Steps to Applying Goth Eye Makeup Like a Pro!

Time needed: 20 minutes.

Goth eye makeup is the kind of makeup that you could easily associate with a gothic girl. if you see a picture of a girl with dark clothes, black lipstick and sick make up, you can automatically call her a “goth”. The word Goth is not just limited to music or to fashion, it also has to do with art, culture, and religion. In beauty, goths play a significant part in the use of certain types of makeup and accessories for their distinct style.

Goth eye makeup is relatively new, but it’s already very popular. That’s because these types of eye looks can be done by anybody, any time. Goth eye makeup styles can be created for both day and night, so they can easily be used in any situation. Anybody can look like a member of the Goth subculture!

Goth eye makeup is all about dramatic eyes. Great goth eye makeup is characterized by the fact that you will have two different colors on your eyelid. The bottom of the eyelid will be black and the top of the eyelid will be completely different. You should choose two different colors. For instance, brown and purple or silver and black.

Eye makeup has always had an important role in the style of Goth. This is because eye makeup can completely change the way a person looks, so it is an important factor for the creation of unique appearance and image. Goths like to use a lot of colors and techniques in order to match their clothing and to support their exterior image.

Let’s get started!


    If you are trying to go Goth then it must be pretty obvious that your makeup is all black. So the first thing you should do to apply goth eye makeup is to first apply a black eyeshadow, like some kohl or a liquid black eye liner. If you plan on using eyeshadow with some shimmer, I recommend using a matte black eyeshadow so your skin doesn’t look “shimmery”.

    On your eyelid, take a medium sized flat angled brush (or an eyeshadow brush) and go over your black eyeshadow. The smaller the area, the more defined and neat your line will be at the end. If you make a big mistake on your eye, just be free to take some of it away with a Q-tip (so you won’t waste the eyeshadow).

    One of the many ways to put on eyeshadow for gothic makeup is to start with the eyelid. You have to apply a flat black eyeshadow in a light brush to the upper lid of your eye. Make sure it’s all over and fluffy enough so that your eyelashes look like they have been kissed by kohl.

  2. BLEND

    To achieve this look, first you need to line the bottom lid with your favorite matte black eyeshadow. Then, you will ‘swoop’ a couple of layers of black eyeshadow underneath the lash line. You can use a push-up eyeliner brush to help you apply the eyeshadow. I recommend using a matte black eyeshadow and sticking to that as black has the strongest pigment of all the shadows.

    Use black eyeshadow with a fluffy brush under your lower lash line. You can also add frosted charcoal shadow on top. Add makeup to your waterline and underneath your lashes to give it that lasting but not harsh appearance. Finally, using a dark liner or pencil, line your upper lash line and wing out for a dramatic and sexy appearance.

    The black eyeshadow swoop is characterized by a swoosh of black eyeshadow under the lower lash line, blending upward and ending underneath the crease. This effect creates a gorgeous, smoldering look that’s perfect for those nighttime goth club excursions!


    In order to create the goth eye makeup, you need to start with a white liner. This step is actually the same for many different looks. The white liner creates a foundation that will make it easier for you to apply different colors around your eye. As an alternative, you can also use a gel eyeliner or eyeshadow in white.

    You might think that applying white liner to the lower lash line is pretty basic but I’m going to share with you how I do it. I have the best way of creating a fresh-looking, smooth line on the lower lash line.

    However, the application should be neat and smooth. It includes defining the upper lash line, applying white liner on lower lash line. This is something you should not ignore when you are applying your goth eye makeup. You can achieve much better results when you have great attention to every detail. Have some patience to get much better results.


    This is the first step in applying any type of makeup because it will help you define the area below your eye. I always like using a really good, thick eyeliner for this step. You may want to take a pencil brush to this as well – it’ll seriously help you shape and blend the line in properly.

    You are going to want to go over the skin with black eyeliner. Use a small angled eye liner brush and apply the black eyeliner under your lower lash line. Accomplish this carefully, so you don’t create a mistake that you’ll have to clean up. Since mascara isn’t part of the gothic look, I don’t recommend using it on your lower eyelashes. Just focus on making your eyes look bigger and brighter with this makeup style.

    Eyeliner is probably the most important part of your goth eye makeup. The eyeliner will go under the lower lash line and you’ll want to make sure you go over that line (on top of your black eyeshadow) with a wet makeup brush. This will give you that nice crisp line so that the butterfly wing effect won’t be too messy.


    The cat eye makeup is of the iconic look which will never go out of fashion. It is a combination of makeup and artistry meant to transform your entire face, so you’ll need to apply it with gusto. The black eyeliner is a key to this kind of makeup, as it creates the borders between the eyes and the beginning of the eyelashes.

    You need to apply eyeliner onto your eyelids. This should be a black eyeliner. Using a graphite pencil to draw the outline of the eye will look great when you are done, but it can leave harsh marks and too much black if you use it on your lids first. Instead, try a nice liquid liner or even better, an eye shadow stick for something more solid! You want to make your eyes stick out, not your eyeliner!

    The overarching goal with this daring look is to create an appearance of a bigger, wider eye. You don’t want to go overboard and have spider-like eyes, but rather have your own unique take on the look. Ultimately it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to draw cat-like whiskers using blush or look for any other resemblance to other animals.

Here is a video tutorial for you!

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