Spring Makeup Ideas: Enhancing the Natural Feature of Your Face and Body

Spring is almost here, which means fun spring outings, sunnier days and brighter colors. Get your makeup out and ready for some spring makeup ideas you can try.

Spring is just around the corner, and you might be thinking about giving your makeup routine a revamp. I put together some spring makeup ideas for you that will make you shine all season long!

Spring makeup is about color and enhancing the natural features of your face and body. The real beauty of spring, however, lies not only in the floral blooms that emerge on trees and bushes, but also in your new internal feelings. Here are some of our favorite looks that will help you fight the winter blues.

1. Make It Black

2. Festival vibes

3. Smokey Browns

4. Icy

5. Under The Sea, Blue Stars, Jellyfish, & Starfish

6. Feeling Peachy

7. Baby Blue

8. Lizzie McGuire Collection

9. Gilded Getaway Collection

10. Fruity Kitten Palette

11. Sunset Vibes

12. Glam for respect

13. Strawberry shortcake

14. Yummy yellow base, tangy tease and salty af paints, and “classy” lip paint

15. Manifest palette

16. Mint clouds

We all love having beautiful skin. The feeling when it is soft, smells good and glows from within makes us look forward to spending a lot of time in front of the mirror. During spring and summer we have several natural make up tips to achieve that gorgeous look easily.

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