Splash Alt Dyed Hair Ideas that Will Inspire you to Create your Own Cool Look

Do you dye your hair? If not, you better! Hair is the most important accessory a girl can have. Take a look at these trendiest alt dyed hairstyles to get inspired and create your own cool look for the spring.

I love colorful hair. I love it when it’s naturally colored, but I really love it when someone gets creative and dyes their hair different colors in a random pattern. It’s fun, interesting, and shows people are willing to have fun expressing themselves. These 31 awesome alt dyed hairstyles showcase how a splash of color can be fun and what bold statements can be made with little effort. You could leave them as is or add another layer of color for more variety…like on top of rainbow hair or ombre hair. They’re all super awesome!

1. Bright Daffodil

2. Lagoon & Atlantic Blue

3. Midnight Blue

4. Atlantic Blue

5. A rainbow of Directions

6. Stormy Grey

7. Plum

8. Fluorescent Orange

9. Bright Daffodil Pillarbox Red Fluorescent Orange

10. Apricot Carnation & Pastel Pink

11. Carnation & Flamingo Pink

12. Diluted Cerise Violet

13. Lagoon Blue

14. Peach

15. Turquoise Violet

16. Pastel Blue Fluorescent Green

17. Luscious blue locks

It’s a big trend right now, all the cool kids are doing it, and you want to know what those funky color combos mean. With this list of alt dyes, you’ll leave the salon with confidence knowing that your hairstyle is just as rebel and fashionable as everyone else’s!

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