.5 feet away from me while facing the same way. Then I have them look at me with their eyes open wide and a big smile on their faces.

Credits @paulinehaydee

2. Heart hands

The heart hands pose, or ‘valentine’s pose’ as it’s commonly known, is one of the most common poses for snow photos. It’s quite simple to do yourself and certainly looks cute, too.

It ain’t Snow White, but it can make her photos look extra sweet. A heart hands pose is a fun pose that you can take on with ease. Here’s how it’s done:

Credits @paulinehaydee

3. Extended arm

Extended arm is a classic heart photo pose. Extend your arm and open your palm to assert love.

This is a classy pose, you can hold it and do not rush. The longer the pose, the more likely that you will be able to do a relaxed shot. Scan, as much as possible, around the field of vision to look natural.

Credits @paulinehaydee

Video illustration

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