Stunning Balayage Technique Ideas: Tiktok Video Compilation

I bet you’ve never seen highlights more perfect than these! Balayage is a fabulous technique that hair stylists, makeup artists and nail artists all love. There are tons of stunning balayage ideas that you can create the next time you visit a salon. Below, I have listed a few awesome balayage techniques for your inspiration.

Balayage is one of the most attractive ways to lighten your hair. If you want to do it yourself, then you are at the right place. In this post, I will give you stunning balayage techniques ideas that will help your look more attractive and feminine.

Balayage became popular during the recent years. It is a type of hair painting, a technique that is similar to ombre. The thing that makes balayage stand out from the rest of coloring techniques is the fact that it looks very natural. The roots are left darker than the rest of the hair. Balayage can be performed on almost every hair color. But there aren’t so much photos depicting balayage technique ideas and their examples in internet. Today we are going to change this.

Balayage is a highlighting technique that seems to be a favourite in the industry. Although, everyone is doing it you can certainly learn from the best! Below are gorgeous balayage ideas that will take your skills to the next level! All you need to do now is pick up your brush and get started!

1. Foilyage technique

Foilyage technique is also known as Shadow root. This balayage technique is one of the popular balayage techniques in which the hair starts from dark brown and fades to lighter or blonde brown. Here, you have something in-between a foilyage and traditional balayage. In other words, it is a combination of foilyage technique and traditional balayage.

Foilyage is a technique based on balayage hair coloring used on a dry hair. Foilyage allows us to work with perfect control on the volume of color depending on the length of the hair. The strokes are more precise and “uniformed” due to the special wool clip following. Foilyage is not very common, but its result remains so flattering that it is really worth trying.

2. Banging balayage technique

Numerous balayage techniques have been around for years such as the Candy gradient hair color and Ombré. But do you like something fresh, hot, and spicy? If so, you’re likely to love the banged balayage technique. It is a new and unique way of coloring hair that has quickly gained popularity. And this makes a lot of sense. After all, who ever thought that placing balayage on bangs could look so chic? Apparently, an Australian hairdresser called Deanne Berry has made it her signature look and popularized it in Australia.

3. HALO balayage technique

Halo balayage is an awesome way to feature the front of your hair with a playful highlight. The technique uses lots of ribbons of color, caramel and sandy as a base shade.

Halo balayage is a fun technique that creates a halo of color around the perimeter of locks. This particular technique is one of my favorite styles because you can really achieve any look with it and is great to create dimension! This style also minimizes the skill level.

Halo balayage is the hottest trend in hair colour. If you are a hairdresser, this technique will help you please your clients and improve your bottom line if you base charge for balayage or ombre!


Tried the HALO balayage technique today! Living for it!!!

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4. Brazilian balayage technique

Brazilian balayage technique is all about subtly ombre effect you create and how much visible regrowth you decide to leave behind. It’s all about achieving as natural result.

Brazilian balayage is a very attractive technique due to the way in which it seems to gently melt into the hair. This effect is created by keeping the paint strokes delicate and controlled, making this style of balayage different from other versions such as French or Japanese.

Brazilian balayage technique is pretty popular now days, and it’s not hard to see why. This combination of balayage and ombre is very flattering for a wide range of hair lengths and textures. It creates a very natural looking fade and fall towards the ends of the hair that are still true to your natural color.

5. Ombre balayage hair color technique

Ombre balayage hair color hair designs are best way to set out the Natural hair through unique color highlights in a more softer tone.

Ombre hair color is still one of the hottest trends in hair color right now. Ombre color is normally on long hair and goes from a dark bottom to lighter top or lighter bottom with a darker top. Ombre is one of the most popular form of Balayage, which also means “to paint”. Balayage consists of freehand painting lightened strands into the hair.

Ombre hair color has been all the rage for a few years now, and not without good reason. There’s something about accenting darker roots with lighter ends that just looks beautiful. If you’ve been thinking about dabbling in balayage or just want to add a bit more edge to your current ombre, then this is for you.

6. Natural blonde balayage technique

Natural blonde balayage – this is the most popular shade of hair. It is often desired by girls with thin, light hair and everyone who wants to change your natural color without making drastic changes.

Natural blonde balayage technique is great for women with blonde hair. You’ll see why this style looks so great on almost every hair color.


Love this natural blonde 😍 Balayage technique with some foils on top #balayage #hairtok #blonde #loveit @isabellaandersen690

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7. Nut brown dimension

Nut brown dimension is a great base color because it’s a cool tone. This means it complements warm tones really well and not so great with other cool tones. If a client has dark hair, we need to make these colors work together . I like to use this under tonal balayage or when I’m doing subtle balayage on darker hair. This adds a little warmth to the all-over color and helps the ends!

Brown is a very natural looking hair color that can be achieved by any hair type. Normally brown hair has warm tones, with a reddish or cool undertone. That makes brown a very dimensional hair color to work with and play off of. After my half up, half down balayage with light browns and lowlights (first in this series), I decided to go for the lighter version of a natural cool brown balayage look using gold tones, and some beachy waves. This darker look was more wearable than the first one on me, but it was also quite dramatic.

8. Blowout set technique

Blowout set technique is one of the best balayage techniques for fall. It’s perfect for adding depth and dimension to your balayage.

The blowout set technique is a balayage technique that is much like the blowout balayage where you paint small sections, blowdry and then finish by painting over the hair. The difference this time is that you will be painting sections at a time. Blowout sets are great for clients with short to medium length hair but can also be done on long hair.

The blowout set is great for both adventurous hair stylists and clients looking for a new hairdo. This balayage technique begins with lightener application from the midshaft to ends of the hair, leaving a few inches to work with around the face. The blowout set takes 20-30 minutes in the salon and 10 minutes at home.

Blowout set technique is best for clients who are seeking a classic style with natural hair enhancement. This involves using balayage to enhance the natural sunlight highlights in hair without changing the color of the hair.


Blowout set – My go to technique for volume, movement and shine #hairstyle #blowout #balayage #torontohairstylist #tiktok #fyp

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9. Subtle balayage technique

A subtle balayage technique offers a shiny, textured look with certain amount of highlights. With such a simple concept, you can easily customize the look by changing your choice of lightener and hair color shade to suit your style.

When you don’t want an entire head of highlights, subtle balayage techniques for hair are a great alternative to full highlights. With subtle balayage, done right, you will have that sun-kissed look without going over the top. Subtle balayage ideas for those with dark hair can work, but it isn’t for everyone. These colors can be hard to get right.

Here you can see the subtle balayage technique in action. Giving hair a glossy, sun-kissed look, this technique uses a fine cotton threader to color hair from several different angles. To prevent muddiness or stains, the balayage stylist has to work quickly and carefully through sections of the hair in order to avoid overlapping color.

10. Balayage painted technique

Balayage painted technique takes a bit of practice is the Balayage Blonding technique. In this method the hair color is added to small sections, lightening or removing the darker tones and leaving a lighter, grainier shade of hair. The overall effect doesn’t have the ombre effect of balayage but rather it looks like the sun bleached parts of your hair instead.

Developing balayage painted techniques in the salon is essential. Like any new technique there are some practices that you’ll go through to learn and perfect upon once you’ve been introduced to this process.

Below is a balayage painted technique using color and gloss. This technique works well with fine hair and it’s quick, easy and very pretty.


This is what a balayage painted technique looks like!!! Blonde goals 😍 #hairbykendyyy #blondebalayage #bayareahairstylist

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11. Vanilla blonde latte

Vanilla latte is perfect if you are blonde and want to make a statement. This hair color will give a shimmering tone and does not look dull. Coffee shimmers gives the hair a glossy look. It is best suited for people who like to keep abreast with upcoming fashion trends, as Balayage can go with any haircut style.

Latte balayage is one of the best balayage techniques you can do for blonde hair. It blends with the client’s base color and the blonde color washes out seamlessly. The technique enhances the natural warmth of their platinum hair into a honey-like hue.

This balayage technique is about the contrast between the light baby blonde and dark brown. It does not involve many shades, only 2 real colors that come together to give depth and dimension to this Balayage style.

12. Bronde balayage refresh technique

Bronde balayage is simply a hair color technique with a method for adding color to lightened blonde hair.

Bronde balayage has been one of the most popular balayage techniques for years now. It’s a great look and it’s long lasting. It can create a natural balayage look or it can be done very pop and bold. It works on all hair colors and is perfect for brunettes who are looking to illuminate their base while keeping some dimension at the roots.

Bronde balayage is perfect for brunettes who want to add a subtle warmer shade to lighten their overall look. If your client has dark brown hair with lighter highlights, Bronde balayage is for you. It’s perfect for those that want to stray away from the traditional gold and red tones colorists use in balayage.

This technique, applied for different face shapes, provides an amazing balayage experience. The colors used are basically a brown-blonde with the addition of a bright blonde to give it that tone.

13. Weave balayage technique

Weave balayage is a type of balayage hair colouring done on fine hair (that has already undergone thickening) by weaving or rather, inter-weaving (by overlapping) strands of hair with colour. This helps create sophisticated and intricate colour on fine hair giving your client balayage look without damaging the hair.

This technique is for creating soft and natural looking hair that you won’t be able to resist. If you are not a fan of your hair being overly highlighted, but want some natural looking highlights then this balayage weave technique is ideal for you.

14. Teasing balayage technique

Teasing balayage technique has become very popular. Teasing adds volume and texture to roots while also laying down some of the color. I personally like teasing a root area much more than a foil because it gives my client a different look without sacrificing growth around the face.

Teasing balayage technique can be complex, it can also be simple. All you need is the right technique so that you get proper results. If a client came to you with a picture of Kim Kardashian saying she wants her hair done about this length and color then it would be simple to achieve. You just use rag curls or any type of curling method to get the length, and then flat iron her out to get rid of all the curl.

Teasing balayage technique is extremely easy to do and it results in a gorgeous patternfree effect. You can use teased balayage on blonde or brunette hair to achieve this natural hair look. This style is a type of free hand technique. In other words, the lines you draw will not be perfect, thus creating this unique pattern which will give your hair an edgy yet playful appearance.

15. Airstroke balayage technique

Airstroke balayage technique is a new, popular balayage technique that uses less foils for maximum contrast. Its name comes from the fact that it looks “painted” like the brushstrokes of an artist. It wasn’t different from blonde color highlights with traditional balayage.

If you feel that the traditional balayage techniques are too time consuming or frustrating, the airstroke could be just what you were looking for! It’s a quick, easy technique that any stylist can master.

Airstroke balayage is a technique used in hair coloring, where you use a brush, comb or similar tool to paint the color on the model’s hair. You may use several colors to achieve desired effects.


Get to know our Airstroke Balayage Technique and attain that seamless ombre creation of yours!#organiqueprofessional #Mycolormypassion #Training

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16. High balayage technique

High balayage techniques are generally preferred by fashion forward and trendy women who want to try different hairstyles. There is a lot of variations of high balayage to change brunette hair into blonde highlights over the ears, on the crown or all over.

If you’re a beginner looking for some high balayage technique ideas, you’ve come to the right place. It’s going to start with a little bit of trial and error, but once you’ve finally nailed that technique down, you’re going to be a pro! The first thing you want to do is decide what type of balayage color technique you’d like. My favorite colors are chocolate browns, caramels and honey blonde colors. These colors always look really natural in my opinion and don’t overpower the hair color.

17. Face framing using balayage technique

Face framing is one of the most important techniques in balayage. It simply means adding lighter pieces around the face to frame it and make it stand out. Face framing does not only serve as a styling element, but also brings out features and facial symmetry.

Face framing may be the most common of balayage techniques, and the one that gives you the most bang for your buck. It’s an easy technique to do at home too!

Balayage as face framing is one of the most creative idea to add dimension to your hair color. This technique is an excellent alternative for those who have never dared coloring their hair a different shade. With this particular style, you don’t necessarily need to use a solid dye, as balayage looks stunning with fun and funky colors all around your head, without the need of being personalized.

18. High contrast, dimensional balayage technique

This is one of my favorite techniques to do on a client. It’s high contrast and extremely dimensional. The color separation and use of pastels really make this look stand out from the rest.

High contrast, dimensional balayage is on trend at the moment and one of my favorites to create. It takes a lot of time and effort to create but the end result is worth it in my opinion! This particular technique was inspired by an Instagram video I saw from @hairby_drtaylor.

This is a great technique to use on clients that have really dark hair, as you will be able to get in there and really bring out the beautiful brunette shades in their hair. The more natural the color, the more natural looking the hair will be at the end.


Dimension goals😍 HUGE transformation, seamlessly brought up her color using a high contrast, dimensional balayage technique🎨✨ #balayage

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